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Nokia 5230 Nuron
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Created: 05/09/11

Offers 99.9 of everything a smartphone should offer at a 1/3 of the price!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Even in 2011, years after its release date this phone is still a top competitor. It offers everything, and I mean everything a smartphone could offer accept wifi. I had wifi on a few other smartphones and barely ever used it. Wifi is overated on a cell phone anyway when you have access to the network's signal!

Free GPS is only the beginning of all the wonderful features the Nuron offers. Unlike most smartphones the battery life is excellent, with almost 7 hours of continuous talk time you feel safe leaving the house on a half charged battery and confident you are good to go. I wasn't a big fan of touch screens but this phone makes you feel like your touching actual buttons. It gives the user a very small vibrating sensation when buttons are pushed,aka synaptic feedback. I like that the touch screen is resistive versus capacitive because you have to push down a tad bit unlike with the new phones where a small tid bit of a swipe presses a button.

This is the best phone I've have in a long while. You can use all the data features most devices make you pay an arm and a leg for, for little to nothing. I'm not the $500 dollars for the newest phone type of guy, I'm the guy who likes a deal. This phone even at full market value makes you feel like it's a steal. Right now you can get this phone new from some eBay sellers brand spanking new for right around $100.00.

I've heard complaints about the ease of texting. Let me tell you I like texting with this phone better than I did with my Bold 9700! I've heard complaints about it freezing. This only happens to the type of person that browses the net with a hundred windows open. Regular use, you'll never see this phone crash. What else? Oh, I read about people calling this a dumbphone too. Lol! I think the bad reviews are from competitors who realize that once someone buys this phone they know they've got a real gem stone, for the price of bronze.

Believe me people, I've had the phone for a while now, and I have no complaints accept for one, Facebook. It doesn't show Facebook alerts directly on the phone and to find the Facebook app, it's located deep in the phone. Once you find it make it a shortcut, trust me! It's under the link on the home screen called "Search: Internet and My Content" ->Other->Application.

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Created: 02/07/11

Nokia 5230

I am not a real cell phone user, but decided to upgrade my old Nokia phone with a newer one. What got my attention with the 5230 was:

1. Price...new for $100 (free shipping) from Costco online.
2. Free maps from Nokia that reside on device...so network time needed.
3. Pay as you go (with Tmobile or AT&T (if unlocked).
4. Nokia voice quality.

I have to say, this is a nice unit. No...it is not an iPhone or an Android, but two things I really like that work great are the phone (voice) and the internal GPS. Not only is reception as good as a dedicated Garmin GPS (with High Sensitivity technology), but with a simple (free) application (GPSEd)...you can create tracks and record Waypoints. If you are into mapping, you will know why this is nice. In fact, I can turn the phone on, turn the GPS receiver on (via GPSEd), start a track and put the phone in my coat pocket (in any orientation). It never looses track and records as well as GPS can.

The phone OS is a little funky, but who cares (I don't). I get a great phone, drivable GPS maps (via OVI maps), and the ability to record tracks and waypoints (via GPSEd).

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Created: 02/21/11

Nokia 5230 Nuron

The Nokia 5230 Nuron has free maps and voice-guide navigation via Ovi Maps, 3G, and excellent call quality, all at an affordable price. It's also the first Nokia smartphone with a U.S. carrier to offer access to the Ovi Store.

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Created: 05/11/11

Great value, durable, full of features, but lags behind newer phones.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This was the fanciest phone that would support my $10 web2go data plan.

Ive used it for about a week now. Coming from Windows Mobile 6, Im extremely pleased.

The Symbian OS isnt quite as fancy as Android or the iOS but it was comparable enough for me to say that its a decent smartphone.

I quickly found a way to install un-signed apps but I will say that its a huge pain.

My biggest complaints are the lagginess of the phone, inability to customize the homescreen and the number of steps it takes to send a SMS or change a setting.

I installed an app called FreeiSms to make messaging threaded (this was not a factory feature!!)

the phone feels extremely durable and easy to hold in my hands. Call quality is very clear!! I dont know what people are saying about it being too quiet.. maybe if youre hearing impaired. Crystal clear to me.

symbian web browser is crap, install Opera Mini.

touchscreen is resistive (not capacitive like an iPhone). This makes speed-typing more difficult. - *update - installed a free app called Swype to make speed typing a bit easier. also makes it easy to type with 1 hand. still slightly annoying but a big improvement.

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Created: 01/12/11

Entry-level "smart phone"

I've used nothing but Nokia phones for the past 10+ years and will continue to do so. They have superior products in terms of both functionality and reliability. There have been complaints about this phone not having wifi. At this price point, the features of this model(resistive/kinetic touch screen, gps, web browsing...) and an included micro sd card(always ask the seller for it), gives you more than enough value for your money.

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Created: 05/08/10

Nuron - Nokia smartphone for T-Mobile: Wows! and Ohs?

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Where To Use The Nuron-
This quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (worldwide), 3G 1700/2100 MHz AWS Band IV, WCDMA 850MHz Band V is a North American phone. Lacking Band II, the other NA WCDMA band, it is offered by T-Mobile.

User Interface-
The user interface(UI)is Symbian60 v5 for touch. If you've used other S60 devices you'll be right at home. Coming from another UI will take a short time to get used to how it works and to learn where things are.

Web Browser-
The web browser is good at rendering the non-Flash content of most web pages. I use mine for on-line banking, for example, and have no problems. You'll have to connect via 3G, EDGE or GPRS; WiFi is not included.

This has a full featured contacts application. Multiple numbers per contact is supported as is SIND, speaker independent voice dialing. You can assign images and ringtones to contacts. Synching your contacts with the on-line storage with T-Mobile is simple. The first time I put in my SIM the device went to T-Mobile and downloaded my on-line address book. That was a "Wow!" moment.

Making/Taking Phone Calls-
This is where the UI is just plain strange. If the phone is locked you have to swipe in one direction to unlock it and in another direction to answer the call. I missed the first couple of calls I received while I figured out this bit of extra motions. This provided an "Oh?" moment. Once I had the call answered voice quality was excellent for my conversation partner and for me.

Making a call is very straight-forward. Hold down the green button, say the name of the contact you wish to call and the phone provides a list of matches , do nothing and the phone will start dialing the first contact after a short delay. It recognizes, without prior training, a very difficult name such as Arcibeque. Another "Wow!" moment. Numeric entry pad is also available.

MMS is very intuitive to use. SMS provides you with a virutal numeric keypad or full screen QWERTY. Word prediction can be turned on and off. This application is meshed very tightly with your contacts making it easy to send to whomever you want.

The no flash 2.0 megapixel camera does okay. Sharing your photos via Ovi or MMS is part of the camera application. Video is good on this device.

I've used up to an 8 gigabyte microSDHC in my Nuron with no problems. It is possible it will take up to 16 gigabytes but I've not tested that.

The 3.2 inch resistive touch screen display is bright, crisp and colorful. The finger UI makes a stylus un-necessary for use with any of the on-phone applications and features but when browsing a stylus would be handy. There is no on-board storage for a stylus but you can connect the tethered plectrum to the phone. Another "Oh?" moment.

There is a link to the Ovi store on the device. Plenty of free and low cost applications are available for everything from speedometer to word processing. Decent media player in included.

Ovi Maps with turn by turn navigation is at no additional cost. GPS is quick, accurate, navigation provides spoken street names. Has a very fast route recalculation function. Download from Ovi store. Forget the $9.99 a month TeleNav subscription application preloaded on the Nuron, you won't need it with Ovi Maps. Another "Wow!" feature.

If you want a touchscreen smart phone,

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Created: 03/09/11

Nokia 5230 Nuron

I LOVE THIS PHONE!! I can COMPLETELY understand why this phone is in such high demand!! I love the talking name announcer when you get phone calls from your contacts (when you set the ringtone to name)!! I also love the fact that its a touch screen and that makes things a little easier, at least for me!! It's got really good clarity and it can have pretty much any software you want to add to the phone!!Now I'm not a fan of screen going into landscape mode at first it was really bother-some but that takes some getting use too!! I like that fact that its so small and can easily be carried around with no inconvenience what so ever!! I love also that it's in color!! That's really coo!!! I was really impressed with the Nokia 5230 Nuron and would HIGHLY recommend!!

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Created: 03/01/11

Nokia 5230 Nuron

Really good touch screen phone, nokia is my favorite phone. not to happy with the color Id rather it be black :P

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Created: 01/07/11

Nice phone but screen froze after three days

The best part of this phone that it is easy to hear a conversation. Unlike most phones where the sounds tinny, the voices with this phone sounds natural. However, the screen froze after three days of usage. T mobile is sending me another Nuron phone.

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Created: 11/27/10

Love this phone!

I love this phone! I'm really enjoying its touch screen interface and brightly lit screen. I like that it's a bulkier style so that hopefully when my toddler throws it on the floor it won't break as opposed to an iphone which would probably shatter. You can't go wrong with a nokia..have always loved this company's durability.

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