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Nintendo Game Boy Color
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Created: 05/11/16

Blast from the Past

Overall great! Some games are poor but I'd you find the good ones, it's a great time. Games like Mortal Kombat are sluggish and delayed while Mario Land 2 runs perfectly. I do not know if it is because of this specific model or unit but some higher intensity areas of Mario Land 2 start to get jumpy and stutter. I previously owned a Gameboy Pocket and never recalled that issue. Sound is a bit weak when other noise is going on. These non-back-lit screens are a pain but the sacrifice for battery life is worth is. Fits comfortably and designed well.

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Created: 11/07/06

The Gamboy Colour

I recently purchased a Game boy Colour from an eBay user and I love it. Some of the pros and cons about the Game boy colour are its general size and shape, also its battery source. The pros: The Game boy is small enough to fit in one’s pocket so it is very portable, another benefit for buying a Game boy colour is the Game boy line provides a wide variety of games to pick an choose from so there is something for anyone to play the system even plays the older Game boy games as well. Another pro for buying a Game boy colour is the fact that it has an advanced technology in comparison to its father version the game which was dot matrix or black and white, the Game boy colour has colour hence the name “Colour”. I really didn’t see any “real” cons but I guess one can say that using two double “A” batteries can be seen as a con because you have to change batteries once in while. The funny thing about that is the batteries actual last a good amount of time. I have almost all Nintendo hand held systems and in terms of battery life this system is up there. I use it all the time and I change batteries about once a month. I hope this review helped you on your purchase!

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 07/23/11

Very painful for your eyes: go with GBA SP, preferably AGS-101 model.

No, I would not recommend this product.

A very good system with an extremly large library of games. It's comfortable to hold in your hands, it can use rechargeable batteries, so you don't need to bother about a built-in battery to lose its capacity.
But there is one big issue: the screen is NOT backlit. If there is no good light in the place you play it - you don't see anything. There are some workarounds, but none of them gets it right. So your eyes can get EXTREMELY tired while playing a Game Boy Color, even with good lighting.
Since Game Boy Advance SP has got a frontlight (and I personally recommend a backlit AGS-101 model) and it supports the whole library of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, think twice before buying this one, you may better go with GBA SP instead (original GBA has got the same issue with its screen: some people say it's even more problematic).
But otherwise, this model is a very good collector's item.

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Created: 08/08/10

Nintendo Game Boy Color Clear Green

Even though old gaming console for handheld, this is very interesting console and we like it. The colors are good and the games even though old have some interesting features. It is good collectible for those who like the Nintendo Products.

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Created: 09/06/07

Nintendo Game Boy will never die.

I had purchased it originally for myself to pass a little time. My oldest son used to have one. When my younger son got a hold of it, well I have not seen it since. It was a great buy (ebay). It's just one of Nintendo's best toys. It plays for weeks on one set of batteries, and there are a lot of inexpensive games available for it. It's built like a tank.

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Created: 06/07/07

Wonderful World Of Color!

This product was great!!
The only reason why I rated it "good" instead of "excellent"...
Was because the back cover was missing on it.
Other than that the screen was great for being used,
and all around the console was clean and ready to use!!!
A wonderful buy,..
Missing the Battery cover is a bit annoying,...
But, other than that I am having fun with it!!

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Created: 01/23/08


Thanks to ebay, you can find good titles to play on this system. Mario, Pokemon, and the Zelda titles are sure to please. Many games, like Q-Billion, are putrid. You have to be selective to find the good games with good graphics.

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Created: 08/08/10

Nintendo Game Boy Color

This is nearly the oldest version of game boy nintendo has come out with. IT actually works quite well for how undeveloped the design of the gameboy is. Obviously not as good quality as a wii or even a gameboy sp/advanced, but works decently well. It has color too which is a plus. I love how it is a rectangle instead of a square like a gameboy sp. I love the colors it comes in too! ( teal, purple, pink, lime green, yellow, red, white, blue... you name it!)
It is great for a child who wants a game boy but a parent doesnt want to pay over $100 for one. You will love the price and the kids will love playing it! Plus, its becoming a collector item, so watch out! The game boy color might be gone in a couple years! so buy yours now!

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Created: 03/18/10

Gameboy Color

Obviously it's an old device, but it certainly brings back memories. It's something that made the Nintendo franchise insanely popular, and when I play it I can see why. Great sound and revolutionary graphics for its time make it a must-own for any Nintendo fan.

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Created: 08/30/08

Fast shipping

Everything was in the package that described although the battery cover for the gameboy was not present. It didn't state that in the description. There was an accessory pack that covers the battery part but that was not the original cover. overall good product. my little girl has enjoyed it.

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