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Nintendo Game Boy Advance
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Created: 09/02/06

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP - Handheld game system - o

I love this handheld system. It is a thousand times brighter than the regular gameboy advance. With it's neat color it looks cool for any child of yours.
With the ability to fold, it takes up less space than the game boy advance.
Go to www.amazon. com for fantastic reviews. They have a lot more information, there, than Ebay.
I woul definately reccomend this other than the regular advance. Pay a little more for this for a BIG difference.
You can only buy game boy advance and Gameboy Advance Sp games for this Nintendo Ds games DO NOT WORK. I repeat NINTENDO DS GAMES DO NOT WORK!!! Don't even try! The slot is too, big.
I also reccomend getting a Ds because you can play both kinds of games!!!
Comes in diiferent colors, so if you have a daughter who prefers pink I reccomend buying the pink one (or you can buy this one cheaper and then buying a pink face plate! MUCH CHEAPER!!!!)

Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.1 cm x 8.3 cm x 2.4 cm
Audio Output: Stereo
Expansion Slots Total: 1 game cartridge slot
Processor: 1 x Sharp ARM7TDMI
Weight 140 g

1 x Game Boy Advance link connector, 1 x Game Boy Advance SP multi-access po

Thank you for reading my review. Of course read the other reviews to see their opinions!

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Created: 11/27/05

Game Boy Advance SP - Great System & Great Games

The Game Boy Advance SP is my pick for the best handheld system on the market. Sure - the PSP is cooler. But its more expensive. The Nintendo DS is awesome - but its much bigger.

The Game Boy Advance SP represents value and great gaming - the games are affordable and there are 100s of great titles and releases. Also, the system fits in your pocket easily. Best of all - its on the Nintendo platform - meaning you can play Donkey Kong, Mario World, and others while on the subway. Additionally, this is a great time to buy the Game Boy Advance SP because its very affordable and the price is dropping as the other systems come at at lofty prices.

# Approximate Size (Closed): Height 3.33 inches, width 3.23 inches, depth 0.96 inches.
# CPU: 32-bit RISC CPU with embedded memory.
# Screen: 2.9-inch reflective TFT color LCD.
# Light Source: Front lights have been integrated with the existing reflective LCD.
# Display Size: 1.61 inches by 2.41 inches (identical to the Game Boy Advance).

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Created: 03/14/08

Gameboy Advance SP Brighter Version (Onyx Color)

This is a Gameboy Advance SP Brighter Version handheld video game system in Gray (Onyx) Color, produced and manufactured by Nintendo, this video game system is small enough to fit inside your pocket or bag for carrying anywhere to have some fun and joy playing it on, it recharges quickly and its battery holds enough energy for playing about 8 or 9 hours with screen light on and 15 hours with screen light off! This is the last Gameboy Advance SP version, with the "brighter screen" tecnology that illuminates its screen 15% more than the regular version (this game system can play with no screen illumination or with two types of screen illumination, the dimmer one and the new brighter one; you can just choose it pressing the small button under the screen), it plays cartridge games in 2D and some games in simple 3D with a simple way of playing video games, thus it has a gamepad, with 6 more buttons (a, b, l, r, start and select buttons)! Beyond playing its own Gameboy Advance games, it still plays Gameboy Color games and the Classic Gameboy games too! This video game system is available in many colors and versions like: Black, Gray (Onyx), Red, Blue (Cobalt), Pearl Blue, Pearl Pink, Silver, Black & Silver (Limited Edition), Yellow (Pokemon Pikachu Limited Edition), Lime & Orange (Swamp Limited Edition), Tribal (Special Limited Edition), Pearl White & Brown (Famicon Limited Edition), Yellow (Sponge Bob Limited Edition) Black/Silver/Red (Classic NES limited edition); this video game system is available also in two standards, such the PAL standard (for United Kingdon, Australia, New Zeland and part of Europe and Asia) and the NTSC standard (for USA, Canada, South America and the rest of America)!

Some Gameboy Advance classic and best games:

Super Mario Advance I, II, III
Mario Classic NES edition
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Metroid Fusion
Metroid Zero Mission
Metroid Classic NES edition
Final Fight
Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV and V
Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis
Sonic Sega Smashpack
Pokemon Saphire
Pokemon Esmerald
Mega Man Zero

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Created: 06/01/10

GameBoy Advanced SP: an oldie but goodie

I'm not an game addicted, mostly I don't spend much time on it, even computer games does not really attract me. Anyway, I had a GB and latter a GB color which used to play from time to time, but got tired of a few annoying limitations: Size, color, lack of back-light etc.

When my son made his 4th birthday I gave my games to him, and he just love it. One day the sunlight was vanishing and I saw him holding too close to eyes. I decided to give a try on a Game Boy Advanced SP just because it had back-light, oh, well, it was cheap also. Anyway It arrived and my son just went mad. He grabbed it and played right away. I had to put up a schedule to prevent him to get his eyes too tired.

One day I was waiting him at school door and decide to play a little... guess what: it was a great console. The highlights:
- The back-light does make difference to the eyes;
- The size is perfect, it is fold-able to be even smaller;
- The sound is better and a little higher than the old GB and GB Color;
- It is back compatible with GB and GB Color;
- The GB Advanced own cartridges are better than GB and GB Color and much faster with better graphics;
- The internal rechargeable battery last a lot and if it dies, just buy a new one at ebay, its cheap, its parctical;
- One can play without battery, just plug the AC adapter;
- Can link-play with another GBAs;
- The cartridges are cheap;
- Very strong build: it's hard to see one to break. It survives my son's lack of ability and care. It's around for years and still theres a great market for used system and cartridges.
- etc

Unfortunately I had no time, but I assure it's a great system. I've already bought a second one to play with my son.

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Created: 03/22/10

Nice system

To be honest there's probably not much I can tell you about the GBA SP you don't already know. The screen is backlit, the battery life is excellent even for a backlit system(3-4 hours). The system is compatible with original game boy games, game boy color games, and game boy advance games. It plays beautifully and is nice, light and compact so its easy to carry around. Additionally, since the unit folds so the screen is not exposed when stored, the scratches done to your screen should be minimal. The design is elegant yet functional and fun to play. The GBA SP is an excellent purchase if you can get one for the right price. I also recommend this unit because they still sell for less than $60 typically, which is a good bargain for any versatile backlit hand held game system.

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Created: 07/25/09

BRIGHTER SCREEN Game Boy SP Model No.101 instead of 001

Here's a bright idea for those who are looking to purchase one of these great 'lil Nintendo portable gaming systems. This particular Onyx Black Game Boy SP happened to be the earlier Model No. AGS-001 When purchasing either new or used gameboy SP game system be aware & keep in mind that the 101 Model os the Game Boy SP features the same solid design as it's previous 001 model however the 101 model features a much brighter screen for greater viewing & provides an overall better gaming experience compared to the earlier SP model. Model 001 is great but the 101 Model is by far the greatest of the SP consoles Nintendo has released. Definitely worth double checking & looking into & asking the seller which model SP is for sale if the seller hasn't already stated specifically which actual model# Game Boy SP is for sale. If it's a Model No. AGS-001 you have stumbled upon while shopping around for an SP. I would definitely hold off until you can find a Model No. 101 which is the model of choice.

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Created: 09/02/06

Great system.

This system is great to have. There's light in the screen so see better in the dark, but you can turn it off with a button. This system uses it's own special battery that you need to charge, that's good so you save on normal batteries. I bought this in Onyx black but I bought the shell for pearl blue, this is also a plus for this system so you can have it any color you want. It was a bit hard to change the shell but it works great still. Plays in wide screen, normal Gameboy games have the black on the sides, or you can stretch it out by pushing the L or R buttons. Great system to have for any gamers who like hand held games.

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Created: 06/05/06

A great little gaming system!!!

This is a great little gaming system that I picked up for my nephew's birthday. All the Gameboys are nice, and he had a Gameboy Color that he enjoyed, but the Gamboy Advance SP is the one that steps up to a self-illuminated screen... no more lights needed for playing in dim/dark light. The unit is very small and compact, folds up to protect itself, and isn't nearly as big as the original Gameboy Advance, nor the one with dual screens. My nephew was ecstatic with the gift, but the GBA-SP is back-compatible and will play all his Gameboy Color games as well as others. He's pretty much in heaven with this gift and I bought it from an excellent seller. The seller described it to a "T", had great feedback, and went the extra mile on the purchase. It came in a bundle with a game and a backpack. You know, purchases like this is what eBay is all about!!

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 07/17/11

"The most portable game system"

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

After playing with this for a few months, how could I possibly go back to a console system, restricting my fun to a chair and television set?

I can take this portable anywhere (yes, including the bathroom) and it just delivers amazing gameplay, sound, etc.

The volume control is very precise and you can lower it to whisper level when you are playing (I played it while waiting for my car (having an oil change) in the waiting room).

This unit actually fits inside my pocket (some of the other, more advanced systems are too large).

The screen size is the same as the more advanced Nintendo DS and about 1 inch larger than the Nintendo Gameboy Micro.

The rechargeable battery is locked in with a tiny screw that requires a screwdriver when it's time to replace it.

However, since that probably won't happen in a few years, it does not affect the performance, quality or portability of this game system.

When I bought mine, I had a choice of colors (graphite -versus- metallic blue).

I chose the metallic blue color.

The brighter display works when you press a tiny button on the top center of the lower half of the unit.

When playing in a brighter setting, keep in mind that this will drain the battery a bit faster, so I often choose when to go for the extra brightness.

The power button is located on the outer right side - I turn the system on before I flip the unit open - the best design!

I won't be accidently pressing the power button when in the mist of action.

The weight, size and balance all feel just perfect.

I can hold this unit with one hand if I need to answer the phone or something.

As Nintendo continues to provide newer, more advanced game systems, I am pleased to know that they have decided to support this amazing little unit.

For a more technical perspective; The Gamboy Advance SP = The Super Nintendo (without the 'X' and 'Y' buttons).

This unit has a directional four way keypad, Brightness, Start, Select, B & A buttons are on the top.

The left side has the volume slider.

The right side has the power button.

The front has the cartridge slot.

The rear has the L & R buttons, power adapter, gamelink adapter & slots for the neck strap.

In conclusion, I can play anywhere, store it in my pocket and simply enjoy life.

In such a hectic life, it's good to know that it is possible to find some free time to enjoy video games.

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Created: 01/14/10

Wonderful Way to pass time in deer stand with husband

This is a learning experience for me. Occassionally I go to the box deer stand with my husband and needless to say I was bored to death. He has a gameboy that I gave him several years ago when he had back surgery and he would play Tetris (sp)to pass the time. I decided to get one for myself and unfortunately you cannot buy these in the store, only something really fancy that you can get on the internet with and I don't know what else. So I checked e-bay and here they are. I really like this one because it folds up and you can easily slip it in a pocket. Has color, a good screen that even someone like me with horrible eyesight can easily see and is very easy to use. I just have to find games that I will like beside Tetris. One thing you need to be aware of is when you buy games be sure to buy ones with instruction books or if you buy a gameboy and games come with it but no books you can buy them elsewhere. Maybe you can figure out how to play without the books but I am 72+ and need the books. I highly recommend this Gameboy. Oh one last thing. I gave one to my Granddaughter 3 or 4 years ago, her older brother was using it and left it in his pants pocket. His other grandmother washed the pants without checking pockets so the gameboy went through the washer and dryer. Needless to say it would not work at first but I put it on the kitchen counter to see what would happen when it really did dry out completely. End of story, after a couple of days it came back to life as good as new and is still working. I don't recommend washing one but I do know of one that was none the worse for the trip in washer and dryer.
Gameboy advance can play games made for the older Gameboy so that is a real advantage if you know someone that has that type games. The older GB's cannot play games for GBA or sometimes called Game Boy Advance Special. You can go backwards as far as using games with GBA but with the first or second generation Game Boys you cannot play the newer type games.
Well this is far more than you ever wanted to know but if you have a lot of waiting, doctors office, hospital waiting room, deer stand, in the car on a long trip anything where you need to pass the time - this is for you. Also they tell me playing with these games will keep your mind sharp. Must say I'm still waiting for that to happen but then maybe mine is too far gone to be helped. cjwd

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