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Nintendo DS Lite
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Created: 10/10/09

Broken Nintendo Ds Lite

I thought I could fix it by maybe buying a new battery and charger, which I did and it still does not work. Don't know why I bought it and wish I didn't it was just like I throw money in the trash. Why sell something at that kind of price that is broken and un-fixable.

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Created: 07/12/10

new in box Nintendo DS Lite-Crimson/Black

I wanted a DS to transfer items to my DSi and also to play GBA on. The DS Lite does not work properly. When I touch the LEFT side of the screen with my stylus it operates the RIGHT side. When I touch the RIGHT side of the screen NOTHING happens. This must have been a factory reject, it should have worked great right out of the box. I bought my DSi locally and it has always worked great. It makes me cautious about buying on line. I am going to call Nintendo and see if there is anything I can do to get the DS Lite fixed. I sent the game system to Nintendo repair center. I received an email from them stating that the game system was a counterfeit and they cannot repair counterfeit products. Bill.

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Created: 09/12/09

This is false advertisment

This guy puts the real info at the bottom of the page as to where you bid at the top. He fails to make sure you saw the information about it being a donation til after your money has been paid. My mistake and this will not happen to me again thats for sure. A lesson learned the hard way for myself and my family.

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Created: 02/08/09

lied to

decided to buy it because of good price with the amount of games that came with it. upon further questions it was changed to 2 cartridges with 33 games on it. information was misleading and i do believe it was done intentionally to make the sale.

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Created: 02/13/08

Nintendo DS WACK portable.........

This is the worst gameboy I have ever seen. 1st the screen is small it looks to be the same size as the gameboy sp the nintendo ds has two screens wow. You have to use the sylus for somegames and you can't use the d pad...
I don't like it at all... They should have made the screen bigger.....

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
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Created: 06/27/11

i am very unsatisfied.

No, I would not recommend this product.

I was really excited to get the ds system until the battery went low and i realized it doesnt charge for some reason. I also found out that the hinge in the middle is cracked and the screen does not stay up when i played it. None of this was specified in the description of the game.

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Created: 12/29/09


bolt this for my doughter it worked for one day and it broke it sucks!!!!! well never buy from this saler agine!!!!!!!!

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Created: 10/06/10

DS Lite thats a rip off

I ended up getting one DS Lite and did not work right from the get go and sent it back, got another one sent to me it worked for a while, and guess what it did what the first one did, it just shows a green light and no sound or screen. But coveniently it happened right around the 30 day return point, I think I was sent the first one, after it was fixed, thats not new merchandise, thanks for wasting my money.

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Created: 12/27/09

Grandson wanted it for Christmas

overpriced Chinese junk, well marketed to children who seet hem on TV, then the games cost as much as the unit. I really wish there weren't so many of these electronic babysitters out there. It is ruining the imagination of our children.

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Created: 05/08/09


The customer after realizing she had made a bet in a crazy way without reading the description of the article and having made a high bet, wanted to retract from the bet and not pay for it.

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