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Nikon D2H
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Created: 03/01/10

Nice camera !!

I bought this camera so I could have good compatibility with manual focus lenses. I do some macro and close-in work, so the ability to mount Ai-S and Ai macro lenses is important. Most macro work is manually focused anyway, so AF is not important there. The rest of time I have AF for quick shots - the best of both worlds.

This camera will mount 90% of the lenses ever produced for the Nikon F mount system from Ai up the present. There are a few wide angle lenses that will interfere with the mirror box, and should not be mounted. Pre-Ai lenses can be used if modified to Ai specs. I suggest using ICT Camera in Mountain View Calif. Fred Mueller will accurately machine any F mount lens to Ai spec.

This camera has a very convenient mirror lock up feature, so long lenses will work with minimum vibration. There is enough mass in the camera body to absorb some mirror vibration, but it's so easy to eliminate it, the operator might as well. Add a late model ED VR lens and lock the mirror and you will get razor sharp images, even with a bit of breeze buffeting the tipod.

The camera is a bit heavy and bulky if you are thinking about it as a walk around(?), I'd get a D200 for MF lens compatibility on foot. Since I do most of my work on back country roads or trails (erosion control engineering), I can usually get there with something to help me pack the camera and lens kit plus a HD tripod. I'll have other surveying gear along anyway.

As long as the enlargements will be reasonable like 8x10 or something - 4 Megs is enough. Sharpness is more about the lens, stopping down and controlling vibration than megapixels. This camera will handle late "write accelerated" CF cards and it has a large buffer, so if you are into bird/wildlife photography you can track a bird or a flock and grab a series of shots quickly. With VR, you can stop down one more stop and track the action which should equal great results. If you want more pixels in the same body, get a D2x.

The camera does not have a built-in flash. You will need to get an external flash. It does have a hot shoe and a PC cord port. The little SB400 will work with the iTTL flash metering system and is the likely best choice with modern lenses, unless you want to control slave flashes(?), then it would be the SB800. I have an inexpensive Pro-Master with Nikon module that works OK. It will interface in straight TTL mode and that's good enough for most of my shots. Manual focus lenses don't let the camera calculate fill-flash anyway, so the iTTL feature is not needed there.

All around this is a big camera with a lot of very nice features. It meets most of my working needs very well. For those times when I have to hike in, I use a Nikon CoolPix 5400 to keep weight down. Otherwise, this is as good as it gets in Nikon's line for modest pixel cameras. Outside the Nikon line, I'd be thinking about Sony (in camera VR for all lenses) or Pentax for M42 screw mount lenses including older Leica's and other fine European lenses.

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Created: 10/01/06

D2H - The Megapixel are more then you might think

The D2H is a blast to use and the price is starting to drop below the "Pro-Only" level. You find them on e-bay under 1500 on a regular basis. I am a Nikon fan, always have been. I have printed many shots from this camera and can honestly tell you that if you are not going beyond 8x10" then you do not need to spend the money on one of the higher resolution setups. 4.1 is more then enough.

I recently bought my D2H. The first thing you will want to do is to flip the shooting mode to capture 9 frames a second. What a blast. Then you will want to try and "bracket" a few Shots as well. You will actually feel like a better photographer then you might actually be. (Happened to me :-)
I found the auto focus to be quicker then my D50 and D70, tack sharp. It semed that the "wondering" time on the D2H is about half of my D50/70. No scientific data here, just a lot less time wating for the camera to "lock" onto the subject. You will also quicky get used to the additional focus areas .
There are only a couple of things that I am not thrilled about with this camera. First and formost would be the size and the weight. This thing dwarfs the 50/70. You will notice a diffrence in the weight, especially after a day of walking around with an older 200 or 300mm ed lens attached. The size of the body also makes a tight fit in my lowpro camera bag, something I did not think aobout until I went out for a shoot last week. You will quickly learn that the quick shooting goes well beyond just sports photograpy ( Many people treasure the D2H for this reason) You will find that when you are taking photos at this speed you will start to capture that perfect smile, the jumps and movement of wildlife, the unscriped look of things around you.
I also wanted to mention that I have noticed that this camera seems to be one of the faorite cameras that the "account- hijackers" are selling as a scam. Don't send them money outside of e-bay. I won TWO auctions on the D2H that were a scam. I was fortunate to not send them money. I also reported two other scams on the D2H to e-bay. Check ther other auctions of the seller, if have not sold anything in six months and all of a sudden are selling several lap top computers and several high end cameras then be cautious.


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Created: 07/18/09

Nice backup!

Nikon's D2h is now a few years old, and a few mega-pixels short, but that doesn't stop it from being a trooper when it needs to be. This camera is serving as a backup to my D3, and the camera I will be going to when I'm out in conditions that I deem too harsh to possibly sacrifice the D3. (I am not a full-time photographer, its supplemental income, so I would rather not destroy a $4k body if I can avoid it.) The only two problems I have seen with the D2h are fairly minor depending on your shooting style, subject, and end media. First the LCD screen on the back of the camera has a fairly strong green hue (this could be different on yours, I've never had a Nikon with this bad of a color cast on the LCD). This can make it hard to judge exposure and white balance. Easily compensated for by shooting RAW and checking a histogram on your first couple shots of the day. The other issue, is noise at higher ISO's... I won't go into it much as it starts to bother people at different levels. If you are researching this camera, Google for a review with full size downloadable images at different ISo's for comparison.


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Created: 07/03/08

Nikon D2H - Great PRO body for a good price!

I purchased a used D2H body to start doing sports photography (especially ice hockey) and I was very impressed by the speed of this body. 7 frames per second is exactly what you need not to misse anything in a fast-action sport.

As you could expect from a pro camera, pretty much every feature you need to change regularly has a dedicated button on the body, so you won't have to lose time looking in menus to change the metering settings or the focus mode. The viewfinder is big and clear, with 11 focus points well distributed in the finder to make. Dynamic AF works well, and makes it easy to follow a moving subject and keep it in focus at all times.

Add to this the possibility of using a secure wireless transmitter to send your pictures directly to a nearby computer and even the possibility to configure non-cpu lenses settings to be able to work with the whole range of Nikon lenses since the 60s, makes this camera a steal at today's prices.

The only drawback would be that the sensor is only 4 Mpixels, a lot less than all the semi-pro bodys that can be found today. But if you are not going to make prints bigger than 8"x10" and you need the speed of a 7FPS camera, the D2H beats hands-down all the semi-pro bodys avaible out there and won't cost you as much as a D2X would.

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Created: 03/03/10

An excellent oportunuty

i have bought this second hand Nikon camera The D2H...initially it was the only one i could see in excellent conditions because most of them by now, this particular model are all with sign of use and wear, so i went for this one.
And i must say it is in superb conditions from where i look at it....i think the only thing i can mention is on the LCD display it has a mark of stain or fungus very little from the inside of the display but it's very minimal, and the sensor had a bit of dust witch i had to clean so it wouldn't show on pictures, It's a pro camera that it had a very very costly price and now second hand you can still buy it for less than a quarter of it's original...I'm very happy found this particular model and camera at this price and conditions....the only thing i can say i dislike would be that it has 4 mega pixels only and a CCD sensor, and a bit more noise then today's currant models anyway i have to say that 4mp shooting raw files let's you work quit fine and it does not slow your PC at all.

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Created: 02/10/07

Pretty user friendly.

Sold my D-70 and a Sigma 28-70/2.8 lens for a reconditioned D2H. Even with only 4mp, I don't see big difference compare to the D70.The dialing on both cameras are quite similar; the D2H is more straight forward, only cons is the letters too small compare to the D70. Focus tracking is much faster on the D2H, viewfinder much brighter, and the camera is not that heavy also. Pictures turn out in very nice color and contrast after I put on my new Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.5 zoom. It's a very great camera for the price I paid, I'm pretty happy with it.

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Created: 07/13/10

An excellent camera, albeit older tech

This is an amazing camera body that is well-suited to sports photography. Huge frame buffer (40 RAW) and a fast continuous fire (8fps) are only offset by a relatively low megapixel count (4.1mp). A few more bucks will get you a D2x, which has a higher mp but at the cost of that enormous buffer and frame-rate. It all depends on what you want the camera for... as a sports body, it excels. For studio work it will *definitely* do the job, and do it well - but you won't be able to go past the 8x12" print, which is a bit limiting.

Well built, sturdy, weatherproof, and feature-packed. Quality of the images is amazing, imho surpasses many of the latest pro offerings from Canon.

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Created: 04/04/12

Fast, Reliable, and rich features

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Best bang for your bucks given all the features that you could have with this camera. Super fast 9 frames per second and the built-quality is just like a tank could give you lots of use for several more years. Only downside is the screen quality is pretty bad compare with my D90, its hard to tell if you got right exposure by looking at it but not really a big deal for me. Can't wait to text this camera on the field when i got some free time.

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Created: 01/08/08

The best is the sunset

In this digital time, everything fades fast. The price of D2H in 2003.7 was close to 4000$ and now it is less than 1000. Only 5 years, D2H is still stronger than D200 D300...... The image quality? Is the image quality of D3 ok? How better is D3 than D2H on image quality? Digital camera is just a tool to catch fastly not to taste sensitively. Want image quality? buy a Hasselblad!

Buy a D2H with several hundreds of bucks and buy a D3 in three years later with another several hundreds of bucks.

In digital time, the best is to buy the sunset.

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Created: 04/07/15

perfect experience

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Just needed parts for a personal repair-Just right.
\Much more economical that parts alone.
Perfect description/

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