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Netgear WGR614 54 Mbps 4-Port 10/100 Wir...
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Created: 03/08/11

Netgear WGR614

Great router. Nice features and security for the price. Simple setup and firmware management with the included software. I give a good rating instead of an excellent rating because I purchased this router to replace the same model I had that failed. But in its defense, it ran trouble free for 3 years straight never turning off. If you are looking for a reasonably priced wireless router with good features and easy setup, this is it.

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Created: 03/28/08

Great little router, especially for beginners!

This is a great router! especially for those who are just starting out with wireless networks. I wouldn't recommend it as much if your used to a more advanced router though, but if you want something simple that isn't gonna mess around with you (unless you get a defective one) and secure your wireless from those around you, then this would be a really good bet.

I brought this for home and im buying another one for my college apartment because my Dlink router (524 model) just clunked out on me.

- ease of set up (set up wizard is straight forward)
- WPA2-AES enabled, great for securing your wireless
- SPI (stateful packet inspection) to help keep out potentially malicious packets
- sleek design, not bulky/heavy at the least
- nifty stand to keep it upright on a flat surface
- good amount of wireless coverage + good throughput

- If you're keeping it in your bedroom at night, the lights are a little bright and can get annoying (its the flashing...just turn it the other way or something if it does bug you)
- It is a simple router, seems like it basically configures itself, but if you like messing around with the options and doing advanced things, it might not be the right one for you
- Coverage seems like it wouldn't be good for a medium-large/large home
- Didn't like how UPnP was enabled out of the box

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Created: 05/03/10

NetGear Wireless Router

I have cable internet service and I wanted to be able to use the wireless connection for my laptop in another room. I usually went to the coffee shop to get online with the laptop. The cable is connected to my desktop. Anyway, I looked on Ebay for a good used router so I could accomplish my goal.

I found one, purchased it and when it arrived I was tickled pink. But then it came time to "make it talk" to my internet service. Here comes my only complaint with NetGear, not the router itself, just the manufacturer's support or so called support department.

I actually Love this product, but not the so called support of it by the NetGear company. Since I purchased this online, it did not come with a disk for loading purposes. It was to be my first experience with a router of this nature, so I did not know to ask if one came with it.

After making several phone calls I was directed to NetGear for support. But.... since I bought it 2nd hand, it was going to cost me for them to help me get it up and running.

I finally called someone else who easily walked me through the set up process which was very simple. So the product itself is very simple to set up if you have someone to walk you through it. I will purchase another NetGear product but only after I know how to use it. Knowing that if it is 2nd hand, I will not get any free advice from the company.

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Created: 10/07/07

Great For No-Frills PERSONAL Use

As a IT professional, I've had my favorites in routing/switching companies throughout the years. I came across this router when helping a couple of my family members set up wireless networks in their homes. I found that this router is very straight-forward, with easy-to-read instructions, and actually looks pretty decent compared to the purple monstrosities of Linksys.

Although this product does not have the functionality required for business or advanced personal use, I highly recommend this product to users who are not completely familiar with the network-setup process. Follow the instructions completely, and you'll be on the Web in no time!

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Created: 01/19/11

I've used many of these. They work great..

Simple, reliable router. Easy to use interface, works great for my needs. I use these to create wireless networks on stage at concerts and theatrical events, which are then used to control laser projectors. The WGR614 works 100% of the time, and even in an environment with large amounts of potential interference.

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Created: 10/17/10

Works as it should.

Very easy to set up without the installation CD. I had no issues finding information needed to set up my home wireless network with this product - perfect for what I needed.

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Created: 03/03/11

It does what it is supposed to do!

This product was a little tricky setting up. It took me 3 or 4 tries, but then it worked just fine. I have had it over a month, and it does just what we got it for - to provide a wireless connection in our average size house. I have had no connection problems. It is also simple to secure, which is important to do. i recommend this product.

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Created: 10/21/10

Netgear WGR614v9

Upgrade from the v2. Love this version. It has more security features and a stronger signal than the v2. My first router was a Belkin. Netgear is better.

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Created: 07/03/10

Good Wireless Router

I bought this WGR614 Wireless Router 3 weeks ago.
Everything is still alright so far.
The Wireless Router works well although Its signal is not as strong as it should be.
I still love this items anyway.

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Created: 02/09/11

Excelent router for the money easy set up

price was what i bought the Netgear for. When I received it was easy to set up. I set the router in front of a window and get signal in building 75 yards away.

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