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Need for Speed: ProStreet  (Nintendo Wii...
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Need for...Need for...Need for...Need for...

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Created: 01/20/09

Pro Street....(pro driving)....street racing!!

i bought this becuase i love cars...and i would buy any car game...!!!
Need for Speed ProStreet boasts impeccable precision and impressively detailed photo-realistic graphics, effectively transporting you to the center of the action. It pushes the "Autosculpt" technology to a new level, allowing you to directly impact your car's performance for the first time as well as personalize its appearance. Need for Speed ProStreet is a true taste of raw adrenaline and racing with consequences. Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle. With an aggressive and skilled AI system, you become immersed in an unmatched believable race experience. Add in a revolutionary online mode that will redefine the meaning of competitive social play, and Need for Speed ProStreet is the ultimate formula for an emotionally charged street racing showdown.

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Created: 12/06/09

Great game, Lots of fun, Good amount of play time.

The game is very intuitive as far as racing goes. There are several racing modes which I will try to give a few game tips for in order to minimize frustration.

Game tips:
Speed races- For easy play do a google search for game cheats and use the viper you get for the majority of the game. When tuning I suggest firm suspension up front, and I leave the back untouched. Tire pressure is a preference, low pressure for traction (only lower for traction on powered wheels (eg rear low pressure in a RWD vehicle). Low tire pressure will reduce max speed so keep that in mind. Max out all nitrous settings other than the last setting (I believe its flow rate, not sure, that can stay standard)

Drift: Use the RX-7, by far the best drift car. Lower the suspension to min height. Stiffer suspensions tend to work better in my opinion, but set steering (final setting in suspension) to loose.

Drag: I suggest the chevelle or supra. Any old school muscle car can do the trick really. Max ride hight. Make all front suspension soft and all rear stiff. Max final gear ratio, and set all other gears so that you can have good shifts, but the shorter the better. Max nitrous except for last setting.
Wheelie: MUST use muscle car and MUST have suspension 3 or you won't get anywhere. Chevelle works well here also.

Speed Challenge: Start by using the BMW you win it has good stability but use stock tires. This is very important or you will bounce all over. This applys to all speed challenge vehicles. When you win the Skyline use that, it is also very stable with good top speed. I didnt mess with tuning too much other than the general nitrous recommendations. If you start having trouble winning with the skyline, purchase the porche 911 turbo, murcialago, or the zonda if you have lots of cash. I like the turbo personally, and it will get your through the game.

This info should keep you from banging your head against the wall when playing. Good luck, and please vote me helpful if my tips help you.

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Created: 01/02/08

Not exactly worth the price, but still a decent game...

Although the game is nothing like its predecessors, it was said to provide some new aspects that makes it more realistic and fun. But unlike the Xbox 360 or the PS3 versions of this game, the Wii version is no fun at all. The supposed damage system doesn't exist at all for the Wii version. Smashing your car head on at 100+ mph into the wall does not dent your car nor affect your engine's ability. You can still go at 100+ mph after an extreme collision like that. True, your car can still explode, but that's nothing like the other versions of this game.

I would say, don't buy this game unless you're absolutely certain that this is what you want. It's not worth how much it costs.

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Created: 11/11/09

good game

game works great brand new in box with plastic wrap has a lot of cars to pick to race i like it my son likes it my neighboe kies everyone likes this game cause its really bad

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Created: 10/07/10

need for speed prostreet(wii20017)

NFS prostreet for the wii is kinda difficult to drive. the wii controller just doesnt really have it for me on a racing game. The game is fun and I havent played it much yet but its going to take some getting used to the controls that is for sure. Load time is a little long but most gaming systems now have long load times. All in all from first boot up and first play looks to be a fun game just wish they gave you the option of using the dirrectional pad for steering. I know that is the whole thing with the wii is being able to move the controller and it moves the object on the screen but in racing the precision isnt there at all. You go into a curve and need to turn more and more and more then all of a sudden it turns opposite because you turned too far and the wii picked that up as turning the other way.

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Created: 01/16/11

Need for Speed Prostreet

Super fun game,great graphics and sound! Many levels to enjoy, great control with wii motion plus remote. Lots of cars to choose from with different grip/speed/wheelie ability. Tournaments, vs. races, grip race, drag race, tire burnout competition-this game has it all.

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Created: 04/24/10

great game

this game is great my 7 year old can play it. he loves cars and racing!! was ordered for his birthday

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Created: 09/27/09

Need For better hardware

Graphics ara dumbed down for the wii hardware but, thats typical. Othar than that this is your average need for speed game with a few new ideas, drag racing, drifting and grip challenges.

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Created: 02/25/08

Fun racing game!

Great title in same vein as other NFS titles control is a bit tricky at first but becomes more intuitive with practice. Drag racing is the low spot.

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Created: 11/05/09

Good Game

One of my all time favorite. I have ale]ways played Need 4 speed for every format I could. Plying on Wii also same good experience.

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