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Need for Speed: ProStreet  (Sony PlaySta...
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Need for...Need for...Need for...Need for...

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Created: 02/13/10

Need for speed pro street.

Very fun and realistic game. It is fast paced, and challenging to even the most veteran need for speed guru. Great cars and races such as drifting, drag racing(no weaving in and out of traffic), and grip races. Dislikes: the only one i can think of is the whole time your drivers name is Ryan Cooper and it gets a bit anouying due to the fact everytime you do a race you will hear his name about a dozen times. I just learned to zone it out or mute the TV. Best need for speed game yet for the PS2 console.

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Created: 10/29/07


Need for speed IS the BEST Best street racing sequel game. I love its graphics game story (trama) and you have a variety of car models to choose.

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Created: 01/23/10

Need for Speed Prostreet

This is the best need for speed game yet. They brought back the drag racing. This time you have to do a burnout before you race. The drifting is more realistic than the previous games. There are plenty of parts to buy for your can and you can tune them. The cars handle more realistically in the grip races(which is a circuit race).

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Created: 01/16/09

NFS Prostreet

Need for speed pro street is great, it offers a variety of different events and types of races for the more serious racer. It allows you to fully customize your car as you like. Racing might be a little more difficult because it is more realistic, you have to break around turns damage counts. Although it is not like the usual Need for speed games with police chases, but you could buy the newer NFS if thats what you prefer.

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Created: 11/07/08

need for speed pro carbon

this is a used game but i thought it looked new when i got it. I didn't see one scratch on the disk.

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Created: 06/03/09

wicked game

i have nt gotton the game yet but its a great game need for speed is the best racing game out there hats off yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy spppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd​ddddddddd

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Created: 02/06/08

The Lates & Grates NFS Game in the Series!

My Son's is Going Crazy about this game he has all the games of NFS for PlayStation 1 and 2, he truly love this game... sow i buy it for his Birthday,
he will be triled and super happy! To Resive The Best & Lates Game in the Series!

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Created: 10/06/08

Need for Speed ProStreet (PlayStation 2)

It takes a lot today for ANY video game to hold the attention of teenagers. This game must have something the others don't because my 16 year old boy hasn't left the game to go hang out with friends in several days. He says the game is AWESOME and that's more than he's ever said about any other, so I believe him.

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Created: 11/12/08

Is a crazy Game...

New Clutch feature it's great. Excelent graphics. Renewed game. I can spend many hours playing and there are always new things to learn.

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Created: 07/04/09

prostreet racing

i rented it and then i had to buy it.. the drag racing is sweet you can up grade your cars, buy cars and race cars on drifting,speed racing, long distent, and my fav. drag and wheely comp.

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