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Nam-1975 (Neo Geo, 1990)
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Created: 08/05/11

A legendary Neo Geo title. If it's available at the right price, grab it!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Nam-1975 (Neo Geo, 1990)

Well, here we have the 1st Neo Geo AES game released in the west. What's the verdit on this 21 year old?

I won't go into the plot, but if you're a fan of Operation Wolf / Dynamite Duke / Cabal and own a Neo Geo, this is a game you should pick up.

Basically this is a horizontally scrolling shooter, seen from the 3rd person perspective.

You're a soldier in Vietnam in 1975 (natch), you have a gun, which can be upgraded by various pickups and hand grenades. If it moves, shoot it.

So, how does it play? It plays well. Don't be fooled, apart from the sound (lots of speech) I don't think there's anything here that the SNES / MD couldn't do, but it does look nice for a 21 year old game and it still plays well, especially with 2 of you going at it simultaneously.

The difficulty is well done and if you get shot, you know it's your own fault.

I must make a special mention to the sound, when you get shot. It sounds like he's throwing up as opposed to dying :-)

As far as I know, there are 5 versions on this game:
1. Original MVS cartridge
2. Original Japanese release in a cardboard box
3. Japanese release in a plastic "squishy" box
4. English (US/EUR) uncensored in a plastic "squishy" box
5. A recent glut of new copies of the English release in a plastic "squishy" box, but censored. This means there is black marker covering up the legs and chest of the girl on the cover, manual and game cart.

This game can be had fairly cheaply (around £25-£30 is fair for a CIB one) in it's English guise, with the Japanese releases carrying a premium. If you can, don't get the censored one as it's a great cover that is ruined by this magic marker.

Worth buying?

Yes, it's the original Neo Geo game and there aren't any others like it (maybe The Super Spy is a little similar) on the Neo and as an example of this dead genre, it's up there with the best.

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Created: 08/12/12

2 games of neo geo aes

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Nam-1975 (Neo Geo, 1990)

NAM 1975: A Reverent Review by Bobak!

NAM 1975 is one of the original releases for the Neo Geo. At the initial launch, players had the option of buying their home system with either Baseball Stars Pro or NAM 1975 (this was changed to Magician Lord only in the US). Both games were lots of fun, but in my mind NAM 1975 has survived well enough to be considered a classic.

The premise is interesting. Dr. R. Muckley, an ex-US scientist has been kidnapped with his daughter and taken into NAM's backwoods. It is your job as a part of an elite special forces unit to go and rescue them (these words are lifted, more or less, from the intro screen). In abstract it sounds like your average run-of-the-mill video game plot; however, it is executed surprisingly well. Invoking the feel of the movie "Apocalypse Now," the game paints a dark, dreary and deadly serious mood as the soldiers go further and further into their suicidal mission. Most games would create a dark plot and more or less loose it in the duration of the game. NAM 1975 surpasses expectations and carries the feel all the way to the end without letting up, or going too far and becoming absurd. But what is all the good writing in the world if there's no game to back it up?

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