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Created: 10/03/12

good ps3 game

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

NCAA Football 10 made some significant strides last year by introducing some entertaining new modes and reworking old ones to flesh out the entire college football experience. This year, EA Sports took a different approach with NCAA Football 11 by focusing more on beefing up on-field action than on making major in-game upgrades to supplementary modes like Road to Glory. But, that's not to say these preexisting modes--those transferred from last year to this year--are completely neglected. There are some small changes to be found, some of which don't amount to much more than window dressing while others succeed in making their associated modes more engaging.

USC marches up the field.

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In either case, it's disappointing to start up a mode in NCAA Football 11 and find that little has changed, and there's no greater offender than the Road to Glory mode. This is the mode where you can create your own player and watch him grow from a high school standout to a college superstar. It's still hosted by ESPN's Erin Andrews, and colleague Kirk Herbstreit still chimes in to break down your performance, but aside from game specific highlights that play during his postgame recaps, there isn't anything specific to this mode that you haven't already seen if you played NCAA Football 10. Even Andrews' appearance is simply a replay of what she did for the previous game. Still, there's something undeniably addictive about taking a no-name player and turning him into a star athlete, but like last year, you still have to be mindful of the pitfalls of selecting certain positions on offense. For example, quarterbacks can always call an audible to get out of predetermined plays, but running backs and receivers are still at the mercy of an AI-controlled coach that wants to win and doesn't care about your individual performance.

NCAA Football 11's Dynasty mode is disappointing, at least in terms of feature upgrades from last year, but there's one relatively small difference beneath the surface that improves a major aspect of managing any dynasty, and that's recruiting. Like the recruiting methods found in previous NCAA games, you can woo an athlete to your school by making phone calls and pitching the benefits of joining your program. But NCAA Football 11 turns these phone calls into a more engaging and obvious meta game where you can earn points (think of them as indicating the level of interest in your school) and cause other schools to lose points based on the topics of discussion. For example, if you're talking about coaching prestige and your school has a high rating whereas a competing school has a slightly lower rating, then the recruit will show greater interest in your program and less interest in the other. Comparing the two schools will earn you points that reflect the recruit's interest. At times, recruiting still feels like an impenetrable wall of information, but receiving an instantaneous (and easily understood) reward for your efforts and having greater transparency in the recruitment process make it more worthwhile.

That feeling is amplified when playing an online dynasty where you can actively try to take prospects away from other player-controlled schools and hear competitors whine about it. But an online dynasty offers another significant advantage over its single-player counterpart in the form of a Web-based interface where you can access your dynasty at any time via a PC. Easily

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Created: 08/07/11

Great game, recommended.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)

This game has some really cool features. The dynasty mode gives you options of either coaching a team, or building your own player. The coaching mode allows you to do all the recruiting, roster adjustments, and a lot of other things. Additionally, you call and play all the plays during the games for both offense and defense. The player mode takes your player from the high school playoffs, all the way through his college career. You only play the plays that your player is on the field, so the games are much shorter. Also, you have to choose to practice and also what training or studying you are going to do to balance everything out.

The game has really good graphics, and overall I am very happy with my purchase.

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Created: 09/23/10

Great Game!

Like: graphics, new locomotion system, ESPN integration, new recruiting,

Dislike: recycled commentaries, too many injuries

The graphics for this game are very realistic. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. The lighting is good and the movement is fluid. The new running system is much simpler and realistic. It uses mainly the right stick to do moves and you can string together moves. The ESPN integration is a nice feature. The ticker, news, and polls all resemble ESPN. The new recruiting system is very in depth. If you really wanted to, you could spend hours upon hours just recruiting. Now, players from your state are easier to recruit while out of state players are harder to recruit. It is more important now to get those blue chip players in your state. The commentaries are quite disappointing. We've heard the same things over and over and over again. I'm sure most of us have already memorized what bret Nessler is going to say after a big hit or what "the quarterback" Herbstreit is going to say the drive after you threw an interception. Also and other knock on the game is that there are way too many injuries. It seems like every drive, Im going to get at least one injury I have to deal with.

But all in all, I think that this game is the best competition Madden has ever had. The recruiting is amazing and so is the gameplay.

4.5/5 but I'll round up :)

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Created: 10/16/11

NCAA Football 11 Xbox 360

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)

I like playing this game especially with the way each team has an offensive system they use. I have played this series in the past, but the offenses have a better feel when you play in a spread or an option offense. The graphics are top notch as well. Get this game if you do not have it already.

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Created: 08/26/10


Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)

i have been playing NCAA for quite a few years now and this might be one of the best yet. every year i think the graphics cant get better but they proved me wrong yet again this year. not too many changes from last years version but now when u run hurry up u can choose from any play from the privous plays formation. the game is really more balanced this year to not giving too much of an edge for hit and truck stick but not making it obsolete either.

overall 9.5 out of 10

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Created: 07/26/10

NCAA Football 11 for Xbox360 - Online Rosters

Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)

There is no other way to play the game!

I've been wanting to try entering roster names. But let's face it: entering these names is time consuming. Plus, reading HB#2 or MLB#51 gets really old, especially if you play the game year-round like I do. I love football, but even I might forget who San Diego State's back-up quarterback is when I'm playing in April!

This adds a dimension of realism to the game. I've always believed collegiate student-athletes deserve recognition in these games. But until NCAA regulations change, I'm glad there are fans out there that dedicate their time to compile these rosters for us!

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Created: 03/07/11


Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)


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Created: 08/21/11

I like this game better than NCAA Football 10 and Madden 11

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: NCAA Football 11 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)

I bought this game because I got NCAA 10 last year and found I liked it better than Madden so I wanted to see how NCAA 11 was because I was very disappointed in Madden 11. I like that you can choose many plays when you goto the no huddle offense. The graphics for this game are much better than NCAA 10. I bought this game used so I am not able to play xbox live which makes me very upset. You can pay 800 microsoft points to play your friends on xbox live if you want.

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Created: 11/05/10

NCAA Football 2011 - PS3

I love the game, one of e best football games to come out in years. The graphics are sick, animations very smooth and real. The fans all pretty much look like the same scene over and over plus Razorback Stadium is missing a few things and so are the Razorback uniforms, but other than that, the only thing I don't really like is the playcalling style. The 3 play screen where you pick the button under the play is more efficient th en only pushing the x button over the play you want. Overall, great game. I would recommend it to any college football fan!

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Created: 04/03/11

excellent game for any sports nut gamer, great graphics

I had already bought and played ncaa 09 I liked playing so when ncaa 11 was available on ebay I jumped at the deal, it was at a fantastic price, very lifelike players, and excellent plays. even if you dont know football, this will make a player out of you, you can invite your friends over and go at it with your favorite teams, and you feel like your actually on the field playing,

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