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My Weight Loss Coach  (Nintendo DS, 2008...
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My Weigh...My Weigh...

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Created: 10/21/08

Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS

Good way to help you set healthy goals and develop good habits. Lots of great tips. The programs is simple to use but you have to use it at least once a day for it to be really useful, which is tough nowadays. The program itself is very whimsical and at times funny. The pedometer is a bit large but seems to work well. Its a great product if you can stick with the tasks that it suggests for you. I guess only time will tell if it works.

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Created: 03/02/09

Great motivational tool, but pedometer doesn't work

This DS game seems like it will be a lot of fun and a good way to motivate yourself out work out and lose weight, but the pedometer that comes included (which was a big selling point with me), is extremely inaccurate, no matter where you put it on your waist. For example, I counted 30 steps, and the pedometer said 53. So I'll just get my own pedometer and record my progress somewhere else. If I'm gonna get fit I'm gonna do it right! This game looks like it'll be a great supplement to Weight Watchers or any other healthy weight loss plan!

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Created: 04/07/09

My Weight Loss Coach

I like this game. It has some good wight loss tips, you can use the game with or without the pedometer. It gives you more challenges as you proceed in the game. The only thing that I don't like is logging you food. There are not enough choices for meals. So, I just guess as what is close to the calories of what I ate. Overall, it is a cute game, to use as you lose weight or work to get healthy.

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Created: 02/09/11

Great program for one who struggles to stick to a plan

I really like this program. It's a life style coach not a diet! The only problem I have with it is that the food portion does not contain foods such as lettuce and also does not ask how the food was prepared just that you ate Chicken. Does not ask if it was fried, baked or grilled. That changes the calories that you have taken in. I guess it assumes that you are eating it the healthier way. Other than that I think it is a fun and simple way to change your habits. I look forward to working with this program to loose weight and feel better about myself. Would recommend this to anyone especially if you have never had to watch your weight before as I have. Plus it's fun to do with your child. My son loves to help me with it.

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Created: 04/23/09

Great for personal goal setting

The interface is thorough yet simple. It gives you the option to choose up to 6 challenges every day, some take 5 minutes, some are 24 hour goals (the larger ones). You can enter your food intake and physical activity as well as change your weight as you progress.
It's nice to have because it's personal,. private. You can be honest and see where you're falling short.
I did not give it an excellent because I did not agree with the goals the game set for me. I wanted more weight loss and the system goes totally by BMI and staying in the healthy range. I ended up adding 10 pounds to my weight to get more difficult challenges.
The other downfall is you can only go in once a day so you have to remember EVERYthing you eat because you can only do it once, so maybe enter your info before bed.
Overall, for a DS game, it's great.

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Created: 02/14/11

its okay

I like the way its set up kinda like wii fit , but it has really got some time issues. The program doesnt tell when you should tuning back into game so you get challenges at 4 in the afternoon that probably should have been at 8 am. other than that tis really cute and enjoyed the pedometer, which works pretty well on pants not on dresses.

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Created: 03/22/11

Interesting Approach to Weight Loss

Presents a wide variety of positive recommendations to assist your weight control efforts. Some of these reinforce obvious techniques, others are rather unique. Have used program for nearly a year with great success. The pedometer is great! Certainly worth a look. Would highly recommend.

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Created: 03/24/09

Great little product..fun and easy to use

I like the little motivational character that keeps you on track. The visuals are nice and keep you engaged. The mini exercices the program gives you are great and easy to accomplish. I don't love the pedometer. Its seems to be a little sensitive so I can gain alot of steps just from sitting on the couch but it is stiall a useful tool.

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Created: 09/22/08

Very Nice

It's really unique, and cute.
It teaches and gives you fun things to do. I really do like it!
I like how it includes a pedometer and you can log in and see if you've improved. I wish on the food section they had more options, because sometimes some of the foods aren't on there and you get an inaccurate food count which throws you off sometimes.
All in all though I really like how the system runs.

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Created: 01/04/09

A Bit Too Cute for Me

The goal of this "game" is to establish healthier eating and exercise habits. There is nothing deep or terribly difficult about it. The stick figure is very cute and gently presses you to make committments one day at a time. A little too much fluff and cuteness for my tastes but if you're looking for a gentle approach without a lot of things to remember then this is a good choice!

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