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Mrs. Doubtfire (DVD, 2009, 2-Disc Set, B...
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Mrs. Dou...

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Created: 12/06/10

A must buy if you've never seen Mrs. Doubtfire!

Hands Down My Favorite Movie of All Time! I have bought the VHS, the DVD, and now the Blu-Ray! Robin Williams, as always, is hilarious and portrays "Mrs. Doubtfire" perfectly. And of course, Sally Field, one of my absolute favorite actresses, makes the movie the success that it has been for so many years. If you haven't seen this movie and have a Blu-Ray Player, get the Blu-Ray because it really looks and sounds great! The special features -- especially many of the deleted scenes and audio commentary-- make it even more worth buying. You won't be disappointed!

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Created: 12/07/09

"One Of Robin's Best!"

Review For: Mrs. Doubtfire (DVD, 2009, 2-Disc Set, Behind the Seams Edition; Movie Cash)

Robin Williams, Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan star in this 1993
Chris Columbus comedy. A divorced dad tries to be with his kids
by pretending to be an old woman housekeeper. Robin is terrific
in this and the make-up effects are amazing. I'm glad I got this
dvd set that has nice picture and sound plus cool extras. This
is one of Robin's best I highly recommend picking up.

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Created: 03/30/11

Mrs. Doubtfire

Review For: Mrs. Doubtfire (DVD, 2009, 2-Disc Set, Behind the Seams Edition; Movie Cash)

This is a great family movie...one of the best! It is very good entertainment for everyone in your family. The acting is phenomenal thanks to Robin Williams and Sally Field. It had moments when you are laughing your head off and then other moments when you are crying because it is so touching and moving in sensitivity. What I like the most is that it shows the deep love a father has for his 3 children and the lengths he will go through to be with them all the time in spite of what their mother thinks! My children love this movie as much as I do! Enjoy...

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Created: 02/06/10

A "not to miss" comedy with Robin Williams

This is undoubtedly one of Robin William's best performances in comedy. Recently divorced, his ex-wife won't allow him to watch his own children every day after school and concocts an unbelievable way in which to make that happen. Dressing up as an old English woman, he answers his ex's ad for a child care person and convinces her to hire what seems to be an experienced old English nanny. The ending is especially hilarious and a NOT TO MISS experience!

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Created: 05/26/08

Robin Williams is awesome in this roll

My kids & I can watch this again and again! Robin Williams is awesome in this roll. He'll have your family rolling around laughing. Even though the film is about the parents splitting up, and the dad leaving the home, the writers really try to put a fun spin on it, so it's light hearted and you do laugh quite a bit. Robin Williams has his make-up artist brother make him look like an old lady so he can care for his kids incognito, because the wife thinks he's too much of the "fun guy" to actually raise them with responsibility respect and guidance. He actually learns to be a better parent while playing the part. There are so many parts of this film, parents and kids of any situation can relate to in some way. It's fun loving, and heart warming. Touches in on Divorce and really does wrap it up on a happy note! It's worth every penny on eBay! Get yourself one today!

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Created: 05/19/10

One of the greatest comedies of all time

Review For: Mrs. Doubtfire (DVD, 2009, 2-Disc Set, Behind the Seams Edition; Movie Cash)

Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) disguises himself as an old woman after his divorce in order to be able to see his children more often. He lives a double life both as himself and a house keeper. How long can he keep up with the demands of both lives?

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Created: 11/03/07

Mrs. Doubtfire is the BEST !

I have always loved Robin Williams. This movie is a classic. Robin Williams at his BEST ! Truly hilarious stuff in here, considering it is a serious subject. I love when he is being interviewed by the social worker & he does all his impersonations & she is not impressed. His comment is sooo funny! I don't know how she sat with a straight face through it all....I would love to see the behind the scenes takes. I bet they shot that one alot! The man is just a natural comedian even outside of the movies & off stage. I have watched him on tv in places he's been. One time he was fishing with friends & he just kept the one liners coming!

I love the way this is written to help children accept divorce of parents who can't get along. It lets the children know how much they are loved by both parents even though they didn't stay together. I wish people in real life could be this great about a bad situation. Most aren't & it leaves the children blaming themselves for a parents breakup.

Everyone can learn from the message this movie sends out. My kids & I watch this movie frequently. The whole cast is just great. If you haven't seen it you should!

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Created: 10/12/12

Very Awesome Product Amazing Value For the Money!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

i bought this DVD because Mrs. Doubtfire is definatly a defining moment in Robin Williams Career and its one of his best movies, i love this movie because it shows how far one Dad would go to be with his kids after a judge hands full custody of them to their mother, anyone wanting a good laugh should buy this movie its a must have for collectors like myself also a good buy for Robin Williams fans

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Created: 08/06/08

Mrs. Doubtfire

I had this movie a long time ago on VHS. I sold it at a yard sale and was
always sorry I did. There were so many times I wanted to watch it again.
I wanted it on DVD but couldn't find it anywhere in the stores! I bought it
on ebay, it was here in 4 days!!

I've always been a Sally Field fan, and Robin Williams is a hoot. I just love
the whole story line, a Dad that loves his kids so much, he goes to all that
trouble just be with them.

Hilarious and heartwarming, it makes me laugh every time I watch it!!

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Created: 04/11/08

Mrs. Doubtfire (1999, DVD)

Robin Williams plays Daniel who is thrown out by wife (Sally Field) and the courts forbid him to see his kids. So he has gay brother make him a desguise and applies for job as housekeeper. Absolutely charming movie for all ages.

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