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Motorola V series V180
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Created: 12/13/10

A Worthy Simple Phone, Look No Further Than Here

The we have had a pair of this model of phone for over 6 years. The wife broke her phone in a way that required a replacement. Since we prefer a plain simple easy to use telephone, we decided to stay with this model.

This phone is so easy and simple to use. Install a SIM card, install battery, charge, and then use. The push buttons are easy to push with your fingers without accidentally hitting a wrong button. Also the color contrast of the buttons and the surround(silver buttons, black back ground)area make it easy to see what you are doing even without eye glasses on.

The battery life for us is about a 7 day period before recharging(talk time may vary the charge schedule), and charges well on a household charger(included), and on a car charger(I think it was an extra purchase)

We used these phones while traveling in Germany without a problem. A call to our carrier, Cingular/ ATT, prior our travels had us set up in minutes. Also with Germany being a 220v country and with different wall outlets, the car charger was a must have. Charge your phone while traveling in the car, as all car outlets are universal.

Bottom line, if you want a 'no thrill' easy to use phone to just talk, or send a quick text, this is the phone to have. I hope they will be still available in the coming years. We are happy with this product, and would definitely buy it again. And another great thing about this phone, is the price.

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Created: 10/05/06

Good old phone

The V-180 is nothing fancy, but it has good range and is durable. It has good memory for phone numbers and easy access to all of it's functions.It is small enough to be comfortable to wear on your hip and not too small for big fingers. Be sure to get one that is GSM compatible with YOUR SERVICE if it is new. If buying a used V-180, purchase one that has already been programed to YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER (reguardless of what you have been told!),or you will find yourself without a phone until someone at your phone provider will take the time to contact the previous provider to un-lock the phone and set it up on your system. Most companies want to sell you a new phone and usually will not be very cooperative in your quest to save a little $.That issue aside, there are a lot of really good V-180's on E-Bay for great prices without having to sign new long term contracts.

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Created: 08/04/06

Motorola V180

Phone replaced a V571 that was accidentally drowned in a glass of ice tea. The condition of the phone was like a new one that had only been used a couple days and the price allowed me to continue my phone service without having to pay Cingular the price of a new phone. The V180 is a very nice phone that I can edit using the Motorola Mobile Phone Tools program and a generic usb cable that also works with my mp3 player and my digital camera. I have other Motorola models that also can be edited, uploading and downloading songs and pictures. The V180 plays mp3 ringtones as well.

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Created: 05/23/11

Awesome product!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Simply GREAT!!! Very good old technology that works in an consistent manner!!! Very ergonomic and intuitive design!!! The way traditional cell phones should be!!! BRAVO for MOTOROLA!!!

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Created: 01/09/07

Love my V180's

My first experience with the V180 was when my daughter begged me for a cell phone and AT&T made me upgrade to GSM from TDMA service. I bought the phones because they were cheap - I loved the phones because they worked!! In Fact, mine actually went swimming (courtesy of my then two year old daughter) in 8 feet of water! You can imagine my dismay at watching the phone sink in an 8 foot deep chlorine pool .. bubbling all the way. 900 miles away from home and my lifeline was drowned! I took the phone apart and set it on top of the finial of my mom's living room lamp and hoped for the best. Within 7 hours, the LED screens were clear of water - 10 hours later I attempted my first call home and Wah - Lah .. it worked!!! Keep working like a charm through yet another swim (in the bath and all my fault) until I ran it over with the van. I immediately went out and bought another on ebay - with no regrets. The only frustration for me is the hard programmed right soft key since I don't like using IM's or AIM and it can be easy to mistakenly hit that key. Otherwise, I love the menus and how flexible the programming on the phone is. Unless you need a camera or an MP3 player, this is a wonderful workhourse phone!

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Created: 11/09/09

Everything that was stated

It was the exact same phone that I had and liked. No frills, get a call, make a cal and keep a phone book. No texting, no internet, no camera. It's rugged and has a clock. The Company said it was used but 'A' stock. It looked and worked liked new except no box or manual, not needed. It arrived in 3 days, put my old battery and sim card in, began using it with no learning curve. As always my Ebay purchases have been without a hitch.

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Created: 05/07/06


This phone has worked perfect for me! Me and my wife have one. After dropping it about 30 times the outer LCD screen did crack but it took a lot of abuse. I ordered another off ebay, put in my sim card and still going strong 15 months later.

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Created: 01/23/06

Great Buy!

This is a great phone for the price! It has many features of phones 3 times the cost. I have no unexpected problems with service or dropped calls. (My carrier is AT&T/Cingular) Clarity is excellent and customer support is provided free of charge from both Motorola and Cingular.

I am not easy on phones; I have dropped this phone on concrete at least 10 times and it still works like it did the day I took it out of the box.

Highly recommend.

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Created: 11/19/06

Motorola V180 for AT&T

The phone is used but in excellent condition. I needed a cell phone that was compatible with AT&T. I had no problems registering and activating this phone to my current AT&T/Cingular service provider account.

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Created: 01/31/11


This phone was amazingly durable. I probably would loose count telling you about the times I dropped this thing.It was horribly scuffed and dented and scraped by the end of the two year agreement, but I stuck with it because it worked for what I needed it for. I dropped this phone out in the grass in my yard OVERNIGHT and it survived. I would get this phone if your kid or you, abuses phones. It definetly can handle it. I left this phone when the mic stopped working, back then I talked more on them, but now I'm using it for texting and fb.

I'd buy it again if it had a camera, but the tone composer was enough for me back then, however took some learning curve, as you couldn't type the notes. Ended up with some funny tone combination, lol, BUT it was loud, and i could hear it over the preloaded ones, and it always was heard when I was at work.

It also got texted on a lot back then, even though more calls than texts were made/composed on this phone.

GUYS I EVEN DROPPED THIS From my ROOF and it survived the fall, sure it all came apart but it worked like a charm then.

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