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Motorola Droid A855
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Created: 05/09/10

Wonderful Phone for Tinkerers and Discerning Consumers

I bought the Telus Milestone in order to use it on AT&T since the 3G frequencies are the same, and I didn't feel like renewing my contract by buying a new, subsidized phone.

My only fear is that I break this thing or lose it, and there won't be an insurance policy. Hopefully by then I'll be able to replace the phone for less.

The seller shipped my phone with a second battery, screen protector, case, third hi-capacity battery, and charging base/stand. I could not be happier with the condition everything arrived in.

Call quality and volume are both very good, although the case I am currently using does impede the noise-cancellation secondary microphone a bit.

Android 2.1 is phenomenal, although not quite as nice as on the Google/HTC Nexus One. The Android Market doesn't have as many apps as Apple's App Store, but it's nonetheless a great source of very useful software.

I picked this phone over the Nexus One due to the keyboard and outdoor-legible screen. Cellular reception is also allegedly much better.

Sadly, Motorola's version of Android 2.1 is missing the Nexus One 3D launcher. While I was able to add nearly all of the features of the Nexus One to my Milestone, I was never able to find a stable 3D launcher, except in European ROMs that disabled my 3G access.

Interestingly, it seems Germans and Argentines love this phone the most.

Tethering, VPN, IMAP, push Gmail, Google Turn-by-Turn Navigation with GPS, Google Goggles, etc. is all very easy on this phone. Sadly there are few eBook readers available, there is no built-in task-management software, music management pales in comparison to the iPhone, and Skype is still not available!

Still, if you would prefer not to buy an iPhone, I think this is still the best phone on the market. Its OMAP CPU may not be clocked as fast as the 1 GHz Snapdragon on the Nexus One, but it's pretty snappy. It also has 256 MB of RAM versus 512 MB on the Nexus One. Consider that only the iPhone 3GS has 256 MB of RAM.

My biggest frustration with this phone this weekend was my inability to restore the phone to a 100% clean firmware from the Motorola website. The update to Android 2.1 went off without a hitch, but restore images are literally available for all carriers and versions, except for Telus. Luckily I had a Nandroid backup available, but I had to install this on top of a Brazilian ROM. Note that I did jailbreak/root my device. This phone would be of less value had I not done so. (GPS would not connect until I reconfigured a protected text file that requires root access)

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Feature ratings

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  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
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Created: 05/02/12

Quality product, stylish design and great value for the money

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this phone for myself and am glad i purchased it. This Motorola Milestone is what I have been looking for a touch screen and a slide out Qwerty Keyboard for easy inputting, great features,good quality, beautiful design and awesome price. Its fast and easy to set up email and other communication accounts.Access to android market for apps and games.

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Created: 02/04/11

Good seller, shipping fast! A++++++++

My rating: 8/10

Upgraded to Android 2.5 perfectly.
Product in Warranty to 3/28/2012

* The high-resolution and good quality
* Solid, consistent, hard
* Good performance
* Android 2.0 and all that that means
* Future promising platform
* Price unbeatable for a smartphone in Argentina
* I really liked (subjective)
* The camera could be better for low light
* As with any touch phone, the screen becomes a dirt
* Heat a little
* It makes clear that application consumes network
* The battery life is insufficient network-intensive

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Created: 10/02/10

Motorola Milestone is a Best Buy

This GSM version of the Droid is the best phone I've ever had. The screen is bright, clear and large enough to view web pages, read email or watch a movie on. The availability of free and paid apps is overwhelming. I used to think I'd want an iPhone someday but I truly no longer have that desire because this phone does it all. The clarity of the speaker for music is excellent and most importantly, people can hear me and I can hear them when I make calls! This phone has excellent reception. I have a local GSM carrier that roams with ATT & TMobile. So far the roaming has worked well and because the phones I bought are NAM I can roam in 3G with ATT. I'd certainly buy this phone again, actually I bought two already for my daughter and myself!

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Created: 06/09/10

Motorola Milestone = Amazing.

Love this phone. I've had BlackBerrys and an iPhone but none come close. The Android Market is stellar because of its wide variety of apps that don't have to pass the judgement of a single person like another app market. Phone is smooth and responsive. Having the option of on-screen keyboard and physical keyboard is a huge plus. My only complaint is the D-pad. Seems useless as I have yet to really use it. Motorola should have left it off and used the real estate for larger/more keys.

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Created: 06/16/10

this is the best android phone with a physical keyboard

the reason this is a 5 out of 5 phone is the simple fact that it is the absolute best android device (hardware wise) that has a physical keyboard and it is the only one with keyboard that will get 3G on ATT other then the moto backflop or canadian rogers HTC Dream which is the same as a G1 and has no internal memory so it lags constantly. so far there is jack for decent qwerty keyboard android phones unless you have verizon (droid and devour) or tmob (my touch slide) or sprint (samsung moment), so if u are on AT&T and demand 3G, Android and a physical Keyboard this is the best device available. since there is no sight of the HTC Lancaster (HTC Magic Slider) or the HTC Espresso (Hero 2 Slider) anywhere to be found.....thanks ATT u jagoffs release 5 android phones this summer none of which have physical keyboards

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 06/06/11

Very awesome phone, smooth with ANDROID 2.1 !!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

this is the iphone killer!
but not x10 killer!
x10 for now is the best because of
1 ghz cpu
4 inch screen with better demension
stereo speakers
secondary camera
32 GB internal memory
DLNA sharing

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Created: 11/12/10

Impressive phone...

All Hail the iPhone Killer. I bought this phone because I am determined to NEVER give Apple a single penny of my money, and so far have done pretty well without i anything... Fast phone.. lots of apps, and decent prices for the apps i have purchased so far... when i went to get my Simm card, the Telus guy said that i got the phone for 365$ cheaper than he could buy it for.

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 04/03/12

if it breaks i want another one

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Awesome phone easy to use almost the same size as an ipod touch and it has a slider keyboard what more do you need...lol

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Created: 01/04/11

Really a milestone...

Wonderful phone... what more to say.. rugged feel with a wonderful interface.. slim enuf to slide in ur pocket (despite being a slider).. good battery life.. Its just excellent.

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