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Motorola I870
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Created: 03/07/07

i870 Motorola Phone Good with Glicks too

I've had this phone now for a few weeks and I was warned about it having glitches in the phone from previous Motorola i870 owners. Well I can report that it does have a few minor baby glitches in it BUT thats not saying its not a good phone. I've actually washed (In the Laundry Full Circle in the Washer) this phone by accident and it still powered back on after I dried it out. The phones battery life like all Nextels (its seems) is not very long for the moderate to heavy users. The glitches include: The Memory Card when you upgrade sometimes doesn't register with the phone right away and can take up to 30 minutes to be fully read, the battery lasts about a day during normal use and about half a day if I get busy. The nextel service in Maryland isn't alway's the greatest but this phone is still good on the signal strength. Here's the pro's. I've dropped it a few times and very little scratching occured. I like the metal backing too. The phone is much lighter then the previous "Motorola i8" series phones. The MP3 player works perfectly (after the memory card is fully read). The picture phone is great to but I would like to be able to store longer video then 30 seconds though. But other then the con's I've given you the phone is a great item to have. So thats why I've labeled it i870 good even with gliches.

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Created: 06/08/08

I like my i870, but...

On the plus side, the Motorola i870 (Nextel/BoostMobile only) has superior sensitivity to some other iDen phones (my GF's i855e lost carrier in the Hollywood Hills while mine was still connected). Bluetooth connections are easy and sound great (the auto-answer function in my headset works with the phone and voice-dialing is reliable). The phone is solid with easy-to-use buttons and a clear, good-sized display, but still fits in my pants pocket. I added a Gigabyte of storage for multimedia (MP3s as well as pictures and video I have taken) for $12.

On the minus side, when the phone is connected to my computer's USB port, the extra memory is not available (I have to remove the memory card, put it in an adapter, then insert it into a card reader to transfer files). It is possible to transfer files via Bluetooth to other devices, but only one at a time. Voice dialing is tied to the SIM card, which has three drawbacks (the number of voice dials is limited by the SIM card's memory, each voice dial command is limited to 2 seconds and all voice dial presets are lost when you remove the SIM card).

The camera is better than most cell phones, but nowhere near as good as my digital camera. You can make presets to quickly get to most camera functions with a single button press, but video recording is not one of those functions, so you have to familiarize yourself with the menu sequence if you have a Michael Richards moment. Battery life is not as good as my previous phone (i730), possibly because the display is bigger and brighter, but probably because I usually have Bluetooth on when I use the phone. A more powerful battery with an extended cover can be had for around $30, last I checked.

I like the phone. It is not perfect, but meets my needs and most of my wants.

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Created: 01/25/08

Nextel Motorola i870

ahhh the i870. Its not a bad phone, but its not a good phone as far as cellular devices go. I mean lets face it, in terms of what phones can do these days, it misses par by a couple of years. Motorola is not to blame because the i-series is exclusively for Nextel, so for nextel, Its a good phone. All in all? Web capabilities, multi-media messanger, GPS navigation, screen resolution and software downloadability as a few big steps cell phone makers have made towards virual computers on our wastes and in our left pockets. Nextel simply isnt keeping up.

...but i guess the 'chirp-chirp' makes up for that, huh. =]

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Created: 02/23/10

i870 MP3 Bluetooth Camera Phone

This is a very stylish phone. One of the more stylish phones that Nextel has produced. It includes a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, LARGE inner and outher displays, MP3, and a VERY NEAT push button opening system!! Just press a button and the flip automatically flips open for you!! This model is available in the Boost Mobile version as well. It is the i875. Some sellers on Ebay sell the i875 unlocked so it will work with both Nextel and Boost Mobile sim cards. Be sure to check before you are buying one!! Good Luck and I hope that this has helped you out!! Justin w/ SprintandNextel and J.B.C._Nextel

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Created: 12/08/06

Motorola I870 - The REAL Review

The i870 is superior to any other phone I have ever owned (2 other Nextel compatable phones, 2 erricsons, a nokia, and a motorola) in almost every respect.

First, the bad news. It is relatively big, fat, and heavy. I almost didn't get it for this reason.

Now that I have it, I am really happy with it. Here are the things I like about this phone:

1) sound quality is excellent, truly excellent. The voice is not only the clearest of any phone I have ever owned, It also has a very large "sweet spot" on the ear piece.

2) the screen is large, bright, and colorful.

3) the push button flip is great (but since the phone is heavy, make sure you are holding it tight or it can pop out of your hand when it pops open).

4) the speakerphone is top quality. The person on the other end can't even tell they are on speakerphone. The sound quality at my end is excellent as well.

5) the interface. I love the ability to program all the keys and soft keys for the features I use most often.

6) everything else: the MP3, removable memory card, GPS, bluetooth, etc. To be honest, I havn't used these features yet. I look forward to playing with them when I have the time.

All in all, this is an excellent phone. I don't regret spending the extra money, because this phone is worth it.

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Created: 03/05/07

THE I870


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Created: 07/17/06

i870 = great nextel phone

I recently picked up the i870 and I like it so far. The phone has a good design and to me it isn't heavy or bulky. I'd rather have a phone that can be dropped without shattering to 1000 pieces. The mp3 and video feature on the phone are great! If you get a tf card, you can fit alot of multimedia which always keeps you entertained. The camera is decent on the phone but there are better ones. For nextel, this phone is a definate step in the right direction. Be aware though that you need a BLACK sim card in order to search the net and actually know who is sending messages to you. I do not have a black sim now as I have the origional that came with the i830 I 1st had. Good phone though and I'd recommend.

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Created: 02/03/07

Another Good Nextel Product

Yet another good Nextel phone. Not great, but still good. Size is definitely larger then your average phone with the same feature set, but smaller then previous model Nextels. Has a beautiful massive screen. Takes good pictures and video for a camera phone, and the MP3 play back is pretty good. Having the micro-SD slot is great. You can store tons of music, video, and pictures.

The only thing I don't like is some of the loading time, particularly with the audio player, and the size. There are so many other phones out there that are 1/4 the size with the same functionality and screen size.

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Created: 12/06/07

motorola i870

I loved this phone. It was the phone i had always wanted, and i got it at ebay for about half the price the store had it for. it came with everything i needed and worked like new. the only problem i had was that the memory card reader it came with did not work and i had to purchase my own at my own expense. the extra things that came with the phone also adding some more cost on, and having one of them not work was upsetting and made me wish i had bought just the phone. that was my only problem, but overall i enjoy the phone.

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Created: 01/06/07

i870 mp3 player with 1.3 mp camera and cell phone

This cell phone is a gem. It has the off-network walkie talkie, 1.3 megapixel camera, has a memory disk that you can put all your music & photos on for easy transfer to a computer.

Unfortunately, it still requires Nextel service, which has lots of areas without coverage. Their customer care staff is also incompetent and mostly untrained in problem resolution.

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