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Microsoft Zune
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Created: 09/26/09

Best Music and Movie Combo... far surpasses iPod

The Zune 120 is my favorite media player so far, and I have owned several, especially iPods. I will tell you the pros and cons of it in simple form below:

Very Large Screen (slightly smaller than iPod Touch, near x2 iPod Classic)
Excellent for Videos
Good for pictures
Large album artwork
Custom backgrounds
Easy responsive navigation with touch and button press Zune Pad
TV Output (Navigate menus, view pictures, watch videos, listen to music on TV!)
Great sound quality
Very clear FM tuner (which tells track names on stations that broadcast info)
Zune PC software is excellent, simple, fast, (I prefer over iTunes)
Wireless built in
Interact with other Zunes (share music with limitations, send pictures)
Shop the Marketplace on the Zune, even sample music
Zune Pass subscription monthly fee for unlimited music if desired
Great look and design to the Zune, very sturdy
Body doesn't show scratches much
Microsoft constantly updates firmware, adding new features, even for old outdated Zune users (this may change due them focusing only on Zune HD)
Wireless Sync option
VERY FAST, gapless playback, smooth

Not Mac compatible, PC ONLY
Battery Life, though good, weaker than iPod Classic's
Screen hard to see in sunlight
Limited accessory support
Though screen is large, resolution is low (same resolution as iPod Classic's)
Wireless features not very useful without Zune Pass subscription or nearby friends that own Zunes to interact with (Checkers is fun multiplayer though!)
Game support, has very few games and I highly doubt any more will come for it

As you can see, the pros much outweigh the cons. I really enjoy watching movies that I converted from my DVD collection on the Zune. The Zune Pad offers a cool fast way to navigate.

Although the Zune 120 and 80 models are aimed to compete with the iPod Classic, they can still beat the iPod touch line for the superior memory capacity at a much lower price, which is what you want if you plan to store many movies on it. No need to spend $400 on half the capacity with the iPod Touch. The iPod Classic is very sluggish and unresponsive with controls at points, but I find the Zune to always be zippy. If you do not have a huge music collection and do not need to carry several movies, definitely look into the new Zune HD as another option.

Personally I own a black Zune 120, but the only difference between the red and black is the color. Both look great.

If this review helped you, please click yes. Thanks for reading! I know you'll enjoy your Zune as much as I do!

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Created: 06/01/08


I have a another MP3 Player and the Zune 80 GB Digital Player is a step in the right direction.
Before I begin I must admit I am an anti-IPOD person. If you have a problem with that then stop reading.
But if you are interested in looking at your options beside an IPOD, I will tell you the Zune stores pics, podcasts, video, as well as music. The battery life is strong and the display screen looks very good.
I found the USB syncing and charging feature very convienent. The rippin straight to the player very nice as well.
Before I bought the Zune, I did speak to some friends who had them and the thing that was an annoyance was having to go through some extra steps to get to a specific track. But it did not bother me much.
It took me some time to get rid of pre-installed music, video, pictures, and podcasts, but within 24 hours I have the player shaping up the way I want it.
The Zune Marketplace was pretty simple, however they use a point system for buying items to add to your player, and were more than willing to get my credit card info which I am relucant to give, however after some looking on I found you can buy the Microsoft Point from Amazon or at other retailers (Wal-Mart).
I found out you need special software to convert DVDs to your player, but if you want to watch DVDs maybe you should get a DVD player not a Digital Media Player.
I did alot of thinking and researching before I bought my Zune and I hope you will do the same. I am happy with my Zune and I hope you consider this review and it tips before buying.

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Created: 05/11/08

Love my Zune

The Zune is a pleasure to use (tried an iPod no comparison), for those that
hate Micro$oft you have to give this device a try. You get almost as much
screen space as the iPod touch, the touch pad is great as you can either slide
your finger across it to scroll or you can click-scroll through the list/volume
& it's just sensitive enough so you aren't zooming by the menu item you wanted.

Videos: WMV or MP4 (my preferred zune format) are a pleasure to watch even on the 320x240 screen, I currently have 22 movies on it, approx. 1 1/2 hrs. each, take up 12.8G at max quality) as you can see, lots of movies + lots of space
remaining. I haven't yet tried hooking it up to the TV & playing videos as I
am still waiting on my Zune A/V Dock. But I have tried encoding videos for the
640x480 TV rez & at max quality they come to almost 2G depending on the video
length. You can resume any video from where you left off playing regardless of
playing any other video or music afterwards, same cannot be said for songs.

Music: songs play (& sound) very nice, an EQ is missing but not noticeably to
me. Songs (& video) are automatically paused if the headphones plug is pulled
out of the player. Songs unlike videos cannot be resumed from where you left
off playing them if you go & play a video or view pictures, they will resume
where you left off tho if you pause & shut off the player. While this is not
really a problem when playing music it is however a bit of a pain when you are
listening to an audiobook & you lose your place when you have decided to do
something else, say watch a video or change the background picture. Song
quality is only of course as good as the song encoding, I currently have my
mp3s at 192 rather than the normal 128, again personal preference due to the
large 80G drive. Player comes with very nice quality (background noise
reducing, plug into the ear canal) headphones. I did find that I had to switch
to the small rubber plugs as I really didn't like having all outside noise cut
off (again personal preference). Having the outside noise cut off is great if
you are on a noisy bus/train/whatever, not great if you are riding a bike or
rollarblading & need to hear that car or other person coming up behind you.

Background pictures: nice feature, need to "photoshop" them tho to 240x320 for
the screen resolution.

Picture viewing/slideshow: Nice feature, not why I bought the player but good
to have for showing others pictures you took without having to carry around
your digital camera.

Software: easy to use/update, player firmware update is easy. Software MUST be used however to transfer music/videos/pictures to your player. This is both a positive & negative. Positive in that it's pretty easy to use, negative in that you can't just drag/drop files to the player or from the player to another computer (without the software). You can however exchange files between Zune players wirelessly, a feature I have not yet used because no one else here has one mostly I think because no one sells them around here in BC, Canada.

Menus: Nice, clean easy to use.

Other feature:
Radio: nice to use
Socials: as stated no one here has a Zune, yet, so I haven't used it
Podcasts: haven't used yet, don't think I will but it is there if you do use them.
Ratings system: only has 2 ratings, either you like the song or you don't. Only use I can see for this is for songs you don't like & would like to delete off the player when you got home.

Overall I would give it 9/10.

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Created: 04/15/08

A wonderful product through and through

I simply love this toy. From the sleek body and glass screen to the fantastic large font and layout, this thing just keeps on impressing me. The "squircle" design it implements is simply miles better than the iPod's tiresome click wheel. I didn't buy an MP3 player to exercise my thumb nor accelerate Carpal Tunnel. The Zune's "squircle" allows both touch scrolling, as well as tactile function, so you get the best of both worlds.

The player has 80gb, which for me is a LOT. I have 50gb still left. It's a bit unfortunate the player only supports a few video formats such as .wmv and .mp4, but doesn't support popular formats like .avi and .xvid. Then again, neither does the iPod. Hopefully, a software update will remedy this in the future.

As far as a music player, this thing does everything it's supposed to, which is play my music. The addition of a video player and photo storage is simply icing. Sure, it's pretty crazy that I can watch Metalocalypse in lecture, but this thing plays my music 95% of the time. The screen is very vibrant and reproduces both video and images wonderfully sharp and crisp, with the handy ability to zoom on images. Apparently, the Zune also features Wifi, a unique feature allowing it to sync wirelessly as well as interact with other Zunes in the area (good luck finding them though).

Battery life is definitely not the 20 hours or whatever that Microsoft advertises. It's probably more like 4-7, depending on usage. Even less so with video. Mine's always in the car, and I'm never far away from my computer, so I don't mind charging it every couple of days. Besides, charging it is a chance to sync all my music data to my Zune Card!

Yes, the Zune Card is an EXTREMELY neat feature of the Zune. What this does is upload all of your music data, such as listened to artists and songs to a "Zune Card" on the Zune site so all your friends can see what you've been listening to and how many times you've listened to it. I find it pretty addictive, personally.

For the money, this is hard to beat. The iPod "Classic" (it's hard to create a more pretentious name) 80gb is competitively priced at $250, the same as the Zune 80gb. Expect the Zune 160gb sometime later this year to compete with Apple's 160gb model.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a simple, easy to use MP3 player that does what you want and more.

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Created: 09/07/11

Solid devices that are familiar and unfortunately discontinued

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I find myself on ebay looking for a replacement 80GB Zune after my old one was stolen... I never realized how much I loved my Zune until it was gone. To make matters worse, Microsoft no longer makes Zunes and the only way to get one is to buy a used or 2nd hand one.
Back in the day, I started w/ a 60GB iPod Photo, which was an absolutely solid tank that never failed. Then I had 'upgraded' to an 80GB iPod video which was such a huge disappointment in quality, especially seeing how the older model iPod was infallible. It was then I decided to try something different... I was sick of iTunes, sick of seeing iPods everywhere... Zune, at the time, was the only quality alternative with enough capactity for me (I MUST have 60GB or more!!!). The Zune blew me away... the only 2 pains I had was having to switch over to the Zune software and losing the EQ settings the iPod offered. At first the Zune software took some getting used to, especially when you come from iTunes. But the more you use it, the more you realize how the aesthetics of the Zune interface made for a pleasant experience. The Zune device itself... another solid tank. Never failed on me, battery life was ALWAYS good and the device never broke down in any way. The screen was much better than the iPods (at the time... these days, your smartphone have screens that make the Zune and Ipod look like they belong in the 80s). The Zune truly is equal to that of the old iPods in function and quality... the only downside is if you're used to iTunes, you will need to invest time to switch over to Zune. Realizing that I'll never find another brand new 80GB Zune is depressing to me, and it occurs to me that I should attempt to buy more than one from eBay as 'backups'. In the current market, high capacity music players (60 GBS or more) are becoming scarce and I do not like having to manage music on 8 or 16 GB devices... I like it all there all the time. iPod owners can adjust easily to a Zune, its just a matter of how much of an Apple lover you are. New users who never owned an iPod should have zero problems. People coming from other brands... I can't tell you if you'll like it or not as I've never used anything outside of a Zune or ipod. I also bought my fiance an 8GB Zune as she immediately fell in love with it.

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Created: 08/21/10

One of the best mp3 players,good looking,big capacity

When you want to storage and reproduce media,it does'nt matter if is music,pictures,video you can trust in this magnific device with his 80GB you have plenty of capacity to hold an average of 25,000 songs lots of photos or few hours of video with the best of the digital quality cappable to share wirellesly delivered by the genious of microsoft all this conbined with the big brigth screen, simple clean design,and logic easy to use controls makes it perfect good looking hand holdable mp3 player device to carry on every where you go.

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Created: 06/10/09

Zune 80GB

The zune is the best player on the market, that why i bought another one. I hae several, and it's just another in the collection. I can't even comprehend why anyone would want to buy an i-pod. So many reasons a zune is better it's almost hard to list em all.

1. If my zune looked, functioned and was exactly the same as an ipod(thank the gods it doesn't) but you didn't have to use i-tunes it would be worth it. i-tunes is a terrible program.
2. It actually functions with a pc correctly
3. The sound quality is better.
4. No click wheel, the single click or scrolling by holding down is much better.
5. I can go from the bottom of my lists to the top of my list without scrolling up the whole list again.
6. the organization is better, if i want to go to playlists or albums i don't have to go all the way through every bloody menu in the device, it's just a click to the right.
7. Customizable backgrounds.
8. Album info display
9. I can put any video i want on there, i have videos i've edited myself on it so i can show my friends.
10. the screen is bigger, and more scratch resistant(as is the whole device)
11. everyone else has an ipod
12. ipod come preloaded with and execute program, which=a virus(guarantee sale of another i-pod after it's dead hmmm)
13. firmware updates, essentially the 1st gen zunes will never go out of date. ipod come the way they come and if you want the new features, you gotta buy a new ipod.
14. the quick list, i use it all the time, if i wanna listen to one song and then i want to here stuff from another artist, bam, quick list.
15. even though i never listen to the radio, FM radio.
16. The look is much cooler than an ipod.
17. Seperate buttons for the back(or in ipod terms) 'menu' button.
18. Sharing pictures and songs
19. The 'resume' feature for videos.
20. No automatic playlists, it just takes up memory
21. Microsoft cares about the people that use their products, they dont' charge extra money for the most popular songs just because they know they can get away with it
22. They don't charge you for the firmware updates either
23. It's open source, there's no 'convert selection for i-pod' crap. If it's on my computer then i can put it on my zune.
24. Reverse syncing, i can reestablish my collection with just a reverse sync in the software i don't have to go through a back door.
25. The list goes on, don't by an i-pod

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Created: 10/20/11

The Zune will change your musical life!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I LOVE the Zune. I started with a 30 GB 1st generation. It has lasted me through dozens of drops that should have ended its life. I'm an athlete and it has fallen while running on concrete, mondo and grass. It has been crushed, tossed, drowned and left in very hot cars. After 5+ years it still plays great. Although I now have a cracked screen (drop # 3 during a single workout, my own fault for not having a case) it does not interfere with the music. I can't watch movies or look at pictures anymore, but I never did that before.

Recently bought an 80 GB 2nd generation Zune and the only reason I purchased it was because I thought I lost my 30 GB Zune (devastated for 2 whole weeks). I found my 30 GB the same day I received my 80 GB (darn dust ruffles, it was under my bed the whole time). Considered selling one of them but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of a great product like the Zune. Now I have one for my car and Workout!

Because of the Zune software, putting my music on my new product was super easy! And because I now have an 80 GB, I am able to keep ALL my music on me at all times. It took me 3 years to fully fill up the 30 GB but I did it… I also love the interface of the software. Navigation is fun and easy. Organization is important to me and Zune makes it easy. And thanks to the Zune music buying place, I can find information about songs that I had no labels for.

All in all, the Zune is remarkable! I have used ipods (horrible, my thumb would get worn out from all the clicking lol), Phillips (ok), and a couple off brand mp3 players; none of them live up to the Zune. I pray that the Microsoft people read some of the reviews on their product and decide not to discontinue the Zune. Every review I have read has been good. If they do, I’ll have to keep buying used ones on eBay. I will never go to ipod.

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Created: 09/18/10

About The Zune.

So far, I love what I see. This device, once the software was downloaded, moved really smoothly on my computer. The layout (on the computer) is very easy to figure out, and everything is easy to find.

The device itself is also really nicely built. It feels weighty when held (which is nice). The screen is really crystal clear. The buttons, especially the 'Squircle' (the middle button/touchpad) is a realy nice feature and fun to use. The colour (bright, sparkling red) is also very, very nice.

I'm not going to compare the Zune to the iPod because I own two iPods (a Classic and a Touch). I'd say that all three of them have their upsides. I haven't found any downsides, yet. They all do what they were intended for.

Anyways, in the end, I'm glad I got it, because the interface and Squircle are the most fun to play with. And it's pretty too.

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Created: 11/19/08

zune 80gb

the zune 80gb is by far the greatest multimedia player I've ever purchased.
Great size, awesome software, easy to use and a definite good buy.
Not only can u listen to music but you can watch videos, pictures, listen to audio books, podcasts, play games, download music, videos and pictures wirelessly through your zune, share pictures mucis and podcasts wireless to fellow zune owners and unlike the ipod it comes with a built-in fm transmitter so u can listen to the radio or pickup ur xm station, and the tuner is set up for not only the U.S. but also Japan and Europe.
also featers a touch pad and crystal clear 3.2" lcd screen which is just fantastic for watchin videos on a long boring roadtrip or business meeting, hehe
so pick up your ipods and throw them in the trash and make the smart move and get yourself a Microsoft Zune
which can also come in your choice of size color and zune original laser inscribed design and text

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