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Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim
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Created: 12/26/07

COMSUMER ALERT: Please read BEFORE you buy!

True to form, Microsoft has once again released a product without adequately testing and debugging, resulting in rivers of complaints and oceans of disappointed buyers. You'd think Microsoft would give a crud by now that they have a reputation for releasing products that haven't been fully tested and cannot be trusted until the second or third generation of the product. So it is with the X-Box 360.

Remember when Microsoft was promising us all that the X-Box would be the "last game system" we'd ever buy (because it was supposed to be fully-upgradeable, with a company plan to release upgrades and updates rather than new systems). So much for their reputation on that front, too.

WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU INVEST IN THIS SYSTEM is that there are already numerous class actions suits against Microsoft for this product. eBay regulations prohibit me from posting links to the various articles, but all you need to do is Google "class action microsoft x-box" for a very enlightening look at how MUCH is wrong with this system ... and that Microsoft was fully-aware of the potentially fatal (to the system) flaws when they released it to the marketplace.

I was really looking forward to this system, and especially Halo 3. Save yourself a lot of pain down the road and invest in another system ... unless you have the money to throw away on a system that is fatally flawed.

Wish Bill Gates and his crew would grow some scruples and worry more about delivering quality than delivering by deadline. Guess it's just going to have to cost them a LOT in civil suits and class actions to get them to see the light of integrity.

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Created: 01/11/10


I can;t believe a company like Microsoft would even put their name on this piece od junk. Any company that would build a game console with 2 'HOT' running processors and not design the cabinet to accomdate enough internal fans to keep the air flowing over the processors is insane.

For a company to have such poor quality the processor heats caused the processors to actually 'de-solder' themselves from the mohter board is a disgrace.


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Created: 11/20/10

xbox 360 halo edition

When one is purchasing the Xbox360 be warned that there is a problem with the xbox that if you're not technologically savy you won't know. The "Ring of Death" is a common problem with the xbox. There is a web site on the internet that claims they can guide you through repairing it at a minimal cost compared to sending it back to the manufacturer for the same repair. It has something to do with the xbox overheating. Learn from my mistake and make sure your seller doesnt send you a "ring of death" if you're purchasing a used system. I never got to play it to give it a review.

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Created: 08/24/09

damage Microsoft Xbox 360 - Game console - 20 GB

this seller sales damage xbox consel or any game system you want to buy beware dont buy a any game system my Microsoft Xbox 360 - Game console - 20 GB i buy from this seller workd for 2 days then it stop working and specialy it was a birthday gift for my brother he told his best gift and in 2 days it stop working thing you buy a gift its not working beware i dont want to hapend the same to you imagin how i fell now am goin have to fix it at wat ever cost me thank you for looking and beware of this seller

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Created: 01/21/11

Dont Buy Xbox's off Ebay

Recently i bought 4 xbox 360's off ebay. your probelly wondering why did i buy four off them. its because all four off them were broken. every xbox 360 i have bought off ebay has been broken. they all have the same problem, for some reason the tv wont load the screen. so the xbox turns on but the screen stays black. at first i thought it might just be the tv. but i tested all four xbox's on 3 different tv's. luckly i was able to return the xbox's i bought and get a refund. so if you are going to buy an xbox 360 off ebay make sure you can return it for your money back...

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Created: 03/24/10

I wouldn't know because I never got it

I wouldn't know because I never got it. Darkhammer84 tried to rob me. This review wants 100 characters so I keep having to type bullcrap until it finally accepts and leaves me alone.

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Created: 02/02/10

Nintendo Game Cube

Wanted to play old games no longer available. The game cube would not work. The hand controller did not work either, the thumb control was broken.

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Created: 10/18/10

Microsoft Xbox 360 Custom smoked mod

Bought the product to use as a Media Extender for Windows Media Center . Worked fine for a few weeks then started showing the RROD error.

It was good while it was working.

In the future I will purchase a new Xbox with a longterm warranty. Had a bad experience with this box which was suppose to be moded so the RROD would not be an issue.

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Created: 05/02/10

Failure to accurately describe the issues with this 360

You obviously had opened this Xbox and you knew enough to describe the supposed exact error code that it gives. So obviously you knew it had moisture damage and you should have notated that the motherboard had pop/water damage!!!! You also could have included that the disc drive does not work also. People know they are buying broken 360 consoles but you could at least be completely honest about what you are selling.

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 03/02/11

The xbox360 is a good system

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Halo 3 edition Xbox360 has a great look to it, plenty of storage space for the average gamer and as always the Xbox360 is very fun. I think the Xbox360 beats the ps3 and wii by far.

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