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Microsoft Xbox 360
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Created: 03/06/08


When I decided to join the next gen gaming world, I knew I would need an XBOX 360. Everything I had heard about the console, the achievement system (finally recognition for going that extra mile) and the Live network was positive, and in the opinionated world of gamers, that's a rare thing. The only problem reported was one of overheating, but if you allow the system plenty of breathing room like the manual says, you shouldn't have problems. DON'T TUCK ANY XBOX 360 INTO A CROWDED ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.*
Even before I activated my free month of XBOX Live Gold service, I found lots of cool things to do with Silver -- I downloaded video clips, rearranged my dashboard graphics numerous times and played over a dozen game demos. I toyed around with the thing for over a week before even opening the disc tray!
Since I was entering the "revolution" late, I decided to get a special system. Halo 3 was just launched and since I like to avoid crowds, I waited to pick up the Special Edition System -- a little too late, as all the local copies disappeared around Christmas (especially embarrassing considering I work for a Videogame retailer). Luckily I found a few on eBay and pounced before these limited edition systems were all gone... again.
I have the Legendary Edition Halo 3 Game which comes with a game holder in the shape of Master Chief's helmet, so this Special Edition Console fits the aesthetics of my Game Room. I could have easily bought the equivalent Pro System and added the bundled accessories separately, but if I couldn't get one of these I would have waited for an Elite to become available for its larger Hard Drive and included HDMI cable (I'm planning to go Hi-Def with a projector also). Although I'm usually not one to go for form over function, I'm happy with the compromise.

P.S. I was also pleased to find that the wireless controller comes with a rechargeable battery pack AND a unit that accepts AA batteries. Wasn't expecting that.
Oh, and while vertical positioning looks cool, there exists a very real possibility that a vertically spinning disc could tilt inside the tray and become damaged. It's best to put it on its side like a DVD Player.

* I saw a major network news report online that pointed out this "flaw" and they interviewed a pair of gamers who had sent their XBOX 360 back to Microsoft multiple times due to overheating. They even purchased a second one to use while the first was being replaced/repaired. The cameraman zoomed in on the tight bookshelf they were keeping their game system in and I was shocked when no one said "No wonder! That thing has ventilation holes for a reason, you know." They relly missed an opportunity to provide a public service there.

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Created: 02/26/09

Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition


-Cool Green Halo 3 Theme Xbox 360 w/ Matching Controller
-HD Gaming
-So Many Games For This Console
-Xbox Live Takes Each Game Online To Another Level!


-Most Console's If Not All Now A Days Are "Wi-Fi" Built In
-Pricey Network adapter
-Having To Pay For Xbox Live Experience
-Most Console's Get RRoD "Red Ring Of Death"
-Console's Very Noisey Fan System

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Created: 01/06/11

Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition

I have had this unit for some three years and it only red ringed once a year after it was purchased. it has run very good since it was returned and i have had no difficulties. i purchased it shortly after halo 3 came out simply because i wanted a 360, and i am a halo fan. the 20 gig hard drive is fairly small compared to my new halo reach system's. if you keep all of the vents clear and allow ample room for exhaust, you should have no problems. all in all i give it a 4 star rating due to the rrod in 2008.

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Created: 07/29/09

Love the look but needs bigger hard drive.

This is a really nice looking Xbox. If you are a Halo fan, then this is a good choice for you. The only complaint is that the hard drive is only a 20gb. I love the fact that the HDMI port does not cover up the Video port like the original elites. They did a good job making this unit with all the features (minus the hard drive size) of the better Xbox with a nice, stylish look.

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Created: 10/02/09

Greatness in a box!

I purchased this used Halo 3 edition xbox 360 as a replacement for my original one. The unit I am replacing is a first generation model that has gone through 3 RRD errors and is now refusing to open and shut the disc tray and very often refuses to power on or off properly. Normally if a product had this many errors I would abandon ship but I love Microsoft's Xbox 360. Amazing games, great graphics, and as a bonus, a great multimedia center. Streaming Netflix over my 360 is one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread.

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Created: 08/05/10

great looking console, wireless controllers are okay

The console looks great and plays great. I had some trouble with the wireless controllers because of the batteries. I think I'll buy a charging kit so as not to spend a ton of money on batteries.

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Created: 12/10/10

Game Cube

Quite the under rated console. It didn't really have a very long run but it's still a whole lot better than the Wii. Mostly I picked it up for the Resident Evil ports. They had much better graphics on the cube than any of the previous systems.

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Created: 03/11/09

Good System

Xbox 360 has a great platform for both single player and online multiplayer gameplay. The additional Xbox Live content makes this a great system to own. Plenty of games to choose from and the graphics are really good. For the price, selection of games, and online gameplay the Xbox is a great choice.

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Created: 04/01/09

Xbox 360 - 20GB

-Great graphics right out of the box (comes with HD component cables)
-Great selection of games
-Decent price
-Best gaming controller

-Paid subscription for Xbox Live service
-20 GB might be too small of a hard drive for hardcore gamers (I'm fine with it)
-Be careful of the RROD error (I bought a case fan)

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Created: 05/14/10


Good game system. Has it's problems but Microsoft fixes it for free no questions asked. Just be sure to keep in a well ventilated area.

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