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Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite
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Created: 06/18/09

Xbox360 sucks especially if you buy it off Ebay

XBOX360 is good for 1 thing it over heats and gets the rrod (red ring of death) I recently bought one of these products off of Ebay and they described it completely wrong next time they should do there homework first off they told me it was and xbox 360 elite with hdmi but it was not it was just a regular console black as it may be it just had hdmi input. second they said it had a ben-Q dvd drive but also it did not it had a normal hitachi-LG drive so the product that they sent me was completely wrong and also as soon as it got here guess what it gave me the rrod so yea dont spend your mone on an xbox 360 off of ebay next thing you know it probably will get the rrod or the item was completely wrong and you never know if there passing off a broken xbox 360 rrod and they sold it not described as broken because they did the towel trick to fix it for a while just enought time for them to sell it with out a problem and for those of you who dont know about the towel trick simple you just rap a towel over your xbox 360 and wait for it to overheat thus making it go into recovery mode and fixing your xbox for a while a week tops this fix is completely ridiculous because in the end it completely ruins your xbox with time. So yea this product is worthless for a gaming system you should turn to Ps3 because they mad that hunk of junk so big instead of making it like microsoft who cut there products fan in half just to make room for the dvd player. When will they create a product that is not prone to self destruction jeez microsoft. Stop competing and start working on customer care lol only but the truth.

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Created: 03/01/09

What a piece of Junk!!!

Xbox live is great, better than playstation. Microsoft could do some work on there servers because they tend to get overloaded and the connection lags sometimes. Besides that the console is a joke. I have had a premium and two xbox elites, all three have broken. I don't believe its true hd because it doesnt have a built in hd-dvd or blu-ray player. You have to buy a wireless adapter to use wifi for the internet 100 dollars. And you have to pay for xbox live. Ive had the cd drive quit reading games and dvds. My first elite had the red ring of death error, and my most recent xbox will not pickup any wireless device anymore. My opinion of xbox is that there a joke and when the next generation of xbox's and and playstations are release this will be one microsoft owner that will gladly buy playstation because xbox just plan sucks.

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Created: 04/17/09

XBOX 360


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Created: 05/16/09

This XBOX 360 Elite Falcon Chip 120 GB Sucks, big time.

Update: Returned the XBOX 360 and got a replacement which lasted a week and returned that one and was told I was going to get a refund. I never got a refund and never got back the unit that I returned. I'm suing.

I had some issues about buying an XBOX 360 through Ebay, but after thorough reviews and customer reviews like this one I decided to take the plunge. I am now bathing in Xbox 360 Elite Falcon Chip 120GB Black Ecstasy. It took 3 Days to get to my house and I was so surprised by the response time when I asked about tracking, they answered fast and in 2 days after I asked it was here. The System Worked right off the box. All the Cables were in place and everything was clean. There was a bit light smell of smoke from cigarette used around the system, but the system was clean and after two days in my smoke free living room the smell went away, it was probably the box that absorbed the smoke. Maybe the UPS Guy was a on the job smoker.

I plugged it in put my Xbox Live Profile and bam I was online. I started to Download Demos like Crazy and they all Worked, I love Call of Duty World at War. I then decided to link my New Xbox 360 to my router to the PC and used the sharing on Windows Media Player. You dont need a Windows Media Center PC to do this. After a little configuration and choosing which folders to share, I was streaming my Music, Videos, and Pictures to my TV. WOW this is Amazing. It all worked and when I wanted to watch my Divx movies the Xbox 360 went online and downloaded the patch to make Divx, MP4, Xvid and many other Codecs play. Now I just turn my Xbox 360 on go to Videos and I can play them all. Even read both my external drives. Now I'm gonna go buy a 2TB External Drive put all the Divx movies I burned onto disk then deleted from my PC way back, and put them back to the External Drive to be able to see all my movies at the drop of a dime.

This Xbox 360 Elite Console is Great and The people who Sold it to me did a great job cleaning and doing whatever else they did to make it run so fast. I haven't yet tried to play any games through the DVD Rom yet due to playing to many demo and forgetting to buy one, but I will do that this week and hopefully it works. CDs and DVDs work fine.

Thanks Again Guys

UPDATE: Bought Gold Membership.
Bought Call of Duty: World at War and been playing like crazy online and its soo smooth.
Activated Netflix and been watching the old episodes of the Munsters and many movies. So fast.................

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Created: 01/01/11

Horrible Condition

I just got this game item for my brother for Christmas just to find that he could not even use it....This not only made me feel bad....but also cheap an cheated...My friend said thats what i get for buying on eBay...But i really think it shouldn't be that way...you should be able to trust and believe in people ...This is not my first purchase but it very well may be my last.

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Created: 12/23/12

suckey product performance

No, I would not recommend this product.

I bought this product as a xmas gift for my son. I was told it was used.. I didn't know it had to have a drive and cooling fan installed. I was refered by the selller to fix the problem. They didn't answer. Had the drive put in and it still didn't work. I was told to sell it back or return it and pay s& h. My sons xmas was almost ruined cause of a broken game. My experience was horrible and I will never purchase on ebay again. I wasted money for a xbox 360 that didn't work. Always buy new.

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Created: 03/25/10

Xbox Elite

The first one was sent out not working. It would not read so it would not play games. The second one the back was cracked in several places and the hard drive did not fit correctly as the back was cracked. I was disappointed in this purchase. It was an old model, I had to go down and find an older power supply to go with it. The cracked one works, but with all I paid I should have just gotten a new one. I noticed a lot of non working ones on ebay which leads me to believe they are not made well in the first place.

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Created: 04/07/10


This was such a trick...I should have known it was too good to be true..but fell for it anyway-his intro is very misleading and this guy, in my opinion should not be allowed to advertise on ebay!! Guys like this would make ebay go out of business!!

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Created: 01/12/09

Techmia's refurbished xbox 360

I really thought this would be more fun than it turned out to be.The xbox 360 I got-a refurbished unit from Techmia-worked well for about a day.Now on a good day it will work after only a few attempts to turn it on.It's not a power problem,the icon always lights up,but often all I get is the xbox logo on the screen.Sometimes the logo disappears and the screen just goes black.Nothing else happens.Other times it gives a red light with an error code or says the disc isn't playable-even for games that it had played for hours the day before.Eventually it plays the "unreadable disc" anyway.I don't know why.
Anyway,since it has a 60-day guarantee,I thought I would just get Techmia to make good on it.Problem #1-the web address provided only went to a generic xbox site.I couldn't find the warranty link the reciept listed.#2-On the Techmia site I clicked the "contact us" option and nothing ever happened.So now I'm stuck with a $300.00 paperweight.I rate this unit as "poor".

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Created: 11/03/09

The Most Over Rated System Ever

When the 360 came out everyone thought that it was the greatest thing since MP3s, until about a week after opening the box when it stopped working. The RROD is the biggest problem in video game history. There are some great games for the 360 but after going through six consoles I have finally called it quits. After my last one I finally bought a PS3 instead. I have had no problems yet. All in all the 360 is a great console but I still own my original NES that still works after 15 years, and my 2 month old 360 is DEAD. I think that says it all.

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