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Microsoft Xbox 360
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Created: 04/13/08

**Awesome Halo 3 In-Depth Review**

The Xbox 360 is all about High Definition (HD). All games designed for the Xbox360 are required to be developed for 720p and 1080i resolutions. They are also optimized for 16:9 widescreen formatted displays. This doesn’t mean that you absolutely need an HDTV to run the Xbox 360, although your games and multimedia will look far better if you do have one.
Picture 022 (Small).jpg The Xbox 360 has a detachable 20GB hard drive component placed on top of the console. You don’t need the hard drive to play Xbox 360 games but you won’t be able to save content onto your console without one. You also won’t be able to play legacy Xbox games on the 360 console without the hard drive since software emulators need to be downloaded to support the legacy games.

The console has three USB ports designed to allow you to easily connect a wide range of accessories and devices including portable music players. This currently includes the Apple iPod and the Sony PSP – at least until either company decides to not make the devices compatible with the 360. What this means is – you can stream music and photos from these portable devices directly to your 360 via the USB port.

The flavors of Xbox 360

Initially, the Xbox 360 will come in two different packages - the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 Core System. The Core system is exactly that – what you need at a bare minimum to enjoy the Xbox 360 console (or so they say!). This includes:
# Console
# Wired Controller
# Composite AV Cable

The Xbox 360 package (otherwise known as the Premium package by some) comes with:
# Console with Chrome Finish
# Hard Drive
# Wireless Controller
# Xbox Live headset
# Component HD AV Cable
# Ethernet Cable

Initially, the Xbox 360 package will also include a media remote control which is ok at best but not the ideal solution for a full blown home theater setup.

Which package should you purchase? If you do the math on the costs of the extra components, the Xbox360 package is the clear winner. If you even want to even consider playing any of the original Xbox games, you’ll need the hard drive which means you might as well go for the Xbox 360 package. I could see the core system being an option if you want a second or third 360 system at home for networked environments or for streaming content from one room to another. More on this later on.

A look at the 360
We’ll focus the rest of the review on the Xbox 360 package. It’s important to note that the package reviewed here was actually purchased at the Zero Hour event. These packages included a media remote control which is available for only a limited time apparently. #

Setting up the Xbox 360
The Xbox360 setup is very straight forward although the documentation is unfortunately skimpy. If you’re familiar with electronics then installing the 360 will be a cinch otherwise it might take you some time.

Installing the 360 involves the following steps:
# Connect the AV cable from the Xbox 360 to your television set or to your A/V receiver
# Connect the Ethernet cable to the Xbox 360
# Connect the power supply to the Xbox 360
# Press power and off you go

There are a couple of things to note. If you have an HDTV, you’ll need to flip a switch on the AV cable that switches the display ratio format from 4:3 to 16:9 otherwise you’ll only see 4:3 ratios on your widescreen display. This seems a bit old school but OK.
Overall Rating- 10 out of 10

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Created: 03/06/08


When I decided to join the next gen gaming world, I knew I would need an XBOX 360. Everything I had heard about the console, the achievement system (finally recognition for going that extra mile) and the Live network was positive, and in the opinionated world of gamers, that's a rare thing. The only problem reported was one of overheating, but if you allow the system plenty of breathing room like the manual says, you shouldn't have problems. DON'T TUCK ANY XBOX 360 INTO A CROWDED ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.*
Even before I activated my free month of XBOX Live Gold service, I found lots of cool things to do with Silver -- I downloaded video clips, rearranged my dashboard graphics numerous times and played over a dozen game demos. I toyed around with the thing for over a week before even opening the disc tray!
Since I was entering the "revolution" late, I decided to get a special system. Halo 3 was just launched and since I like to avoid crowds, I waited to pick up the Special Edition System -- a little too late, as all the local copies disappeared around Christmas (especially embarrassing considering I work for a Videogame retailer). Luckily I found a few on eBay and pounced before these limited edition systems were all gone... again.
I have the Legendary Edition Halo 3 Game which comes with a game holder in the shape of Master Chief's helmet, so this Special Edition Console fits the aesthetics of my Game Room. I could have easily bought the equivalent Pro System and added the bundled accessories separately, but if I couldn't get one of these I would have waited for an Elite to become available for its larger Hard Drive and included HDMI cable (I'm planning to go Hi-Def with a projector also). Although I'm usually not one to go for form over function, I'm happy with the compromise.

P.S. I was also pleased to find that the wireless controller comes with a rechargeable battery pack AND a unit that accepts AA batteries. Wasn't expecting that.
Oh, and while vertical positioning looks cool, there exists a very real possibility that a vertically spinning disc could tilt inside the tray and become damaged. It's best to put it on its side like a DVD Player.

* I saw a major network news report online that pointed out this "flaw" and they interviewed a pair of gamers who had sent their XBOX 360 back to Microsoft multiple times due to overheating. They even purchased a second one to use while the first was being replaced/repaired. The cameraman zoomed in on the tight bookshelf they were keeping their game system in and I was shocked when no one said "No wonder! That thing has ventilation holes for a reason, you know." They relly missed an opportunity to provide a public service there.

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Created: 01/10/09

Very good collectors item

I don't know if you got one yet but for $200 bidded they might be sold out. OK The first thing I needed was the Xtra controller. Then I still couldn't connect it to the internet cause my computer is upstairs and my TV downstairs. So it's time to update to WiFi Did my homework here to, NETGEAR WNDR3300 same one Starbucks uses and its got a flashing big blue light for showing transfer really cool. Then you need a Xbox360 wireless adaptor for $100 more. Then your connected. Now if you got Netflix and Vista with Media center you can also watch HD movies without blueray. By loading them on your 20Gb harddrive you will finally be enlightened to uses and how SDHC card slots are what you should be looking for. And you can watch Nexflix movies to. Then my friend comes over and says it cost $50 year for Xbox360 Gold. So We go online and sign up for a one month free trail and we got this Game called Call of Duty 4 so we push it in and click the box that says live then click the box that says free for all. Seem like that's the level where you have to start as a private in COD4 live. And everyone on free for all is some kind of capt of high ranking players and kicked our ass. It's like they should be playing the 20 other higher levels I can't play yet but instead they must stay here and pick on any private they see. So as soon as the game loaded they shoot me in the back over and over. Other words we could never enter the game at this time. And I tell you this because I don't really suck that bad when I play off line. My friend also agreed they play this game all day long every day. And I was playing with people from all over the world to. That's about it except the Xbox360 has a super new loud fan that unless you have a Reciever to plug into first and crank it up to about 10 Db's your going to hear the fan. But we been playing it all day to and have it set up vertical and no heat what so ever off the grill with the super fan . But since it's used I can see it was laid flat and books and magazines stacked on it cause that's what you do with something flat and then the fan grill is blocked.I can tell cause the fan grill paint is burned some. So you send it back cause it's junk and I buy it. I almost forgot Xbox games. You can not play Xbox games except two Halo and ? But to play the other Xbox games on Xbox360 you must have Xbox live even if the website says you can download upgrade on a CD and put in your Xbox360 you can't. You must have Xbox live. Then you just put in the Xbox Game that also has to be on the Xbox list on their website, Like Soldier of fortune will not work what ever you do or any game that's not on that list. See I found the hard way with SOF. Just put the Xbox game in the Xbox360 and a window comes up that up must update the software or discontinue, and you update in a few seconds you have a new enhanced 3D Xbox game. And it's free. Before I go I'd like to say Halo 3 is not as much fun as COD4 as far as offline, really easy game. But maybe I can enter the game unlike COD4 on LIVE, haven't tried that yet. sure that's got to be more fun then having Leeroy Jenkins on South Park keep killing you when everytime the game loads. I can only believe world of warcraft is the same. You have to see South park world of warcraft eposide to know how funny these guys really are. Another thing to. The game will reload if you take the batteries out of controller when they are dead. So get the recharger you plug into Xbox360 to.

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Created: 12/26/07

COMSUMER ALERT: Please read BEFORE you buy!

True to form, Microsoft has once again released a product without adequately testing and debugging, resulting in rivers of complaints and oceans of disappointed buyers. You'd think Microsoft would give a crud by now that they have a reputation for releasing products that haven't been fully tested and cannot be trusted until the second or third generation of the product. So it is with the X-Box 360.

Remember when Microsoft was promising us all that the X-Box would be the "last game system" we'd ever buy (because it was supposed to be fully-upgradeable, with a company plan to release upgrades and updates rather than new systems). So much for their reputation on that front, too.

WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU INVEST IN THIS SYSTEM is that there are already numerous class actions suits against Microsoft for this product. eBay regulations prohibit me from posting links to the various articles, but all you need to do is Google "class action microsoft x-box" for a very enlightening look at how MUCH is wrong with this system ... and that Microsoft was fully-aware of the potentially fatal (to the system) flaws when they released it to the marketplace.

I was really looking forward to this system, and especially Halo 3. Save yourself a lot of pain down the road and invest in another system ... unless you have the money to throw away on a system that is fatally flawed.

Wish Bill Gates and his crew would grow some scruples and worry more about delivering quality than delivering by deadline. Guess it's just going to have to cost them a LOT in civil suits and class actions to get them to see the light of integrity.

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Created: 01/30/10

Halo Special edition xbox 360

What a bargain only found on Ebay. I got a $400 special edition halo 3 xbox 360 for a fraction of that price. It has all the bell and whistles of the new elite version without the retail price. All I had to do was plug in to my tv set and get some games. The hard drive is good enough to start out. In the long run it will have to be upgrade for more game downloads. If you are a Halo fan you will love it. Mine did not come with the game but that was okay with me. I already had the halo series. It just has a nice fresh look to it. The drive and the face and the controller will stand out. They all do not have that white xbox 360 that your friends might have. Overall this was a great find. I would have gotten an arcade edition at this price.

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Feature ratings

  • Ease of use
  • Game selection
  • Value for money
Created: 09/02/13

Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition 20 GB Green & Gold Console (NTSC)

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Ebay's canned description of this model, states that internet connection is wireless. This is not true, you need a wireless adapter to connect to the internet. They range in price from used 20 bucks to more than 50 for new. Purchased used, works, but disappointed that it is not wireless for internet connectivity.

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Created: 02/26/09

Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition


-Cool Green Halo 3 Theme Xbox 360 w/ Matching Controller
-HD Gaming
-So Many Games For This Console
-Xbox Live Takes Each Game Online To Another Level!


-Most Console's If Not All Now A Days Are "Wi-Fi" Built In
-Pricey Network adapter
-Having To Pay For Xbox Live Experience
-Most Console's Get RRoD "Red Ring Of Death"
-Console's Very Noisey Fan System

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Created: 03/13/09

An elite in disguise

I love the color a nice change from black and white. This item has the same guts, dvd drive, motherboard with hdmi as the elite at a fraction of the cost. I simply purchased a 120gb hard drive from a new elite, removed the four tiny screws that holds the hard drive shell and swapped the halo3 shell and poof an elite console with a cool green with gold trim appeal. I also did the x clamp fix, upgraded to artic silver5 and added a 12v internal fan to prevent any overheating problems associated with these products. What good is a factory original special edition with red rings or one your affraid to play for any amount of time. Buy one of these you will not be disappointed.

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Created: 03/11/08

Halo system Great BUT is it?

When you buy the halo xbox 360 make sure you have the seller check the POWER WATTS ON The POWER BRICK what your looking for is 175 watts instead of 203 watts... The new models with the NEW MICROSOFT chips will not crash.. (Red Light of Death) if you get one with a wattage of 203 it is a bad xbox 360.. (Or Could BE BAD) but they have a new 3 yr warranty with it so .. I guess its strikes and gutters.. but the DOWN LOW IS LOOK FOR A SYSTEM WITH THE FALCON CHIP (175 WATTS) in august they will have a newer system called the jasper.. which is suppose not to even think about crashing!
Any Questions just hit me up thanks

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Created: 01/06/11

Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition

I have had this unit for some three years and it only red ringed once a year after it was purchased. it has run very good since it was returned and i have had no difficulties. i purchased it shortly after halo 3 came out simply because i wanted a 360, and i am a halo fan. the 20 gig hard drive is fairly small compared to my new halo reach system's. if you keep all of the vents clear and allow ample room for exhaust, you should have no problems. all in all i give it a 4 star rating due to the rrod in 2008.

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