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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption  (Wii, 2007)
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Created: 12/16/09

Screwy Controls,

While retaining the great score and gameplay mechanics of the first two Prime titles, the latest release in the series suffers from a few different issues. The largest problem is the control scheme. Looking to capitalize on the sensation that is the Wii's motion capabilities you aim and shoot your way through the game using the wiimote while moving with the nunchuk. To turn you must move your reticule to the edges of the screen while to activate objects you may have to turn your wrist and move your hand away or towards the screen. While at first you may feel this is a fun, new way to play Metroid it quickly becomes a problem. Because Metroid has always been more of a platformer then a true first person shooter you must interact with the enviroment quite a bit, and when you do not have reliable controls a simple task suddenly becomes quite difficult. On top of this, this game is no where near as polished as most current games or even it's predecessors. It has simply been toned downed so the Wii can deal with it - a trend that seems to plague all of the system's titles but a few.

Overall I believe any fan of the Metroid series should pick this game up given it's low cost, but do not be too expectant.

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Created: 11/09/07

Very Confusing

I do like Metroid, I think the SNES Metroid is amazing. I tried this one with high expectations and I guess I can say I was a little let down. I am not ripping this game to shreds I am just saying, this game without a walkthrough or strategy guide would be very confusing and complicating. They made this game look so advanced its almost hard to comprehend and play, if a younger child had this game they would struggle.
I think the graphics are very good for wii and the upgrades, weapons and how you use your ship is different and cool. I just wish it wasn't so complicating at times. I would feel myself going online trying to figure out where I am and what I have to do.
Overall I gave this game a 3 out 5 but this is my opinion. This has the possibility to be a favorite game for lots of people so give it a shot, don't let me saying its confusing ruin the excitement!!


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Created: 02/04/11

Ok...title kinda boring

THis is getting an average rating because the game is slightly boring. When playing there was not a whole lot to look at and it was not full of action. A little fun to play at first.

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Created: 08/06/10

Games is alright

The game is like a better version of the 2nd one, therefore, if you like the 2nd you'll like this one...

The use of the wii mote is innovative yet annoying ... at times I find it way to sensitive and other times unresponsive.. hopefully the other M will be better.

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Created: 10/10/10

it is a fun game

This game is ok, I bought because of its price for the Wii. ------------------------------​------________________________​++++++++++++++++++++++++==

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Created: 05/30/08

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (wii)

I would rate this game as just O.K. I am only part way though but I find it a bit tedious and uninspiring. The game has no soul!! The reason I bought it is because most of the reviews were very good. You simply go here and there running Aron's and blowing stuff up, O.K. if that`s what your into. For me it`s way to cold and metallic to enjoy. I recently finished the latest Zelda saga and enjoyed it very much. Some of the reviews compared the two as being in the same class so I am a little disappointed.

Doug Arrant- Prince of Whales, Alaska

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