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Mega Man X (Nintendo SNES, 1993)
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Created: 01/17/09

One of the Best in the Series

Mega Man X is one of the best Mega Man titles to date. Mega Man X plays pretty much the same way as all the previous Mega Man games, but it adds some extra features that make it much more notable.

In Mega Man X you go through a series of themed levels (airport, harbor, water-tower, mine, etc.) with the goal of defeating the boss at the end of each one. After you defeat the boss, you gain one of their powers. For example; beating the boss of the ice level lets you shoot out ice. Each boss also has a weakness which, for the most part, is not that easy to determine. Another interesting things is that after you beat a certain level, something may change in another level. For example; beating one level will cause the water level in another one to lower, giving you access to a power-up.

All of this seems pretty basic but while you are traversing the levels, you are doing more then just killing enemies. There are several power-ups hidden in each level. Some of them increase your life gauge while others are tanks that you fill-up with energy to refill your life during boss battles (called sub-tanks). Dr. Light (Mega Man's creator) has also hidden "capsules" throughout the levels which give Mega Man special abilities or upgrades. One such ability is Mega Man's dash ability as well as armor that reduces the damage you take. The capsules, and other power-ups are usually hidden and require a little bit of skill to get to.

Mega Man X is also very well made; the graphics are great, even by today's standards. All of the levels feature great music, probably the best in the series. Most of the levels and the bosses offer a fair challenge, especially if you can't determine their weakness. After playing through the game several times, it becomes extremely easy. The last few bosses are pretty challenging, and the last boss is very tough. Capcom was also nice enough to include a password feature so you don't have to beat the entire game in one sitting.

Mega Man X is a great Super Nintendo action game and I would highly recommend it to anyone who owns a Super Nintendo. I would also recommend to anyone who has a Wii or a Gamecube, that they buy the Mega Man X Collection for Gamecube.

- Great SNES action game.
- New power-ups to find
- Good music.
- Fairly challenging.

- None

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Created: 10/15/13

An innovative re-boot to an already legendary series.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Mega man X was one of my favorate games growing up in the 90s. It was so addictive and innovative that I would spend many hours a day playing it.

When I first heard of the secret 'hadoken' upgrade it blew my mind. To obtain it you must first defeat all level bosses, obtain all armour upgrades, heart tanks, sub-tanks, have all 4 sub-tanks full, and have full health. Now go to armored armildilo's stage and near the end of the stage when riding the pink mine cart over the waterfall you must make a leap of faith (dash jump) and cling to and climb the rock wall. You will come to a ledge and room that once contained nothing; but now you have unlocked the hadoken upgrade by fullfilling the above listed tasks. Once you jump in the upgrade tank you can henceforth perform the hadoken by using the classic hadoken motion: quartercircle down to forward on the d-pad then press Y.

(NOTE: you can only preform this move at full health)

So, coming back to the game; I would give it 5 stars. Challenging gameplay, memorable characters, top notch soundtrack, and a gripping story of overcoming shortcomings through having a warrior's spirit with limitless potential.

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Created: 07/01/09

An amazing re-birth on the SNES

Megaman has always been a greatly loved icon on the Nintendo. He's had his ups and downs though, After Megaman 3 the series really started to go downhill. Way back in 1994 Nintendo finally decided to release a new Megaman on the Super Nintendo. But even after all these years, everything about this game is still fantastic: The graphics, the gameplay, the secrets, the music, replayability. Megaman X was the first Megaman game to have effecting relationships of each stage. What I mean by that is defeating the boss of one stage would affect how other stages would be, usually defeating one boss would make one stage easier, and not just by acquiring his weaponry. This unique dynamic made Megaman X a truly classic and unique gameplay experience. That being said I must say this is where the series began to be notoriously difficult. It won't make you pull your hair out like the last stages in Megaman X3, but it will serve as a tough challenge, especially since the password system is only enough to get you to the first of the very last stages. I highly recommend you either try to finish it all at once or leave your system on to continue later. Anyway, Megaman X is fun, and is a must own on the SNES.

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Created: 07/25/08

best game of the year SSS rank =)

best game i play ever still have gameplay is about the same as classic megaman
plus new powers 4 new armors made from the famus dr.light plus ryu ability fallball =)

world best game review of year

one of the awesome game of the year fun to play if your inrested in this game i got say well u just can't get enough of this & take my word for it this game is awesome to play if your gamer & u don't what to play this is it i recommend on this game it so worth playing 10 out 10 perfect
plus beleave gamers i got the worlds greatest to the worst & take from me i just love even the world dumdest game could be awesome on my book to graphic well don't see the problem with but all i can is a job well done sound hmmmm i hear just it perfecly the music i think i love videogame music i just can't get enough of it & the gameplay well as u see its like i all ready knew how to play when i got it at the store ready if u don't beleave what i say then take look at the game 4 yourself if u don't like it then don't play it plus the video game company work hard everyday to make it just the way we want game to be made u did me proud game comanys u win my vote

Graphic 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 10/10
Music 10/10

In other just an awesome game of the year 0_0 ;D :/

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Created: 08/02/06

Mega Man Evolves

Up until this games release, Mega Man had been pretty much the same game with slightly different bosses each time. This wasn't a bad thing, but after a while it just felt like you were running up the same hill over and over.

Mega Man X followed roughly the same pattern, but it finally added something new to spice up the mix. Real, Honest to goodness upgrades, that weren't a bosses weapon. Sure you still got whatever weapon the boss you just defeated used, but upon closer inspection and probably a little back tracking, you found upgrades to X himself.

That's right, in Mega Man X he is Called X, and he can upgrade his buster(gun), his boots, his helmet, and his armor. The gun upgrade gives a new level of weapon charge, the boots give a dash move, the helmet lets him break certain walls/ceilings, and his armor lowers damage received.

It seems like a simple addition, but with improved graphics and play mechanics, this was a fresh new take on the Mega Man franchise.

It can now be found in the Mega Man X Collection, available on current generation consoles, but nothing quite feels the same as playing it with a good ol' SNES controller. It is my favorite Mega Man besides Mega Man 2, and would be a great addition to anyones game library.

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Created: 11/29/07

One of the best Mega Mans ever

This Mega Man is great for how long ago they made this game. I can play this one over and over a fews times a year(and I can NOT say that about many other games from this date). If you are looking for a GREAT blast from the past at not a bad price try this baby out.

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Created: 01/21/12

Awesome game that is a must play if you own an SNES!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Awesome game! One of the best games available for the SNES, and first of a long running series of more then 8 titles to date.

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Created: 11/09/07

Mega Man's the MAN!

This is one of my favorite mega man games out of all of them because I feel the NES games (though classic) I feel lack that sense of excitement because some mega man doesn't charge and some he doesn't slide. The other mega mans for PS2 and such you have such elaborate systems on where you can be zero and different types of power ups, I feel it gets to complicated for me!! This mega man he has an upgrade for every part of his body and it makes the game interesting, trying to look for every power up. The boss levels are all a good size and the boss fights themselves are engaging depending on your tactics to defeating them. Final Boss levels and fight is rather difficult and thats what I like about this game, its not easy to beat, you have to put time into this game in order to beat it.

Please try this game at least once and I am sure you will like it very much!! Try for the secret also on Armadillo's level, (BEST POWERUP IN THE GAME) =)

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Created: 11/28/06

One of the best SNES games ever

Next to Super Mario World it's probably the best SNES game I've ever played. It was a huge step up from the pre-X Mega Man games, which were all good in their own right. The bosses are incredibly fun with diverse weapons. It's really tough to figure out who to defeat first, but there's not a single boring screen/boss in the game - Sting Chameleon, Chill Penguin, Boomer Kuwanger, Armored Armadillo - they're all a blast - and the music in the Storm Eagle area is a jam.

IMO, there are 3 bosses that are fairly beatable - but of course they have the most difficult worlds to maneuver through first. There are also a couple bosses that are extremely difficult to defeat - even using the correct weapon. After defeating the bosses, the final levels get even harder. Warning - by the end, this game gets incredibly difficult.

A truly classic video game!

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Created: 03/03/09

Capcom outdid themselves.

Often enough, Capcom will spew out multiple sequels to the same old games, and has been milking the same games for ages now. That's what makes MMX for the SNES so special. Although the gameplay was nearly the same as the previous megaman games, he is now in greater detail with even more power-ups and whatnot. Even though you couldn't duck until MMX6, this title introduced the X armor that would have multiple variations in the future. It's a "must have" title if you own a Super Nintendo.

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