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Created: 01/20/07

Ordinary Housewife Turns Medium!

I would highly recommend this show to everyone! It is down to earth, an everyday family life, well almost other than her powers of seeing dead people and her dreams! But I like it due to the down to earth tone in the show. You can relate to all the troubles with kids, and husbands and the normal everyday battles we all fight. And with the added bonus of her powers, it makes me awesome entertainment, something that the entire family can watch. Refreshing that it has no sexual content. I would recommend this to all! A great buy and no commercials!

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Created: 03/09/07

medium season 2

Product was received at an appropriate (if not excellent) span of time and the quality was superb. Satisfaction was guaranteed

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Created: 04/06/07

The Medium- Complete Second Season

If you like The Medium, you will love these DVD's.
If you're not familiar with the series, this is a great introduction.
The series the Medium is about a woman who works for the District attorney of a Police Department in Arizona. She helps find bodies, helps solve crimes and talks to dead people. The show is based on the true life of Alison Dubois (who the main character is named after)(see the note at the end of the show). If you talk to a true psychic you can see how the show stays very true to life and how they try to base their show on real life psychics and not fiction. This does add a base of reality to the show. You'll see Alison's struggles with uncertainty around this "gift" of hers; how it is not "cut-and-dried" that she understands the information she receives, or even is sure that the information is always correct. She is wrong sometimes. But she is right often enough that her loyal fans are always cheering her on to check out all her hunches, and also often enough for the district attorney to pay attention when she says something.
These shows also have a lot of humor in them. Alison's husband often has some of the show's best lines. They also are a lot about family. Alison has three daughters, of whom, at least two are following in her footsteps. There are close scenes with Alison and her husband in virtually every show. The support he gives her is encouraging; the frustration he sometimes feels is understandable.
This second season is better than the first, in that the characters have been well worked out, and they are all very comfortable in their roles. Alison is not so moody as she was in the first season, which is a relief. But the first season can be nice to view before these just for the story of how Alison came to work for the district attorney, how she gained his confidence and how she came to be friends with detective Scanlon, who she hated at first. It also shows her struggle of coming to terms with what she is. And the first season also has the beginning of the story with the texas rangers, which is quite entertaining.
STill, the second season in many ways is better than the first. It still keeps the humor going, the characters are more settled, and finally Alison is out of her depression and fighting crime like she believes she is meant to do.

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Created: 09/30/06

Well Done

I was not expecting to like this show. A seemly ordinary woman has some very strange experiences. Dead people often talk to her. She has dreams about the crime cases that she will be working on. I like the relationship with the husband. He is very science based in his thinking but he accepts and supports his wife. The daughter also have the gift. The show is supposed to be based on a real person. I am sure that dramatized for TV. It definitely is worth the time.

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Created: 11/22/06

Medium-The Second Season

I really like this seaied but I am not always able to watch it when it airs. Even the I don't alwys get around to watching. This way I get to see each show in the season with all of the commercials. I have the first season as well.

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Created: 12/06/06

Medium - The Complete Second Season

Medium is one of my favorite shows so seeing it without all the comercials makes it even better. I would recomend this show to anyone who is wanting good entertainment. Just in case you don't know, the people in this show are bassed on real people.

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Created: 01/01/07

The Best "Ghost" show on TV

The NBC series Medium is based on the true life of medium and spiritualist Allison Dubois. It is a well acted, well produced (Kelsey Grammer of Frazier Fame is the producer). Dubois is a wife and mother, coping with her rare gift of being able to see events as they happened and speak with the deceased. It is a believeable show, with Dubois facing all the issues of modern motherhood while coping with a husband who sometimes becomes frustrated and annoyed with her abilities but still ties to cope with her unique talents....all the while as she acts as a consultant for the District Attorneys Office in her hometown. Patricia Arquette is well cast as Allison Dubois, but is not nearly as pretty as the actual Allison Dubois. This series is much more believable than other shows that came after it such as Ghost Whisperer.

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Created: 01/19/08

The very first time I seen it I was hooked!

My mother in law kept asking me if I had seen the series yet. I had not untill the second season. I loved the relationship between the couple, they are equals and she doesn't make him look stupid. If you want to see an average couple doing extrordinary things this one is for you.

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Created: 02/23/08

Medium - The Complete Second Season (2006, DVD)

This series is based on a real live pshychic and is an amazing story. I love the characters and where the storyline is going with every episode.

Highly recommended

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Created: 05/21/08

Medium Rules!

I love this TV series "Medium". This is so addicting! Get ready to watch the entire season all at once because you wont want to wait to see the rest of the series later on! Its a must see. Every show makes you want to see more.

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