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Created: 10/23/10

Honestly, it is a Nightmare Gone Wrong

Have you ever noticed nearly every review put out first on eBay is always 5 stars and always reads like it comes from the same can or is by either some game magazine or people who "CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT?", yet pretend they know everything about it?

With me, you will get an honest review ....

The disc single player version is OK ... nothing exceptional but some great artwork. It is more "follow-the-leader" with very little independent movement of your avatar. In fact, it is so restrictive your avatar can not even climb over a low wall unless one of the A.I. team-mates climbs first and has to either give you a boost up or hand up...not very exciting.

Your avatar is stuck in very narrow corridors in which to move in both the on-line and single play versions. Single play this is more of a frustration than a real problem, but on-line it makes for a slaughter killing field. The script in single player is pretty much fixed with few surprises and the battles are really quite dull including a mindless ATV ride around the mountains to get away from the bad guys. I got the impression the creators stole a little bit of everything from previous games and nothing was really all that original.

On-line, WOW! Now, you have some serious problems AE is attempting to keep quiet. In fact, this game was so botched, in my opinion, I demanded a full refund and GOT IT even if the game had been played. In fact, EA seems to be pulling all of their "REFUND" forums to keep it down and negative poll results. I personally ran one with the question, "IS MOH so botched that a full refund should be demanded?", and in less than 12 hours it was pulled by AE. The last result I could see was 36% said YES! That is 4 in 10 players wanting a full refund. Other polls showed as high as 54% before they too were yanked. That should warn you about this game.

Here is the major problem with MOH on-line.

It is very laggy - especially in close quarters battle conditions in which you are slaughtered because the avatars appear and disappear like walking though a strobe-light.

There are a lot of cheats and auto-aim (aimbots) cheats in the game used mostly by the snipers to hide the fact they are cheating. Speaking of snipers -- THERE ARE A LOT AND THEY MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR THE PLAYER.

Spawn points... you have two, and the snipers and every type of artillery strike that can be called onto one is aimed for them making for a slaughter point. You can expect to be spawned killed a lot. Sometimes you can escape it when you have a choice of spawning on the "front" or in the "base" and taking the base, but that doesn't always work.

Weapons...look pistols and shotguns do not kill at 100 plus meter ranges, but they do here. The patch currently considered to make things equal is to reduce the killing power of the sniper ... You can shoot someone for a full magazine with an AK or M16, etc, and still be pistol shot a 100 meters away without killing the guy you shot. The killing power of the weapons need to be adjusted into realistic terms as an M16 is certainly more lethal than a 9mm handgun...

In short, EA dropped the ball, put out a very mediocre product that is more frustration than fun instead of a masterpiece it could have been.

Good luck, but I would pass on it if were I you.

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Created: 12/07/10

Fun, but seriously lacking compared to other games

The game is fun, but it has a lot of things that kind of suck. For example, you have to wait for your computer AI teammates to help you get up ledges and such and this causes you to have to wait for them to be ready. Also, there is a much more limited exploring area for this game. There is no jumping on walls and running around on top of buildings or even crawling to another area on a cliff that would give you a better view of the enemy.

My biggest problem is the having to get help to crawl up things. Example from one of the levels I played yesterday. I had to get lifted up to the top of a ledge because I guess it was too high for a person to get up on their own. So when I got up I turned to help him up figuring since it was impossible for me to do then it would be impossible for him to get up on his own. But I was wrong. He climbed up with no issues. Why couldn't I have done that!

Another thing that is ridiculous is that the computer AI teammates make you do everything. So much for having a team go out together! It is always, go do this... go do this... now do this... then do that. All the while the person sits back and provides cover fire which means that they leave you and don't shoot at all. Part of cover fire means firings your weapon!

I haven't played multiplayer so I won't mention anything about it.

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Created: 11/03/10


This is a tough one to review. It has tons of ups and downs. The weapons are very limited and have little to no recoil. You are not able to go prone...something that amazes me in a realistic game such as this...and other small bugs. But, on the plus it has great large scale battles. It is fun...but i dont think its a game that will really last. It would be a good second game, but doesnt hold the stamina as a primary.

UPDATE: a few months later and i dont even play it. I have a few other competing FPS games, but have zero interest in this game. Id give it a poor rating, but its not a completely terrible game...just not very good.

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Created: 11/07/10

Medal of Honor

This game lacks everything. Comparing the single player to COD4 or COD:MW2, the sound quality is weak. It's too quiet, lacking that "in your face" intensity you get from the other games, even Battlefield 2. The multi-player is terrible. too many funnel points on certain maps, spawn points are awful, resulting in a lot of sniping and camping. unrealistic damage when shooting another player. It takes a full magazine sometimes to kill someone. The only pros in the game are the large maps and large amount of players. Graphics are above average but not great. All that time spent developing it should have resulted in a totally awesome game. But this one was disappointing.

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Created: 10/23/10

This game sucks...

Online spawning is set up horribly wrong. Spawn killers all day every day. First person is good but not great. Wouldn't buy it if I where you.

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Created: 11/05/10

Poor video game!!!!

Simply not worth the price...History is waaaaay to short.... Multiplayer is not fun... Simply not what I expected... But sure that's my opinion.

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Created: 02/10/14

Good experience, good seller.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Medal of Honor: Limited Edition (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010)

I don't like the controls for this game or the new format in combat situations. I liked to old style where you took on the enemy all alone. Otherwise, it's an okay game.

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Created: 11/10/10

easy to win

this game took me 5 hrs to beat at the hardest level. all but 3 achievements can be gained by simply playing the game through. there is little replay value as a single player. i dont do online gaming, i cannot comment on the multigamer value.

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Created: 07/01/13

Not worth buying. Stick to Call of Duty franchise.

No, I would not recommend this product.

Not worth buying. Stick to Call of Duty franchise. Bought this for myself and honestly wasnt worth it. Damn shame I wasted money on this game. Oh well.

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Created: 06/13/11


No, I would not recommend this product.


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