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Mass Effect 2 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)
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Mass Eff...Mass Eff...Mass Eff...Mass Eff...

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Created: 07/02/13


No, I would not recommend this product.

Not much to it. You go in blasting anything that looks like the bad guys , which is nearly everybody other than you. Do what you need to do and leave. The things you shoot are all humanoid except for their faces. The places you go are all basically the same as far as the background. Just a different overlay. Walls and passageways. Doors into other rooms. Some bigger , some smaller. Shooting everything that is shooting at you. Go back to the ship. Get another assignment , which means you'll be shooting more aliens. Go to another similar space and start blasting away. No negotiation no subterfuge, just kill anything breathing. Their not kidding when they brand these shooter games. The future of space travel. Kill everything. Never got past the first three assignments and lost interest. Maybe it gets better. But I doubt it.

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Created: 03/12/10

Mass Effect 2

the shooting was too character intense I could not enjoy the game. The controls were awkward. The targeting sysytem required two or more simulainious control key functions I found it to be laborous. the graphics needed tweeking they were average to poor. I bought this game based on reviews, I will be more cautious in the future.

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Created: 10/11/10

Some players may like ..

A game for sci-fi stories fans. Excelent graphic, characters and perfect themes but in my opinion I found it boring, very long stories, much dialogue and short action..I thought this game had more action.

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Created: 05/28/10

Virus detected - got a refund

Norton says it found a very harmful virus. Seller claims it is just because the software is in a foreign language. At any rate, seller refunded my money and did not require me to return the disc so I was not harmed (unless my computer is still infected). Make sure you have good anti-virus software!

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Created: 10/21/15

expected more of a shooter than an RPG

it wouldn't be fair for me to review this game because I was looking for a shooter and kind of went based on the cover of the game. it look like a shooter I was wrong. Now I can't give it away I would like to give it away honestly it's my fault that I didn't read so I shouldn't make the retailer suffer for my lax investigation of the game

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