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Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)
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Created: 04/27/08

A Classic Is Reborn

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

Long have we been waiting for it, finally it's here: the latest installment of Mario Kart has just arrived for the Wii. And to just make it clear in the beginning: those who've liked the previous versions of Nintendo's top fun racer will also like the Wii version.

As it's been the case since the SNES version, characters from all around the Mario universe come together and make out the top driver among them. After creating your driver profile, choose your game mode, your favorite driver and vehicle and finally the race type. Now the fun starts - you'll steer your driver through different courses, collect items such as mushrooms, shells and bananas granting you the ability of quick turbos or to hit your enemies, beat your own track times or fight a big battle royale for balloons or coins alone or with friends.

The first thing you'll probably tackle in one-player mode are the Grand Prix races. One of these consists of four tracks with three laps each. Difficulty increases with increasing motor power, from 50 ccm to 150 ccm. While the 50 ccm cups are rather easily won, the 150 ccm one will also require a lot of luck (or hours of training). By winning the available race cups you'll unlock new ones, just as one would expect. By fulfilling certain requirements - mostly being fast enough and winning cups - you'll not only unlock new courses but also new drivers and vehicles. Overall there are sixteen new tracks and an additional 16 remade older tracks from previous Mario Kart games. Pure nostalgia! Add to this some new and old multiplayer stages, twelve initially available and twelve unlockable characters with three car options each, you get yourself a big heap of options and fun.

The controls and basic gameplay pretty much work like they always did with two buttons for acceleration and braking/going backwards/initiating drifting and the the direction pad for item usage. For the actual steering you can either use an analog stick or the motion sensing of the Wiimote. Nintendo did an excellent job implementing all possible control pad devices, from the classic controller to the Gamecube one and the Wii remote in two configurations. The most fun, of course, is the steering wheel that's sold with the game. You plug in your Wiimote and get started. Even though it did take me a bit of time to get used to (it's been my first experience with that peripheral add-on), this is probably as close as you can get to simulating a fun racer with no claim of real-life physics. If you want to go for the best times, however, either the Gamecube pad or the classic controller offer the slightly better reaction time of the analog stick compared to the motion sensing of the Wiimote.

Now what's new in Mario Kart Wii compared to the previous versions? Drifting is still in the game and an important technique, but it takes longer until you get a small speed boost, so the infamous 'snaking' technique is less easily doable. To make up for that, you can perform stunts (just flick your Wiimote) whenever you leave the ground, e.g. make jumps over track obstacles, which nets you a small boost. The same goes for driving in an opponent's slip stream. And there's a new class of vehicles besides karts: namely bikes. They allow you to perform wheelies to gain a speed boost. But take care, while you drive on your back wheel only, steering is almost impossible and you're more vulnerable to hits from enemies. Unfortunately, in my opinion, jumping was not brought back.

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Created: 01/14/13

an enjoyable game with family and friends.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

In my experience with playing the game, I have to say that is a very fun game to play with your family. The game has a choice of 16 characters to choose from: baby Mario+Luigi+Daisy+Peach, Dry bones, Koopa Troopa, Toad + Toadette, Mario & Luigi, Daisy & Peach, Birdo & Yoshi, Diddy kong, bowser jr., Waluigi & Wario, Funky+Donkey Kong, Rosalina, King boo, Bowser and Dry bowser, and a variety of vehicles. The online has some issues as far as network coding goes, but it's a fun game to play online against competitors. up to 12 people in each World Wide or Regional race. The battle mode is kinda meh.. But enjoyable. If you have kids, or you want a family game this would be a great buy.

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Created: 05/11/08

More fun with Wii, the best Mario game in Year 2008

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

If you are a Wii fan, then you must own this game for sure. We have played Wii since early 2007 and been kind of bored and upset for some games already. Now, Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo Wii, brings in all that fast-paced excitement racers have wanted and even more. Both my 5-year old boy and wife really love it and rate it as one of the best Wii games.

Graphics: A+

Sound: A-

Control: B+ for the Wii Wheel, but A+ for my boy

Fun & Enjoyment: A for solo gamers; A+ for multiplayer action

Especially, Mario and his friends are back and ready to race once again in Mario Kart Wii! Experience new tracks, enhanced Wii graphics, extraordinary gameplay and the addition of motorcycles surprisingly working well. Also, place first in Grand Prix circuits or clear skill-based missions to open up increasingly difficult and thrilling circuits. Besides, the game as a whole is easy to get into, the online play is well done, the items are imaginative, and of course, the multiplayer is spectacular fun. Now you can feel like your Mario and steering to avoid obstacles and doing incredible stunts - in the safety of your home of course.

All in all, Mario Kart Wii is a must buy for the Wii collection.

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Created: 12/14/08

Great family-friendly fun

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

In an age where games are becoming more and more graphic with their realistic violence and mature with their subject-matter, it's great to know that there are some video game standbys that you can fall back on. Although Mario had his humble beginnings battling the wicked Donkey Kong in the early 80s, he really became the face of family-friendly video games when Nintendo started issuing Super Mario Bros. with its 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the mid/late 80s, and the franchise has grown with each Nintendo console release. First, there were the simple platform games, which eventually evolved into 3-D exploration when 3-D gaming hardware took the mainstream. Then, there were the Mario Kart racing games.

Mario Kart Wii is the latest installment in the Mario Kart racing games, and it delivers all the expected joys of racing familiar characters and skewering them with turtle shells and bombs...ooh, nice animated violence! I have to admit that I skipped a generation or 2 of the Mario Kart games simply because I never owned a Game Cube or any of the portable handheld game systems (i.e., Gameboy, DS, etc.). If you are going to play Mario Kart, I strongly suggest that you play this with the Wii Wheel. I recall that back in the N64 days, learning to drive on a Nintendo controller had a bit of a learning curve. The Wii Wheel really smooths and eases that learning curve. You'll still have to deal with the occasional steering sensitivity problem, but I got the hang of driving with a Wii Wheel much faster than driving with a controller (which is still an option, by the way). Although gameplay is fairly straight-forward, there are a few nuances here and there (particularly maneuvering tips) that reading the manual beforehand helps out with. All in all, there's really nothing to complain about here. I absolutely love this game. Mario Kart Wii is a great game that both adults and children will enjoy thoroughly.

Now, let's just hope I don't envision turtle shells as I'm driving to work in my Civic.

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Created: 06/12/08

Not bad, fun.

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

Mario Kart Wii is the latest addition to the Mario Kart franchise. It is released as a combination pack of the game and an additional wheel that your controller fits in to help you drive.

The game has a combination of 32 different courses in the championship mode. The courses are a combination of new courses designed for the Wii and classic courses from other Mario Kart games from Nintendo's past game systems.

The highlights about this game are:

Inclusion of 2 wheel bike type karts.
An in game stunt system! If you fly off a half-pipe or a jump you can do a stunt! When you land you get a speed boost.
The online play is nice. It is good to play against people online.

The bad:
Some of the power-up's are way to powerful and unbalanced. I was in last spot with 1/2 a track to go and picked up the super star. I finished first and beat my wife. :( She was not impressed that I could do that.
Entering "friend" codes to play online is tiresome.

Tamarack Collectibles

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Created: 09/18/08

mario Kart WII w/ 1 racing wheel

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

this is a really fun multiplayern racing game...saved about 20 dollars on ebay which was can use the wii remote or the racing wheel (up to three only) unless its online game...amazing graphics...takes some time to get used to the wheel...all the classic characters from nintendo are present and you can choose between carts and bikes or both before race...during single player game you work thru a series of races to win different cups then it unlocks further levels which takes some time so it seems likje this will keep me and my daughters attention for a good minute...also u need the wii remote to use each i had to end up buying 2 extra wheels and another wii remote so all of us can play at same time...the cheaper pro wheels on ebay work fine jus dont have wii logo on them and are alittle lighter and took a few seconds longer to attach to wii remote.

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Created: 11/21/08

If you want a great family fun night add Mario Kart Wii

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

I just purchased this game and it is really good for family fun nights. Since it arrived in the house my family has ben pasted in front of the tv playing it.
The game features many of the Mario characters to play.
There are many cars and carts to choose from before game play.
The carts come in 3 speeds.
You can unlock many new boards to play with your friends or family.
You can play with up to 4 people at once. You get the choice of using the wii remote, nunchuck, classic wii remote and wii remote with driving wheel.
The driving wheel that comes with most of the Mario Kart games makes it a bit more real for players.
You can access the B button on the back of the wi wheel for using your cart items.
They also have a battle mode where you can go against other players and pop balloons or collect the most coins.
From my 7 year old daughter to my husband, this is a really great game.
It's recommended for young children :)

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Created: 06/06/11

Great way to waste away several hours.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

Bought this product to play online with a few coworkers, however that hasn't happened yet due to scheduling< so I am unsure of what the online play is like.

Growing up with the SNES/N64 versions of the game, it was a little difficult adjusting to using the Wii Remote as a steering wheel and getting just the right about of steering. After a few races, that issue worked itself out. Using a classic style controller would benifit those grew up with the older systems, and that are mechanically stubborn.

I like the fact that while adding new tracks, Nintendo returned quite a few of the previous courses. Very nice to have new challenges, but also have the ability to go back down memory lane with the SNES & N64 tracks.

Over all, great game once you get used to the new steering mechanics.

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Created: 01/15/14

The tracks are nice, hard to unlock things, balloon battle isn't the same.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

I loved Mario Kart ever since Super Mario Kart on the SNES. It is the best karting series in gaming and always has been, the only competitors who have come close in all these years are Crash Team Racing or Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. The Wii version does many things right, but some things not so much.

First off, the tracks and characters are stunning. Classic tracks remade with Wii graphics look great, character models shine, and even items look spectacular. This game looks like an HD game running in SD, which is a shame because it is BEGGING for 1080p resolution. That is a limitation of the console and not the game though. So if you want the best looking Mario Kart game ever made, this is it.

The tracks are very creative and there are a slew of new items and characters. The problem is unlocking things. Not so much tracks because to unlock tracks it is the same as it has always been: beat the Grand Prix is 1st place on every track to unlock the rest. Simple enough. Characters take a LONG time to unlock though, and many you will never figure out how to unlock unless you look it up online. Some you need other games for, like Rosalina, who will only unlock if you own a copy of Super Mario Galaxy.

This game always does best what the Mario Kart series is known for: multiplayer. You will have tons more fun with the game if you sit around a couch with friends and you grab controllers. You will laugh, shout, throw tantrums, cry, and have a great time.

Compared to other Mario Karts though, this one feels lower for some reason. It improves in a lot of areas, but some of the things that made previous Mario karts so much more fun is gone. The blue shell now flies in the air and hunts first place only, whereas in previous games (like Mario Kart 64) it would go on the ground pursuing first place while also crashing into every single person ahead of you in the race, making it a much more lethal weapon and much more helpful in a race. If you are eighth and get a blue shell, hitting just first place doesn't help nearly as much as hitting everyone in front of you did.

My final gripe is with balloon battle. Ever since Super Mario Kart this has been both mine and all my friends favorite game mode. We have locked most of our hours into that game mode on each game, especially Mario Kart 64. It was so crazy and fun, and you felt so defensive of your balloons because you were so worried about losing them. It was a free for all hunting game based on skill. Now it forces you to split into teams, and there is no option for free for all. Now our favorite game mode has become our least favorite because this takes away all of the fun and thrill that was in the previous balloon battles.

All-in-all, it is Mario kart. You will have fun with this game no matter what. I do not think it is worth the expensive price tag though, especially because Nintendo never drops prices on their first party titles. It is not the best game or the most fun in the series though. If you want to play the best Mario Kart and have the most fun with it, and you have a Wii, pay $10 for the far superior Mario Kart 64 on the Virtual Console instead of spending $30 or more on the inferior Wii version.

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Created: 04/20/08

Mario Kart Wii release on 27th April

Review For: Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008)

A world famous racing game, Mario Kart will be released in the US on 27th April. The game had been appeared in Super Nintendo, N64, GameCube, Game Boy Advance and NDS. If you are a Mario fan or Racing Game Lover, you should had played some of them in the past.

After the release of NDS version, as the game supported multiplayer via Wi-Fi or internet, the game become even more famous. For this Wii version, if you have a broadband hookup to Nintendo connection, you can compete with up to 11 other players from all around the world. There is a new channel added to the Wii menu: The Mario Kart Wii Channel. It lets player compete in tournaments, check worldwide rankings, see when their friends are playing and download ghost data.

Mario Kart Wii will include 16 new courses and 16 classic courses from previous Mario Kart games. For the first time ever, players have the option of racing with either karts or motorbikes. Players can also hit the road as their personalized Mii caricatures in addition to the handful of classic Nintendo characters found in the game.

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