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Mario Bros. (Nintendo NES, 1986)
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Created: 12/24/10


This product is the original Mario Bros. game that preceded that Super Mario Bros. games. It is a classic game that made its debut in arcades way back in 1983, a followup to the highly successful Donkey Kong series. The screens are generally the same for each level, yet become progressively more and more difficult as enemies move faster and become more plentiful, surfaces change (i.e. become slippery), and additional perils threaten the protagonist, Mario. This game can be played with two players, with another player assuming the role of Luigi, Mario's brother, and two players can work in tandem--one to knock an enemy senseless, and the other to dispatch him. A great deal of fun to play, challenging and entertaining, guaranteed to provide hours of frenzied gameplay. One of the most influential games of the arcade world and a brilliant classic.

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Created: 06/10/10

Classic Mario Bros. Arcade Game

This is the Classic Mario Bros Arcade game. This was around before the NES hit the market. It's classic 80s arcade style. One screen with bad guys coming down from the top allowing you to jump and bump to stop them. Classic Style that just makes you nostalgic. Image Super Mario Bros mixed with Joust and it gives you the perfect picture of the game play of this game. Not the best game but it isn't a super easy game, but it's a lot of fun.

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Created: 07/26/09

Maybe I'm just a sentimental sucker

I remember this little game being hidden on Mario 3. Never played it in it's original form. Had to grab it for sentimental sake. Very fun, probably not alot of playability but one you can always come back to.

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