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Management (Blu-ray Disc, 2009)
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Created: 03/02/11

Review For: Management (Blu-ray Disc, 2009)

This is a very unusual romantic comedy, it certainly has heart if not a huge amount of laughs, but it is quaint and quirky enough (if you stick with it) to be a very enjoyable film. Mike (Steve Zahn) is the night manager of a motel run by his mother and father. Sue (Jennifer Aniston) stays over for a couple of nights, for some reason Mike becomes infatuated with Sue. Is it love at first sight, puppy love, or is he just so sad and lonely and desperate for attention that he just thinks he loves Sue?

Sue (and you get the impression this is completely out of character for her) gives Mike some attention, whether this is because she feels sorry for him, is feeling out of sorts or what, is never fully revealed, however because of that small piece of attention, Mike's affection for Sue grows and grows to the point where he ends up follows her around the country in the hope that she could feel the same way about him as he feels about her.

The strange thing is that thanks to a combination of a good script and fantastic acting from Zahn, Mike, who should come across as a weirdo who is stalking an innocent woman (he only really appears to be a nutcase in their first couple of meetings) comes across as a genuinely likable guy who you end up rooting for. You might not be sure why, but you end up feeling for Mike and his situation rather than wanting him to be arrested for being a creep. Aniston is also good in the movie, playing the part of Sue as a woman who thinks she knows what she wants, but in reality is just as lost as Mike, albeit in a different way.

It's certainly unusual, and if you can get past the cringe inducing first ten minutes or so, you will be rewarded with a sweet little film that makes you feel good about love, no matter how strange it can be.

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Created: 09/30/09

Another good romantic comedy

Mike (Steve Zahn) is a lonely guy working at his parents motel in Kingman Arizona. Sue (Jennifer Aniston) is a working girl who sells mass produced art for a corporation in Maryland. The two meet when Sue stays at the Motel where Mike is the night manager. On a whim, Mike hits on Sue and this is the beginning of one of the most improbable love affairs to hit the screen in a long time.

For nearly the next year Mike pursues Sue across the country finally ending up at the home of Sue's ex-boyfriend (Woody Harrelson).

Although perhaps not the best movie ever made Management is very entertaining and it will make you want Mike and Sue to find a way to make things work.

There are some really funny parts to this movie and there are some good heart tugs as well.

Recommended for anyone who wants a good laugh and perhaps a good cry as well.

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Created: 01/04/10

Much better than you'd expect.

It's better than good, but I save excellent for a very few movies. This gem is a rollercoaster of emotions. You really get drawn into the world of the lovable Mike. Sure he's a little crazy, but so are the rest of us. He won't give up on the girl (Sue) he wants and it's a great, sad and funny story of how he succeeds.

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