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Maid in Manhattan (DVD, 2006, Canadian)
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Maid in ...

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Created: 03/22/09

2002 Natasha Richardson Saves This Film's Shelf Life

(Blue Ray Disc Version, see my VHS review for a synopsis in Spanish)

Richer guy inadvertently meets poorer gal, a hotel maid & voila', we have a romantic comedy. Or do we?

There's the affluent-enough politician, Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), inside the posh Beresford Hotel when he meets a young boy, Ty Ventura (Tyler Posey), the precocious son of Marissa (Jennifer Lopez) one of the hotel's maids. Then there's the subsequent chance meeting, when Christopher spots Marissa while she's wearing a wealthy tenant's, Caroline Lane's (Natasha Richardson), Dolce & Gabbana gown: a gown Marissa & several other hotel maids have plotted to temporarily 'borrow' in order to get the feel of what it's like to be Caroline, the woman they make fun of.

Then, obviously, the guy must become instantly smitten by the gal. Thus, when Christopher sees Marissa in Caroline's gown he's instantly smitten by her beauty & believes she's a hotel guest or resident of equal status. Marissa pretends not to be a working-class woman who is also hispanic. (That denial aspect of this film is sub-plot confounding). Christopher searches for her even though she's working as a maid in the Beresford hotel where he's staying.
So there's the 'hidden in plain view' aspect of the romanc-arella.

Even though the film has a Cinderella-like fairy tale main plot, there's also a very interesting sub-plot that the comedic thread overshadows (deliberately?). Obviously, dealing forthrightly with heavy class & ethnicity issues would change the film's demeanor. Therefore, Natasha Richardson's Caroline represents snobbish opulence, just as her fancy gown does. Jennifer Lopez's Marissa represents both the class & ethnic status that is out of place in the Beresford hotel, except as a working class, minority-statused servant.

Ralph Fiennes is engaging & charming as Christopher. Natasha Richardson saves the film from being a flighty disaster by delivering an outstanding performance as a selfish, snobbish, blonde b...h: the women we love to hate. Jennifer Lopez has played better leading roles & gives the weakest of the leading actors' performances. She's too mousey. Stanley Tucci as Jerry Siegel succeeds in every tirade. Bob Hoskins as Lionel Bloch has the most memorable lines that depict the sub-plot of social status issues, as follows:

Lionel to Marissa: To serve people takes dignity and intelligence. But remember, they are only people with money. And although we serve them, we are not their servants. What we do, Miss Ventura, does not define who we are. What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

In short, the point of the film is double-crossing unequal social statusing. I'll leave each viewer to decide if this film has an impact upon their biases~

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Created: 06/05/08

Go J-Lo!

Despite the fact that many people claim that Jennifer Lopez can't act I don't care. I love movies that have fairytale endings. She grasps the vulnerability of a woman hardened by life and still hopes to find her Prince Charming. Ralph Fiennes is great in his part as The Prince in this case a Senator. Who really steals the show is Lopez's co-star son Tyler Posey. He is cute and intelligent. He doesn't play he part as too cute or too intelligent. He's a smart little man. Give this movie a try. Just like the Wedding Planner expect no more or no less than just a feel good movie.

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Created: 01/09/10

Well scripted movie with excellent casting

Maid In Manhattan never delves too deeply into any of the issues it brings up, but it is nevertheless a more-than-decent feelgood movie, which will surprise all those who find themselves forced to watch it for one reason or another. Excellent casting helps, but it is the script that ties it all together - there is so much rubbishy dialogue coming out of Hollywood on a regular basis, it's nice to watch a movie in which the spoken word is hardly ever the slightest bit out of place. Thoroughly enjoyable. One has to mention that Ralph Fiennes is always an asset to any film, but Jennifer Lopez does somewhat more than simply fill out the screen, as well.

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Created: 10/04/06

I love this movie!

It's SO romantic and SO sweet! It's a little far fetched but it's a wonderful dream :) Jennifer Lopez did a wonderful job and well and Ralph Fiennes. The two of them together were so cute!

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Created: 03/25/08

Maid in Manhattan

Jennifer Lopez is an excellent actress. She is a maid in a hotel, she admires very good clothing in one of the bedrooms and one of her friends told her to try it on. When she does this, see meets a man that is running for the Senate. This is an excellent movie and I recommend it to anyone.

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Created: 04/08/07

Maid in Manhattan

I liked the fun romantic comedy. J. Lo had great chemistry with her leading man. I did not like the fact that they went to bed together before they were married. It send the wrong message to our young people today.

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Created: 11/25/05

Good clean family movie for girls night

Great family movie or girls night over. Of course Ralph Finnes is Great looking but apart from that it's a very nice story about a single Mother working and taking care of her son just an every day mother and she gets noticed by a senetor and woops love is in the air :-) A very nice cinderella story for girls and adult women who enjoy love stories

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Created: 02/10/11

Actually a Gift to a Friend

lol, i dont care for Maid in Manhattan, she loves it..so anybody who wants to see Jennifer Lopez in a romantic movie..buy it

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Created: 05/24/09

cute movie!

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Created: 09/05/06

A sweet movie.

I am a fan of Jennifer Lopez's movies. I had been wanting to buy Maid in Manhattan. So when I saw it at a reasonable price I decided to add it to my collection.

Thank you.


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