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Madden NFL 09  (Xbox 360, 2008)
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Created: 10/25/08

Madden NFL 09 (Xbox 360)

Graphics 8.7
The graphics in this game are good. They need to add more tackles beacause it just gets old after a while. Graphics on the fans in the stands needs a little help, they look all messed up. There is not as much body warping as in earler Madens but the problem does still pop up every now and then. On fiels condition are very good in graphics and players look very good.

Gameplay/Controls 9.9
Gameplay controls are simple. Even if you have just started to play Madden it is very easy to learn and is self explanatory. There is help with all the controlls so you don't have to stop everything and refer to the manual while in the middle of a game. New Madden players may have a little trouble with the punt or field goal controlls but gets very easy around the 3rd try.

New Features 7.8
The new big feature this year is Madden backtrack. My personal opinion on this is that it is horrible. Making the big mistake is what the fun of Madden is all about. It can make a lose into a win in the touch of a button. This feature makes the game very unrealistic and very predictable. I personally never play with it. Some people do like to win all the time though so some people love the new feature.

Overall 8.6
Great game but didn't live up to my full expectations. Worth my 60.00 but expected more.

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Created: 04/25/09

It's getting there

I love the realistic gameplay. I dislike the Sega Genesis commentary and presentation. I do however see the potential for greatness next year. This Madden is still worth playing a bunch of seasons in a row in dynasty and will probably keep you entertained until next year.

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Created: 10/07/08

Maddel 2k9

The game is awesome, love the AI adjusting to the way you play making it a challenge all the time playing. Always loved the madden franchise, haven't found a madden that i did not like yet. every year the additional features makes the game more exciting than the previous. awesome game i would recommend it to everyone who is a football fan or anyone who likes sports games.

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Created: 10/02/08

Madden 09

So Madden has been the pinnacle of video football games for the past 10 to 12 years. Madden 09 blows me away, on how realistic this can look. I'm sure everyone knows how all the stuff works and all the pluses to the game so i'll tell you the bad stuff. Its not easy to find a fake kick if thats what your into. You also may find it damn near impossible to run the ball where in the other games you might have 500 yards ina game with LT, Nope not in this one.

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Created: 02/09/09

Next Gen Tries Too Hard

First off, the game looks fantastic. Madden is the football franchise. However, I was a bit disappointed at how clunky the gameplay feels. Maybe I'm just adjusting from PS2, but it is actually quite hard. And I would play ps2 at All-Madden. I imagine I will improve with practice. One complaint about the game and not my skill level is the training in general, more specifically the bench press and 40-yard dash. Both are crazy hard, and don't give you much of a boost. The looks do not disappoint, and it is entertaining as ever, but not much has changed from last year. IQ isn't all that cool.

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Created: 09/28/09

Good game

Good game cool controls and whats neat is the custom difficulty setting the game has. Its a step up from 08 but its not 2010 either but its still a good game that is realistic and has a bunch of different options to call a play.

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Created: 04/14/12

Madden NFL 09 Xbox 360

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Long time fan/video game player of the Madden series. I liked the game, the way it plays and the graphics. A fun to have and enjoyed playing the franchise mode from start to finish.

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Created: 05/23/10


The last time I played the game was 89, and much has changed. Many options. Kool graphics. You can create your own teams and players. There's like 50 different controller commands. I've been playing this for a week, and I still don't think I ever made contact with my defensive player I was controlling. These new games are so complicated, and I don't have the time to invest to master it. What ever happened to simple games like Pac-Man???

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Created: 10/14/09

Sweet Game!!!!

Graphics are amazing!!! Every year I wonder how they could get any better and they always one-up the year before. Great gameplay and I also really like the new celebrations you can do after scoring a touchdown. The game is an all around good game. I enjoy playing it and about any NFL fan would.

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Created: 02/23/09

Madden 09 great game

Madden 09 is a great game. very life like action. and the madden momnents are a grweat addition to the game. also u can play superstar mode with an existing rookie or from a ncaa 09 player

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