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Madden NFL 09: En Espa�ol  (Sony Playsta...
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Created: 08/13/08

Good football game but not great.

Very good graphics, smooth gameplay, great new features such as adaptive gameplay, and commentators, create-a-team feature.

The commentators are really boring and have a very mono-voice, the in-game sounds are not very good, compared to NCAA 09, you can barely hear the fans cheer, the soundtrack is also pretty lame.

I think that Madden 09 is overall a good game. I don't think it's excellent like everyone else has been making it sound. I understand that it's the 20th edition but they could've made it much more spectacular. In fact, if EA sports can somehow combine the features of NCAA & Madden, they would come up with an awesome game. Again, much work needs to be done to create an excellent football game.

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Created: 10/05/09

Hope 2110 is better, 09 not that good.

I gave it a average. Have you seen how the price has dropped right off, thats because there is nothing interesting, or different in the last 5 years. They [Madden] did "Dumb it down" for any player. It takes a while to load. Listen, the graphics are still great and being a coach is great, but this year is not one of their best.

If you can purchase this for $15.00, thats a good deal. There is really not much more to talk about. They all have been the same for at least 4 years now. A couple of graphic changes, but that it. Nothing that just jumps out at you.

This could be worth a lot of money soon, because Farve is a Vicking and on the cover it displays him a Packer. It will proberly be worth more then the game itself, the cover.

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Created: 04/01/09

I want the power to control my controller back

I like the idea of the football IQ, but I don't think there is a way to get a high IQ on the defensive side, the players move too slow and the buttons are all backwards from the way they have been from previous years. I searched all through the game for the option to let me move my button around to have them do what I want them to, but I couldn't find it. I love Madden, but this game turns me off right now.

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Created: 11/15/10

Good game

Need more graphics, sometimes is slow but a good game to play on weekends or with friends. I recommend this game for all those players who wants to have a good time.

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Created: 10/06/09

Madden NFL 09 (Playstation 3)

I bought because I always have bought NCAA football. I have only played a month so far and NCAA is still my favorite. Its an OK game, just not enough to keep you wanting to play more. Good thing I got a good deal. I would not pay full price for this game.

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Created: 10/17/08

Meh....it's ok

Game is pretty much like all other Madden games except for the lame IQ. The graphics are decent but I swear there are a lot of glitches that should have never made it into the final product. Knuckle ball passes, players going through the stands....crap like that. Overall I'm a little disappointed with the game :(

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Created: 02/04/09

Come on EA

EA can do better than this. They added alot of nice new things but the gameplay (especially the running game) is stupid. Linemen miss the guys right in front of them sometimes. 6/10 is my score

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Created: 04/08/09

Okay game, but incomplete.

Fun and realistic. The franchise froze on me and I got a patch but I haven't tested it yet because I don't want to be disapointed. In this case, it's really just about 1/2 a game with the glitches and freezing.

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Created: 10/12/08

its alright

its just alright i guess i was kind of hoping the madden game makers make a little bit better game like always. but they always hurry

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Created: 02/17/10

Cant got stolen from mail box think it was a good game!

Cant leave review like i would like to but never got to play the game due to it was stolen from my sons mail box at home. Hope to buy another one for him soon.

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