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Created: 05/17/10

not quite steel, nor a book, but SORT OF cool

the good? it's really kinda neato. the cover is nice - creepy hologram of the language of mordor, as inscribed on the the ring. it'll look cool on the shelf. 3 or 4 people you know might be impressed (maybe).

the bad? it really does only hold the 6 discs containing the films, which must be removed from the original cases in which they're sold. no room for the standard packaging inside, nor for the 3 bonus discs with the 'digital copies' (which i never both with, anyway.

so, it's pretty darned cool, but entirely non-essential. don't bother buying it from anyone who jacks up the price just because it's out of production or rare - it's not THAT cool. per the wrapping, it only cost $5 to begin with - so don't waste your time if all you want is the movies on blu ray.

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Created: 07/10/10

This was misleading until you read the description.

What was being sold was the metal case holder for this great trilogy of fantasy films. The movie was not sold with the case. So if you wanted the movie then that would require another purchase. However, from the description the metal 3-disc holder is made very well. it will display your ownership of the additional purchased movies very well and protect them very effectively.I think the product is excellent at displaying the Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy But the listing itself was very confusing even to the point of misleading,

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Created: 04/21/10

Most excellent!!!

I have all the sets of these movies. The blu ray has added to the pleasure of watching. Wish I had a multi-disc blu ray player! The onkyo home theater system, 50" plasma screen... fantastic. Even though have seen these movies about 50-75 times, will never lose their appeal as all time favorites.
Having the 7.1 surround sound utilized, the blu ray being able to make the plasma appear at the very least 2d, cannot ask for anything more. Recommend the blu ray to any science fiction lover, that enjoys LOTR trilogy.

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Created: 08/03/10

false advertisement

False advertisement! When I bought the movie, I thought it was a great deal. It read in description (Includes Digital Copy) When I received the movie, I did not get the digital copies as advertised!

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Created: 09/02/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

If you don't own this on Blu-ray then just destroy your Blu-ray player unless you just really aren't into these kind of movies. This movie is awesome, looks awesome, and really has a good 3 movie series story line. It's a must have Blu-ray at the very least a much have dvd! Don't pass this up!

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Created: 04/23/10


This trilogy has always been beautiful since theatrical release. It looked incredible in DVD but now in Blu-ray it just breathe taking.

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Created: 03/05/11


Everything in one box this is a great thing to have if you like the lords of the rings!!! I can't wait for the Hobbit!

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Created: 07/15/10


An amazing movie! I decided to buy this because I haven't seen these films in a few years, and the deal was absolutely amazing. The HD graphics for blu-ray is completely stunning! The only problem I have with it is that.. well, it takes about about 9 1/2hrs of your time, heh. But other than that, AMAZING!

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Created: 05/20/10

Lord of the Rings Blu-ray Trilogy

I enjoy the case that it came in, it is space efficient. The picture and sound quality is amazing. Blu-ray is the way to go.

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Created: 05/02/10

Great movie package better than the dvd's

Well what can I said I am a fan of the lord of the rings series and I really enjoyed watching it specially now in blue ray the images are clear with a better sound and all the only thing that I noticed that is the regular version is not like the uncut editions I noticed that right away still its good to watch.

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