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Logitech S150 Computer Speakers
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Created: 03/06/10

Don't mess around with Analog Line Out! Go Digital!

Perhaps you've seen so-called USB speakers in electronics stores, the ones that include two cables -- one for USB, one for audio line-out. Incredibly, the USB cable on those speaker sets is merely a power plug for sucking juice from your computer, and I say "incredible" because from the very beginning USB has been all about direct digital audio.

Way back in 1996 the USB standard defined USB Audio devices, peripherals that exchange digital audio directly with the host. They are literally the number one predefined device for USB, identified by Class Code 01; thumb drives are merely Class Code 08. All modern Macs and PC's since 1998 have supported USB Audio input and output.

What this means is that a true USB speaker set should take its signal directly from the USB port and in digital form -- no noise, no distortion, no sound card even required.

Logitech is one of the few equipment makers who take true USB Audio seriously. I've been buying their stuff since the Nineties, since it was Altec Lansing's stuff, and I'm pleased to say that Logitech's S-150 USB Speakers prove to be an excellent buy as well.

What You Get

No driver disks, power bricks or patch cables spill out of the package; instead there are just two twin 7 x 3 x 2 inch enclosures joined by a 38-inch speaker wire. A rooted USB cable typical in thickness and length to a corded mouse hangs from the Right-hand enclosure, which houses all the electronics and controls; the Left-hand enclosure is simply a speaker. Controls consist of three chromed buttons marked "- mute +" which as you'd expect adjust the volume and mute the speakers. A discreet green LED signals that you've got power, lighting up a domed "DIGITAL" transparency neatly inset in the right speaker grille.

The sound from these speakers is not heavy on the bass, but bass adds weight and these are flyweight devices, less than half a pound between the two of them. What they are is efficient -- on just 2.5 watts of USB power these S-150's can punch right through crowd noise or fill a small room with powerful, nuanced mid-to-high range sound.

Just as pleasing are the silences that are possible with these speakers; you've never heard quiet passages quite as quiet on your analog line-out speakers as on direct-digital ones. You'll notice slight microphone pops and fretboard sounds that you wouldn't even catch on earphones, and if you hear hiss you'll know it's recorded hiss, not your equipment.

Logitech designed these with laptops and netbooks in mind, but they are just as useful for desktops. Again, if you expect butthumping bass response from these flyweight units you'll be disappointed, but how many of us really rock out at our computers anyway? They work great in my small home office application, tucked away behind a 22-inch monitor where I used to keep a much larger, muddier-sounding $15 set from da big-box store. They don't use a power brick so they free up a power plug, and there are a lot less wires snarled behind my machine now.

You may be wondering, how difficult is it to start using S-150 speakers? Are there registry edits, driver updates, magic spells? Nope. It's as effortless as plugging in a keyboard. I've used mine with a Mac and a Windows PC without trouble. The drivers are already there, waiting for you to make the choice...the choice for quality, convenience and value.

Please, shop Logitech's total line and you may opt for the S-150's like I did. Anything but fake USB speakers!

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Created: 02/07/11

Recent purchase

These speakers are just fine for my purposes--I recently purchased a used laptop with the internal speaker set blown--these externals are much better than the old internal system could have ever been--
However--DIGITAL?--I guess that I don't understand the meaning of the word as it is used here. To me, if something is digital, then that means that there is some indication of performance levels which can be read or discerned thru some digital gauge or indicator--or that the performance was somehow enhanced by some method that utilized a digitalized format to transmit the information from the source to the output device--and I see no evidence of that here, in either case--the transmission of the sound from the computer is through the same method as was used in the original speakers, except that the signal out-put is sent thru a USB outlet instead of thru an RCA plug or a miniature plug or whatever other connector might be utilized--there is no digital signal being sent nor is there any special circuitry inside of these light-weight speakers which cleans up the signal and digitally improves it--at least, none that I have found, anywhere in the manufacturers' schematics--
So--what's DIGITAL about these? Other than the label on the front which says "DIGITAL"??
It's a cheap speaker, which works in a very adequate fashion, and produces reasonable performance for a modest buck--
Let's don't make a big deal out of this--OK?-
I paid less than $10. for mine, "reconditioned" and that's a bargain--that's it!

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Created: 01/24/11

Logitech S150 Computer Speakers

Very Good set of USB powered speakers + a great price s well.

Positives: Good Sound Quality
USB Powered - No external power needed (Who wants another adaptor to plug in??)
Compact so they do not take up much room
Controll buttons accessable + easy to use
Great price for a set of Logitech Speakers
Can't go wrong with Logitech
Would be great if you could controll the Bass + Treble levels

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Created: 08/05/14

Very good product for this price

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This speakers are stylish and very convenient to use because they have USB plug and do not need its own power supply so u can connect them at front of the computer, a minus is volume adjustment - it either too low or too high. Still overall it's a good product and nice to have.

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Created: 06/10/13

Excellent PC speakers with digital sound at an affordable price.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Though not top of the line computer speakers, this model delivers clear and crisp digital sound that make them seem like they are truly are a high end unit. Coming from one of the top names in PC speakers, you can be assured you're getting a quality product. Excellent sound, nice compact design and digital quality all at a very good price.

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Created: 09/03/14

Great Speakers.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great speakers. The only thing I didn't research on is that it didn't have a power button for on and off so it turns on whenever the computer is on. I would prefer one with a manual power button. But overall performance is great.

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Created: 10/09/10

Logitech S150 Computer Speakers

Bought for my Mothers desktop computer. Installed OK, compact size fit desk and USB connectibility reduced wire clutter. Haven't been there lately but understand they're OK.

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Created: 09/06/09

netbook speakers

I bought these speakers to replace the poor sounding netbook speakers. It was important to have a volume control to boost the sound more than I could with the netbook. The mute function comes in handy when the phone rings. I am very satisfied with the purchase of these speakers and the price was affordable.

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Created: 11/06/14

Good value for the money

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The speakers worked out great for the laptop the only problem is like most small speakers like these you can't use full volume, but for the money they work just fine.

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Created: 07/15/11

Best for the price

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The best speakers for the price, I have a Toshiba 10" Netbook and the speaker in the netbook sucks. These S150 are the best deal for anyone who has a netbook. They are small, digital, lite weight, great sound.

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