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Lisey's Story by Stephen King (2006, Har...
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Created: 03/07/07

Lisey's Story Stephen King

Lisey's Story
by Stephen King

I love reading Stephen King’s books because of the variety of themes that his books cover. This holds good for Lisey’s story too. It is an extremely touching as well as an exciting book. The story is very captivating and you won’t feel like putting it down.

As the title denotes the story is about Lisey, the widow of a famous Pulitzer Prize winning writer. It has been two years since Lisey lost her beloved husband Scott and she is yet to come to terms with it. Finally she decides to go through the painful task of sorting out Scott’s personal papers. Thus begins Lisey’s journey wherein she is exposed to the gory details of Scott’s childhood and the special place called "Boo'ya Moon", where Scott used to escape every time he had some trouble with his father.

Alongside Lisey also has to deal with Dooley, a space cowboy of a very intimidating character. King also tells us about the relationship that Lisey has with her sister Amanda and how she tries to help Amanda come out of depression. Lisey succeeds in overcoming all the obstacles that the almost fatal journey places in her way and finally finds peace.

Overall a great book! Even a first time reader of Stephen King would enjoy reading it.

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Created: 04/01/08

Lisey's Story

This is one of my favorite stories ever -- I took it out of the library in my home town, but after reading it I decided I wanted to own it in hardcover. The story is very unusual and very touching. It combines a real-life relationship within a marriage, the grief when one member of that relationships dies, a fantasy-land world that the two people had shared. I find that I use some of the made-up words and images from this book in my own life now (such as a "bool" and "the pool" -- this won't mean much until you read the story).
The story of the 2 people in the marriage gave me new insights into my own marriage of many years, and helped me to value things about the relationship and about my husband that I think I just took for granted. I now ask myself, if he dies, what about him will I carry with me forever -- what about our shared history will make me stronger?

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Created: 12/14/06

A Masterful Tale!

One of my favorite things about Stephen King is that he's not a purely formulaic writer. Each book is a complete surprise, a new, and different kind of pleasure. Lisey's Story is no exception.

Lisey has lost her beloved husband, Scott, and now, two years after the fact, has decided to face the painful task of sorting through his personal papers. This leads to a journey down memory lane for Lisey, and since we are along for the ride, we learn about Scott's horrifying childhood, the dynamics of their relationship, and the special healing place Scott went to in order to survive called "Boo'ya Moon."

There are other subplots; Lisey has to deal with a menacing Space Cowboy (King's eloquent and fitting term for rabid fan) named Dooley, and we become familiar with the tender, yet at times grueling relationship she has with her sisters. Overall though, this really is "Lisey's (and Scott's) story," one that takes place almost entirely in her head as she sorts through her memories, thoughts, and feelings for her husband. In the end, with Scott's loving presence guiding her, Lisey is finally able to exorcise both of their demons and find peace.

Poignant, and mesmerizing are both terms I would use to describe Lisey's Story. What I found most impressive about it is Stephen King's ability to write it as if looking through Lisey's eyes; in depth into her thoughts, into her emotions; she truly seems like a real person. It goes without saying that his rich prose and impressive vocabulary will never cease to amaze. In my opinion, Lisey's Story is one of his best; truly a masterpiece.

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Created: 02/19/07

The King is Back...

Here's what I like about Stephen King. The boy just writes, and he knows how to spin a good yarn. You don't get the feeling that there's a lot of pretense in his novels, but he's more clever than he sometimes lets on.

That's what I liked about Lisey's Story. Its just a lot of honest, heartfelt writing. I also felt like this is the most personal Stephen King novel I've ever read, even though he specifies in his notes that his own wife is not Lisey.

The only issue I had with this book is that at times there seemed to be a lot of dialogue (most of it inner dialogue) just for dialogue's sake. Anyway, I'm not a writer, but it just felt that way to me.

If you're looking for Salem's Lot, this book probably won't help you. If you liked Bag of Bones, then you should love this.

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Created: 05/06/07

Not Your Typical - Lisey's Story - Stephen King

This book doesn't have the typical Stephen King scary characters. BUT - it is still a great page turner! It has your spook, your things that may linger in the dark, but a true story of a woman's struggle with being a widow to a famous aurthur, the troubles her mind allows, the demons that come with both family and with the past, and with those who are so star struck with celebrities that they go too far. Again, I page turner that I wanted to keep reading and reading. No the ghost and goblins, but still a great work of Stephen King's.

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Created: 04/11/07

Lisey's Story

Lisey's Story is by far one of the best books that I have read! Stephen King 's books are always so intense, he has such insight into everything he writes. It always makes you feel like he is the person he is writing about! I do not know any other writer that puts so much into his or her books, I am always so excited when he releases a new book! I personally think Lisey's Story is so good that it will be hard to top but if any one can it would be Stepthen King! I BOUGHT THE BOOK BECAUSE i BUY EVERYTHING HE WRITES.

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Created: 12/06/08

Title tells only a little of what is to be read.

This book,just like the rest of King's writings I have read makes it hard to put down. You can actually put yourself into the writer's place and feel like you are part of the story.Anyone who likes horror or Stephen King will like this book.Her husbands' writings are strange,but they make you want to continue reading to see what is going to happen. I would recommend this to a friend.

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Created: 12/27/07

Nice mixture of horror, suspense, and romance

This novel is a creative twist to Stephen King's usual genre. He has managed to mix horror, suspense and romance all in one story. It is very creative and it kept my attention while reading the entire novel. It is definitely a book that I would recommend reading.

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Created: 01/09/07

This was a great way to complete my collection.

I bought this book because I collect Stephen King novels, but the price of buying a novel is sometimes a little steep. I got this book for about 1/3 of the retail price...and I didn't even have to leave home. (It rains alot in Northern California in the wintertime. I didn't get wet or spend the gas or fight the traffic to drive to the book store.) The book was delivered right to my mail box. This was great! and I received a quality product. It was a win-win situation!

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Created: 11/16/06

Stephen King is the Greatest Writer Ever

I have read almost every book by Stephen King, I loved them all. However, when he wrote books under the name Richard Bauchman, for some reason I just couldn't get into them. I guess I need to see Stephen King's name on the book to get me excited.

When I first started reading Lisey's Story, I thought that it wasn't going to be any good, it just didn't seem like I was reading a book by him.

I kept reading, and I'm glad I did. This story just kept getting better and better. Every page left me wanting more. I stayed up for hours at night to finish it.

A real Stephen King Fan

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