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Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)
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Created: 09/13/10

Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero Together Again

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

In 1967, when Vanessa Redgrave was barely a 30yo, she played the famous leading lady who became the true love of Sir Lancelot (Franco Nero), the handsome knight at King Arthur's round table. Thirty-nine years & son, director Carlo Gabriel Nero, later, Redgrave & Nero were at long last married (in 2006). Although, in the meantime, Redgrave & Nero performed together several times, most notably in "Bella Mafia," they did not perform as lovers.

Now, in this film, Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero are at long last reunited. In fact, that is what the film is about!

A younger American woman (Amanda Seyfried) travels to Verona, Italy. She takes a volunteer position responding to letters which ask for advice on romance from Shakespeare's famous character, Juliet.

Vanessa Redgrave's character, Claire, is the older woman who also goes to Verona, after she gets a letter from 'Juliet'. Once there she begins a quest searching for her long lost love of 50 years past: guess who? Franco Nero (Lorenzo).

While Seyfried turns in a fine performance, Redgrave's is so captivating that this show is hers. The on screen chemistry between the real life husband & wife team is romance personified. Not only are they an attractive couple on & off screen, their love has survived the torrents of reality. I hardly know a soul who hasn't been excited about having this opportunity to watch them as on screen lovers again, 43 years after "Camelot."

In one touching scene, Redgrave shows a maternal kind of affection towards the younger Seyfried. It's nearly too much to take in knowing that it's only been a year & a few months since Redgrave's eldest daughter, Natasha Richardson, died suddenly after a skiing accident. Nero had been the man who walked Richardson down the aisle to marry consummate actor, Liam Neeson.

So the sentimentality essential to making this film work is not only expertly well acted, it's also quite real. My copy of the DVD has already arrived. Doubtless, I'll watch it numerous times.

By the way, this is one DVD that IS collectible when in mint condition.

Since original releases are now in DVD format (instead of VHS), this DVD IS the original release format of the film into the public market. Add to that fact, Vanessa Redgrave's 2009 induction to the BAFTA fellowship of Life Achievers in theater & film; that she's an Oscar, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit & GLAAD award winner (at the very least) & everything Redgrave is in now profits from the quality of her performances.

Look next for "Anonymous" for Redgrave to perform in another film with a Shakespearean theme, as well as "Coriolanous," directed by Ralph Fiennes(making his directorial debut!), "Miral," & "The Whistleblower," all 2010-2011 released films~

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Created: 09/25/10

A Treasure for Families Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

Watching Vanessa Redgrave and her real life husband, Franco Nero, back together
in a film as lovers again proves to be well worth the 40+ year wait! The last times I remember them together both were so young and totally beautiful. I can't recall which movie was the latter of the two: "Camelot" or "A Quiet Month in the Country"?

The plot is about a young woman (Amanda Seyfried) going with her lover to Verona, Italy. While there she becomes involved with a group of women who answer letters written and posted on a wall to Shakespeare's Juliet. In the process, she finds a 50 year old letter and it inspires her to become one of the Juliet letter writers.

The letter was written by Claire, Vanessa Redgrave's character, to Leonardo, Franco Nero's character. After Claire receives the Juliet response to her 50 year old letter in NYC, she goes on a quest in Italy to find Leonardo.

Talk about a movie that aptly deals with the truest meanings of love and romance and this is it. I think this movie will reach the ranks of a romantic classic over time. Redgrave's performance is absolutely essential to the film's success. Nero's performance with her comes very late into the movie.

It's well worth waiting for. I've waited nearly 50 years to see their romantic chemistry performed on screen again. I'll treasure every second.

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Created: 09/20/10

Finally the True Essence of Loving

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

Brava! For at last the finest film has been made that portrays the true essence of loving. This is the kind of loving that knows no limits. Between strangers just as much as between long unrequited lovers.

From the screen to the this heart, the loving between Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero comes through viscerally. I could actually feel what they convey happens between them.

Put all the other goofy and pretentious attempted movies aside because they miss the marks that this one lands. There hasn't been as true a love story on screen since Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains, in "Now, Voyager."
That one is now a classic. I predict "Letters to Juliet" will become a classic too.

PS: Everyone in the family, of every age, can view this movie. There's something in it for all. Again, Brava! Especially to Vanessa Redgrave, whose performance makes this film congeal so well.

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Created: 12/05/10

You'll love "Letters to Juliet" !

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

This is a highly romantic movie set in the delightful setting of Verona, Italy. The characters are touching in their portrayal as the grandson and a young woman help an elderly woman find her first love. Both young and old will enjoy this flim! I highly recommend it.

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Created: 12/16/11

Tuscany Never Looked So Good

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

While the movie was indeed charming and made you feel good watching it, the star of the movie is the landscape of the Tuscany area. How magnificent the country side was captured. All we could think about was wanting to go back to Italy and enjoy Verona, Sienna and the beautiful landscape and way of life enjoyed in Italy. Worth watching for just the scenery. Although Amanda is real "cute".

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Created: 05/14/13

Letters to Juliet

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

This movie was a pleasure to watch, The story line was a bit cute, but enjoyable nonetheless.
I found some of the scenes quite moving. I know wether I am enjoying a film as I smile all the time and thats exactly what I did.
The scenery was wonderfull, and will encourage many visitors to beautifull Verona and the wonderfull Italy.
Pleasant, romantic, sceneic, funny, what more could you ask for. Curl up with a box of chocolates. What a beautiful love story!

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Created: 02/02/11

why I purchase a movie like Letters to Juliet.

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

I enjoy movies set in Italy. I once lived in Italy and I enjoy revisiting via movies. The setting in Tuscany seems to take me away from reality and provides a momment of adventure. I enjoyed one of the main characters from her part in Mama Mia and also the character that initiated the Juliet letter. It is always enjoyable to watch the excitement of the hunt which results in a happy ending. Some things are meant to be. I do not purchase many movies but there are certain movies I like to have on the shelf for when I want to get away without a lot of concentration.

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Created: 09/25/10

Letters to Juliet

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

I loved the Story because of it being a Love Story, The whole movie is Great I love the part where her Nephew is being a Jerk then falls in Love with the person who found the Note after 50 years, The woman who thought she would never find Lorenzo was greatful for the Girl that helped find the note, It is a very touching and Very well written Movie, If you Like Love Stories you will Love this show, I rented the Movie and Thought it was great so I bought it and watched it 5 times already, I Love it But it you won;t regret it,

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Created: 02/09/11

Chic Flick Classic

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

This is a romance film that portrays what the word "chick flick" is all about. We truely enjoyed this film. The story had many, many feel-good scenes. Smiles. Amazing. Redgrave made this the story believability. This film is a classic; one that you want to watch over and over again.

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Created: 10/18/10

Letters to Juliet gets an A+

Review For: Letters to Juliet (DVD, 2010)

This is a sweet movie... perfect for a girls' night! My husband even enjoyed it ~ the scenery of Verona, Italy makes it special for anyone to watch.

It was a pleasure to watch a movie that didn't have any gratuitous language, sex or violence. It's all entertainment and a sweet, sweet story.

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