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LG Voyager VX10000
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LG Voyag...

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Created: 03/08/08

LG Voyager - Verizon's iPhone?

Well I finally got my hands on the phone everyone on Verizon Wireless's network has been getting information about: The LG Voyager, or VX10000. Certainly with its black look, touch screen atop the display, internal memory capability, and plethora of features, most consider this the "iPhone" of Verizon Wireless. Is it though?

I do not plan to go into a "Voyager vs. iPhone" debate as I'm solely looking into the Voyager itself. But I will call out a few things that the Voyager outperforms on from the iPhone's standpoint along with functionality, look, and feel. So, in we go!

At first look, the touch-screen interface is fairly easy to navigate. Simply touch what you wish to go to, and the phone will launch that application or folder. Scrolling by using the touch interface takes a bit of getting used to, but the best way I think of it as is to scroll like you're pushing up a paper out of a folder. The more you slide from down/up or up/down, the more or less you see of the options you wish to select. Keep that in mind as you use the interface.

Speeds on VZW's network and Mobile TV far surpass anything that would be found on an iPhone, as you have 400-700kbps on EV-DO as compared to 135kbps on ED-GE through AT&T's network. And with the faster speeds, the HTML browser allows you navigation of web pages at a faster and easier rate than on an iPhone.

The camera works just as if you have a digital camera in your hand, but be leary iPhone users: you cannot send or receive picture messages on your phone, can you? Oh wait, you can...if you send or receive from/to an email address. Well...the LG Voyager allows it up to its 1.3MP resolution. (The 2.0MP is too large for an MMS message.)

Then, we have to love our QWERTY keyboard for those of us texters who text or type by feel. (PICK ME!) You can still navigate using traditional methods with the flip open as compared to on an iPhone, and it does assist for some back-end usage if you prefer "the old-fashioned way" to doing things.

Sure, the downfall is your memory card must be purchased separately from the phone itself, whereas the iPhone has it built internally. But you can then swap out microSD cards up to 8GB in size allowing for music, photos, or videos to be stored on your Voyager. AND, with a removable battery, you can restart your phone if ever it needs to be hard rebooted. iPhone? Have fun trying to do that without voiding your warranty. And finally, pricing is always expensive with both phones, which may be a drawback to some consumers.

So, alas, the user interface is a bit quirky to get used to, and the device has a bit of a learning curve. What phone doesn't though, these days? Try a Voyager and see what you think of its feel in a Verizon store. 5-Star Rating comes from Mr. Ter. =)

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Created: 04/12/11

Voyager is one of the best Verizon phones ever

These phones are very rugged (suprisingly). I spiked one on a concrete floor and all it did was knock the battery out and dent the corner of the casing. After that my girlfriend got it and somehow she managed to destroy the hinges and data / charging port, but that must have taken a lot of work to accomplish. I had owned the phone for 2 years prior to that and never had any problems, and I am NOT gentle on phones.

The screens are decent sized and the keyboard is easy to use and well laid-out. The speakers are very good for how small they are. The touch screen works well.

The only complaint I had about the phone was that the battery life isn't all that great - plan on charging it once a day, more if you're in a spotty service area.

It seems that LG and Verizon decided that this phone was too good, and have released newer, crappy phones that sort of look like the Voyager. Many of them have horrible keyboards, or they don't take / view video, or seem to have nothing but system problems (as reported by owners), or if they work reasonably well and do all the things the Voyager does, they cost $150 or more and require a $30 / month data plan.

I'd grab one of these phones while you still can if you don't need web access (the Voyager does it, but not very well) or the Android / iPhone OS. This is probably the most feature packed, smartest non-smartphone ever made.

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Created: 04/28/08

LG Voyager - Great Buy

First off I just want to say I own this phone my self and have not found any problems with it. There are so many great features on it first off the touchscreen is great its fun to play with. Secondly it has a good camera on it for a phone of course. Also, opening it up and having a keyboard is great.

The battery life is great I can have it on all day and only go down 1-2 bars on my battery.

The antenna that is hidden is great and actually helps with my TV reception and yes it has TV!

I am texting all the time now as before I would rarely text because the numbers on my old phone were just annoying but now that I have a keyboard all I do is text!

It comes with a decent set of ringtones and the volume is great I listen to music on it and people assume it's coming from a beat box.

It comes with navigator which is great and the browser is built in.

Also the bluetooth is great I happen to have a blue tooth device that I use all the time now.

Also it has an extra memory slot which is great if you have lots of videos/pictures/music going on you phone.

I can't seem to find anything bad about it. I give the LG Voyager a 5/5! Excellent! I truly reccomend it.

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Created: 09/03/10

LG VX10000 Voyager (Verizon) with NO data Plan

I like the fact that this phone has a touch screen and that the touch screen actually works. having upgraded from a samsung glyde sch940 u would know why. That particular phone should never have reached the light of day, the touch screen is constantly frozen and will push every other button but the one u want. I like the voyager cause it never freezes up and you can calibrate the screen to your touch.

You can use the keyboard and still have functionality if you open the phone up. Everything you can do with the touchscreen can be done without the touchscreen, not so with the glyde. Examples, u could not receive or reply texts if the touchpad took a dive, alot of function rely only on keys on the screen which is really bad. I bough my voyager used but it is a trooper and still functions better than a new glyde. I can even have the verizon tv service and this phone does not mandate a DATA PACKAGE, a big plus four me cause i dont need it, but still want a multimedia phone thats not an antique ( or flip phone). Best dollars for your money with a cool look and feel and operation thats easy and friendly.
Dislikes; the space bar on the phone is not in the bottom buta regular button on either side of the phone. takes a getting used to and you will hit wrong keys when typing but not the end of the world. U may tend to pull it out of your pocket upside down as the orientation on the face is not very clear. Phone is a tad bit big compared to newer 3g touch phones but not very noticeable and not bulky either. More steardy i would say u could drop this puppy and not be afraid.

Go ahead and buy it if you want a good phone without breaking the bank or getting a marriage contract with verizon. if you want a cool phone without the data packages and nickel and dime this is the way to go. Still good for people who use internet or email and downloads but excellent for people who prefer to do that stuff on a laptop.

Last but not least, dont ever get the samsung glyde sch u940. U will run it over with your car. ( i already did mine)

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Created: 02/04/10

Voyagers #1 for text messages and style no data plans

I have owned 5 LG Voyagers.Lost a few of them ,wanted the titanium model instead of black, but have never had one just quit working for me. I love these phones because of the full keyboard, lets face it I text like a 15 year old! I use a memory card,so no more Ipod required! This phone does the job of phone and Ipod, with plenty of room for music and pictures with a memory card inserted. I recently lost my 4th Voyager, and to my dismay Verizon NO LONGER carries these phones!! Now to get the same internal texting keyboard the are suggesting the LG Envy Touch. I like that phone as well , it has a really cool feature of tilting the phone to drive cars in downloaded games. Kinda cool, so I was going to go that route. BUT , as of January 1st of 2010, Verizon REQUIRES a data plan with all smart phones. This means that wether you use the internet or not, you will be paying an extra $10.00 on your plan just to own this phone!! I dont use the internet on my phone, heck thats why I have a laptop!!But the will NOT let you opt out of this plan, so your going to pay $120.00 bux a year to have the envy , even if you never access the web!! So I decided to get on ebay and buy a used voyager. There are plenty of those here, and if you use a little insight and keep at the bidding , you can get one for around $110.00 that is in like new condition. I look at it like this, what I spent on the phone will be saved on the calling plan in less than one year! So I think if your a big texter, and dont use the internet, a Voyager is the phone your looking for.

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Created: 01/31/08


Overall this is the best phone I have ever owned. I came from a Palm Treo 700w PDA and the Voyager shares many of the same options. One thing I noticed right off the back, however, is the Voyager's inability to play your music while doing other things such as texting or surfing the internet. It's not a big deal. The touch screen on front seems pressure sensitive and once you get use to it makes it easy to scroll through contacts, options, and pictures. Simply push and slide your finger up or down and the faster/longer you slide the faster and more the screen scrolls it's nice. Speaking of pictures the 2 megapixel camera produces very nice photos. There doesn't seem to be a zoom option unless I'm missing it and the capture button is located so that your finger may get in the picture until you get use to it. Also, no stencils and few picture effects compared to many other phones, but again the picture quality makes up for all this! I bought Sonic the Hedgehog and it looks and plays great on the phone. Yesterday I watched the ENTIRE UVA vs Maryland basketball game on the phone while I was at work and it was great. The tiny picture was surprisingly clear I could even read the stats at the bottom of the screen. The Voyager has a built in pull out antenna, but reception was pretty clear without it in use in my area. Internet seems to view and load as fast if not faster then the iphone my friend has at work(another guy has a ipod touch all 3 surf the web about the same to me). Comparing it to that I think the Voyager is a sturdier and smaller phone even though it's slightly thicker. That's due to the sweet inside screen and keyboard that make texting and surfing the web easier then that on the ipod touch and iphone. I think this is the biggest advantage and what makes the Voyager more fun(plus Verizon doesn't sell the iphone!) I can't think of anything else I got a 2gb SD card off ebay for like $35 and have a 100 songs on it they all sound good especially with the phone flipped open. Oh speakerphone only works with the phone open which bothers me from time to time, but I'll get over it I love the phone. Hope this was helpful....

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Created: 04/03/08

The Official Verizon LG Voyager Review

I have an LG Voyager, and I thought that I would help you guys out and write a review about it.

First off, let me tell you. I HIGHELY RECCOMMEND THIS PHONE! It is a great phone that has every aspect in a mobile device that you would need.

It has a TOUCH SCREEN, email, real web browsing with Verizon's extremely fast EVDO network, bluetooth, many tools, QWERTY KEYBOARD, an mps player, MOBILE TV, spoeakerrphone, 2 megapixel camera, video recorder, and many other accessories.

The call quality is great - whether on speakerphone or holding it up to your ear. The sound is extremely clear and understandable.

The charge time is very good - a full day of use only takes it down to about 2 bars. You can also buy an extended battery.

The MP3 player is great, and you can get up to an 8GB storage card. The sound quality is amazing.

The touch screen is smooth and responsive, and very easy to navigate with. The menus for the inside of the phone are very easy to navigate through, too.

There are 8 channels of Mobile TV, and there are more to come. channel surfing is very easy, and the picture quality is almost high-def comparable.

The bluetooth and other accessories all work great, and there are a great variety to choose from.

The QWERTY keyboard is very widespread, and anyone with small to large fingers can type very easily.

The service is also extremely good.

I would give this phone a 10 out of 10, but I wouldn't say it is an iPhone killer. I would call it an iPhone brother. They both have unique characteristics that set them apart, and I would say that they are equal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Message me through eBay. My I.D. is trevor090492.

And please leave feedback for this review.


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Created: 12/09/07

one of 2007's best phones

The good: The LG Voyager VX10000 has a cutting-edge design with a brilliant touch screen and a spacious keyboard. It offers a generous features set that includes EV-DO support, V Cast Mobile TV Bluetooth, a top-notch Web browser, and an integrated GPS application. And if that's not enough, its call quality was excellent.

The bad: The LG Voyager VX10000's camera lacks such extra options as a flash and Wi-Fi. The touch screen can be clunky at times, and the streaming video quality and EV-DO connection speed were uneven.

The bottom line: Though we had some minor complaints here and there, the Voyager's sleek design, generous feature set and excellent performance make it the best LG messaging and multimedia phone by far.

Specs: Band / mode: CDMA 800/1900; Combined with: With digital camera / digital player;

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Created: 01/24/11

LG Voyager VX10000 (Verizon)

I Love this phone so much. it was the best $65.-- i ever spent.
it is a great, fully functional phone with a few minor scratches on the back, so what right.
it has a 2 MPX Camera and a Full QWERTY Keyboard with a Folder Style Flip From the Ext. Screen to the Int. Screen With QWERTY Keyboard.
The Titanium color helps me not to loose it and so does the size...
it has a micro sd slot. and a data port cable to upload music and stuff from the computer.
it has a built in mp3 player and it has EVDO to search the web. and check your email (with data plan only)

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Created: 05/05/12

This is a great media touch screen phone with no data package required

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: LG Voyager VX10000 - Black (Verizon) Cellular Phone

I bought this phone because my camera wouldn't work on my current phone, and this phone not only had a large screen, but the ability to record video also. As a recent newbie to the text world, this phone also had the biggest full keyboard to accommodate my clumsy fingers. With an 8 gig card, I have copied and pasted all my mp3/mp4/jpg audio/video/pics directly to the card from my laptop, and there's no data package required! Also, there's no more 2 year commitment to Verizon. The downside is Verizon's non support for backup assistant and other apps, but they will copy your address book from your old phone free of charge. BitPim will allow you to subsequently get your info to a laptop or PC through your USB connection. You can still do this with your unactivated old phone through USB or Bluetooth connections. This phone can use a wired or Bluetooth stereo headset/mic with a button to go from phone to music, and is Bluetooth compatible with GPS devices for hands-free vehicle use. As a Verizon discontinued item, it came brand new in an OEM sealed Verizon retail box with all the usual wires, chargers and battery. It activated flawlessly, and I'm now a happy camper. This is my first move away from "New Every Two" from Verizon and a step up from a regular cellphone to something better with the advantage of not getting locked in to Corporate America's stranglehold on my wallet.

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