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LG Shine CU720
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Created: 05/02/12

Still a nice little non-smartphone

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

In had this Phone from mid 2009- mid 2010, and looking back I can honestly say that this is my favorite non-touch phone I have ever owned.

The hardware:
> first of all lets address the casing. I cant think of another phone that has a FULL anodized brushed metal housing. It gives the phone a nice feel in the hand as well as wears nicely with minimal visable chips and scratches.

> the screen, was huge for its time, and crystal clear for its time too. now-a-days its still not too bad

> the Mirror finish on the screen, was this models primary selling point. and i will say that its not bad but one really needs a screen protector to preserve the finish in the long haul. And a screen protector will haze the reflection.(although im not sure how a mirrored screen protector would layer over the screen) So either way if you only want a pocket mirror i would reccomend a compact

> The keyboard is also lazer-cut backlit metal, it is in the standard 12 key dialpad layout, and is in the same style as the origional razr flip phone. It is cramped however it doesnt take much to get used to.

> I remember the Battery life on the phone being very good up untill about a month or so before its demise. eaisily made it though a 6-8 hr day with light use (checking the time and 10-20 text messages, and a few email checks) then couldget another 3 or so hours of talk time before dropping down to less than 20%

> The Camera was my favorite thing about this phone, although it is only a 2mp, it takes better pictures than any phone i have has since then.
>the 'joystick' directional nub, is a unique and creaive albeit annoying method of navigation on this phone. This is what causes the greatest learning curve.

Obviously this is no Android or Smartphone, but the User Interface is still nice and clean, you have the option between 2 different color schemes White or black. And 2 different menu styles, either icons or list format.

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Created: 11/01/08

great phone

Resolution2 megapixels
Live Video Capture and Playback60 min (CIF, 15fps)
Music Player
Supported Music FormatsAAC, MP3, WMA
AT&T Mobile Music
Subscription Music ServiceseMusic Mobile, Napster Mobile
Streaming RadioMobiRadio, XM Radio
Customizable Equalizer
MusicID - Identify songs you're listening to
Create Music Playlists
Text MessagingInsert pictures, video clips and sound clips easily
Instant Messaging (IM)AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger
Video Share
Mobile EmailAOL, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live
Video & Web
Web browser
MEdia Net for wireless internet access
CV - news, sports, weather, entertainment and more
Media Mall
Answer Tones
Cool ToolsMobile Banking, MobiTV, MySpace Mobile, eBay
Gamespuzzle, sports, action, card, racing and more
GraphicsChoose from your favorite music artists, celebrities, sports heroes, and more
Calendar, Alarm clock, Call waiting, Caller ID, Personal Organizer
Address book
Conference calling
Call Forwarding
3Ghigh-speed data and voice
World PhoneQuad-band
Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
USB connectivity
Hands-free speakerphone
Voice dialing and voice commands

for more information go to​ll-phone-service/cell-phone-de​tails/?device=LG+Shine(TM)-(Re​furb)&q_sku=sku2380237

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Created: 12/16/08

LG Shine (Cu720)

Alright, so first off this is definitely a beautful phone, no matter what color you get it in. I have the red one myself.

Functionality - I personally think it's a little bit awkward, and texting is a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be. On the keypad more than once did I press multiple buttons at once, and then with the Toggle 'Send' key I sometimes accidently sent mid-message. The menu's could have been customized a little bit more as well. I own a samsung A737 as well, and I miss all the music options that were placed in that little phone.

The Shine does a good job of playing music, but once you get used to hearing anything you want while texting, or just messing around with the settings on your phone, it's something you begin to miss.

Durability - Geez, could this be a more hardcore phone? Despite the face being somewhat scratchable (I mean, it IS a mirror finish) the metal backing and the weight of the phone definitely keep it from being damaged quite a bit.

I think this phone also has the better camera out of any one I've used recently. The flash option is incredibly bright, and I love not having to use the slide to reveal my camera. It's these small things that make a difference.

Unfortunately, my battery life was only sub-par, I don't know if anyone else is having these problems. That's mainly why I go back to my other phones so quickly. 10 minutes on a call and my phone is dead! It's really only good for pictures and texting.

Overall, it's a beautiful phone with good signal, and a great price on a contract phone whether or not you are becoming a customer, already a customer, or just buying the phone outright.

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Created: 05/04/09

Overall-A Good, Solid Phone

PRO-Phone is VERY sleek and modern, a good phone that still retains the use of buttons (different from all the cheap iPhone knockoffs that are being released). Full body metal casing is a great turn from ordinary, dull plastic. The sliding part of the phone is firm, and has a great *snap* to it. Mirror-screen truly acts like a mirror when the LCD is inactive. The camera is a great on-the-go alternative to digital cameras, flash works great, zoom-during-capture while in video mode is a plus. Ordinary, simple interface is great for people tired of smartphones. Able to apply various effects to photos.

CON-Though i purchased mine used, i have just begun to find that dust can find its way under the screen; yet i assume this is typical of most phones anyway. Buttons ARE indeed quite small, and you will make accidental typos when texting/dialing. All buttons on the phone make a considerable amount of noise when you push them, except for the navigation joystick. Call quality is average, some calls are dropped, though it is a very small amount. Currently, I use a 1 GB storage card, and despite this, i have not been able to find a way to divert texts to my card, and therefore must delete texts every 100 per inbox/sent. Graphics are nominal, average for any phone below a smartphone. No hotkey to lock phone immediately when closed, must wait for a timeout.

OVERALL-Great phone, would recommend to anybody who loves sleek looking devices, and does not like contemporary touchscreen phones and/or smartphones

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Created: 09/18/08

Nice, but nothing really new

Good phone, only problem is the functionality like getting through menus and such. I always press the right key thinking it's the "end call" key. Then get frustrated having to press the red key after missing it the first time. Plus, hitting the call and end call key is kind of hard if you have bigger fingers/thumbs since they are inconveniently placed right under the upper part that slides. But other than that I give this phone 4 stars because of it's design, it look nice and the features such as 3G and 2MP camera and video player. So overall good phone.

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Created: 07/08/09

LG Shine (CU720) Good buy for the money

1. Rather Stylish
2. Easy to use
3. Good bluetooth - Pairs with other devices easily
4. Easy to transfer numbers to via bluetooth
5. Decent antenna
6. loud enough to hear the ringer when in pocket and it is clear
7. Great price
8. Like the stainless steel shell
9. Feels solid and not flimsy like other phones i've had (kyocera)
10. call quality is good
11. Screen brightness is good
12. Have always liked sliders... this one is no exception

1. The mirror finish scratches easily
2. Difficult to use the joystick like control in the center. I always seem to do the click than use the directional feature I was looking for. Then i just might have fat fingers.
3. Some of the features of the left and right buttons are counterintuitive.
4. The phone is relatively thick, so dialing can prove to be difficult if not looking at the keypad - guess I should set up voice dialing.
5. Battery life is bad when travelling in and out of coverage zones. - Purchase a car charger for this reason

Overall impression. The mirror finish on the screen is gimmicky, and rather pointless, other than for looks. I am definitely glad that i bought the phone, and if given the choice would still purchase the phone. It is a great value for the money, and having had various LG phones in the past this one is just as easy to use as all others.

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Created: 02/02/09

Great looking phone and has a lot of nice features

I looked at a great deal of phones before deciding on purchasing the lg shine. I bought an unlocked one so I could use it with my T-Mobile prepaid plan. Overall, I am pleased with the phone. It looks great, has a very clear and excellent 2 mp camera and it has a lot of features. There are some cons with the phone: poor battery life(my battery usually lasts for about two days on standby which is pretty pathetic), the phone is quite heavy but I can live with that, the camera has no zoom even though it said so on lg's website and lastly dust and even a strand of hair have found a way underneath my screen and I can't get them out. So that is really disappointing because every time you look at the screen there is a bunch of dust particles and a strand of hair clearly visible. Rather than those cons the phone is excellent but not perfect but it would make a great phone for someone who wants a stylish yet functional phone. I got mine for around $100 and it was used but in superb condition.

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Created: 08/23/09

LG Shine (CU720)

This is a wonderful phone that is fairly simple to use. It has a good amount of features when you consider that it is not the "newest" item on the market. The videos and photos are quite good for a phone of this size and the flash feature is a bonus in dark places. The music player is nice but it does not seem to support files at a high bit rate (192 or less should work from my experience). Overall all, I have been quite happy with this phone so far. I am a bit concerned with the feel of the slider feature though. It feels as though they could have used a few more screws to attach the lcd display but for the price and the turn around time that most people keep their phones these days, it should be enough.

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