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Kyocera Lingo M1000
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Created: 02/27/09

Great Fun Texter Xlnt QWERTY despite a 'freeze' Quirk

I've had this little dual screen QWERTY by Kyocera for maybe a month now with the Virgin Mobile provider and very few complaints at all. I've had two other Virgin phones, the Marbl and the TNT by Kyocera also and this is the upgrade since I like to text a lot.

The Wildcard (aka kyocera M1000) is a bit on the thick side when closed if you're used to thin candybar cellphones, and the external buttons kind of close together to make them a little harder to push than the Marbl's or TNT's.

But its true purpose is the QWERTY inside the flip and that more than makes up for the thick profile when using it just as a phone; I almost never use the external keypad except for making calls.

The brightly backlit QWERTY keypad is pretty well arranged, with a good feel to the keys, it is MUCH faster typing texts or emails on and well worth the $90 I paid for it for the amount of time saved not having to do one finger typing.

I hold the phone with both hands when QWERTY texting and type with thumbs,it's too awkward to try to lay it on a table and attempt to 'type' as I would with a keyboard.

Texting allows the same emoticons the Marbl has on it, which of course are fun to add to a text even for old kids in their forties like me.

If the signal strength is weak, like it often is where I live up in the woodsy hills, the texts sometimes don't send til I take the phone to a spot where signal improves, or I get occasional dropped or fuzzy call quality. But that's not the fault of the phone, I live in a fringe signal area outside of town. About a half mile farther down the road, signal strength shoots WAY up.

I have a cell with another provider and sometimes I get error messages with that service saying the text couldn't send but when Virgin can't send the text it prompts to re-send instead of telling me later the message didn't arrive. That is a BIG plus.

The ONE QUIRK is, the phone freezes sometimes. So far that only has happened when starting to text, I have to remove the back/battery and put the battery back in again to reBoot. It needs a RESET BUTTON. It doesn't happen often though.

The browser on the phone is about as good as on the Kyocera TNT, I can read/send emails using Yahoo, but for some reason my Hotmail box quit allowing me access to login on the TNT and that is still the case on the Wildcard browser. There are a few other email accounts possible on the phone, and it also has 'pushmail' or 'ozmail,' I get Yahoo alerts and can access my mailbox without logging in or starting the VXL browser.

The camera is fun, but image hard to see in strong lighting when trying to take pix. I can use the pix for caller ID's. I can view the pix in mobile Yahoo mail if I send photos to store in my emailbox.

Virgin is one of the cheapest prepaid cell service providers, no '$1/day' fees to get 10c minutes, just a per minute talk charge depending on which pack or plan I have.

I can do almost all account business right on my cellphone browser or by calling the helpdesk, can topup with PayPal, topup cards, debit right from the phone and it's superfast, can check my messaging or data balance right on the phone and unlike some other prepaid services it isn't always sending text message or USD fund balance texts through while trying to text or do email. The only neg I've experienced with them so far is that when my balance dropped below $5 one time, funds kept disappearing from the balance til I topped up again.

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Created: 02/10/11

best phone virgin mobile ever made!

this phone was my favorite phone ever it is like using a tiny laptop when flipped open to full qwerty keyboard view. i had bought my phone in 2008 and it was the best phone i had ever bought. i had it about a year till it fell in the toilet and it ended up getting water damage stopped working would never come on or anything. that was 2 years ago then someone told me if i would have put the phone and battery in a bag of rice it would have cleared the water damage. well just out of couriosity a few months ago i put the battery and the phone seperatly in a bag of rice over night plugged it into the charger and oh my god after 2 years of not working at all it works! i love this phone it went thru hell and back and still works it has been steped on, thrown against walls and cement, and it still works to this day! only thing wrong with it is the front cover went all white can still kind of see thru it though and that was caused by beig almost ran over by my car. but inside of it still worked picture crystal clear still to this day on the inside.great texting and picture messaging and got good ringtones.

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Created: 04/17/09

I Love This Phone (Kyocera WildCard M1000-VirginMobile)

The Wild Card M1000 by Kyocera is a lot like have a Jr. Smart Phone, if you like to txt or have to txt a lot, this is the phone for you, it isn't a slide out,but, it is a Clamshell QWERTY Keyboard, that is so easy to use a child could figure it out,it does make the phone a little on the thick side approx. 3/4"-1", but really not much different then a Palm or BlackBerry, only shorter, it has dual LCD screens, it has Auto Texting, Voice Recognition, IM, E-Mail,Picture Mail, Blue Tooth, 1.3 MP Camera w/flash, Hearing Aide, Headset Sound which is great if you wear a Blue tooth headset a lot and you are 5-25ft away from the phone you hear all the alerts through the headset no the phone, i have personally used all of the fore mentioned and after having 20-25 different phones over the last 15yrs. this is my favorite in every way, it has 100 other uses and options and settings i am still getting to know, It is also a Qualcomm 3G CDMA which i didn't know when i bought it, it trully is a Jr. Smart Phone. The Speaker phone on this is exceptional, it is the 1st phone iv'e owned, where having a speaker phone was an asset, it is loud and very clear, no echo or back noise, it makes it very easy to be doing something else while on the phone, none of my other phones, smart phones, PDA's, could measure up to this one, i have yet to find 1 option w/the Kyocera Wild Card M1000 that wasn't above standard in every way, the only thing that this phone is missing is an SD slot for additional storage, if it had that then i believe Jr. here , would be a thing of perfection & beauty, it is very good looking and the size is perfect for the hand for texting and taking pictures etc. This is 1 phone you will be very happy with, and coming from me that is saying a lot, I'm even starting to enjoy texting, 2 weeks ago i would have rather gone in for a root canal, if you are considering this phone, STOP!& BUY IT!

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Created: 09/05/08

The Kyocera Wild Card - A GREAT Messaging Phone!

This phone is a gem for any huge texter. It is very user friendly and very easy to get used to. I was never too much into txting, but I wanted to get more into it so I purchased this phone and boy am I glad I did. The full QWERTY keyboard is amazing and once you quickly get used to typing on a full keyboard, texting becomes a breeze. One reason I wanted this phone is because I knew if I was gonna get more into texting, a full QWERTY keyboard had to be a feature of the phone because my hands would constantly hurt at the end of the day from texting on a traditional numeric keypad. Ouch!
Well, no more pain with this buddy, he texts perfectly and all without hurt!
I recommend this phone for anyone who is really into the txting scene.

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Created: 12/27/08

The One

From the day I saw it I knew, it was the one. The keyboard is the absolute best part! I like the size of the letter keys. I didn't even realize it have a camera, not very clear, but it was a bonus... It is BEAUTIFUL, SO BEAUTIFUL. I like the size of the nuber keys on the front. Extremely easy to set up to begin using. MUCH easier than the others... Last, I love the color.
I am 14 & would reccommened it for any teenager. It even has a pay as you go plan with top up to make it an easier buy for your parents as well...LOVED IT

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Created: 12/05/10

I like this phone

The phone is easy to use and it works well. I bought the 1 weeks ago and was immediately please with the number of features available on this inexpensive phone. It has a The size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan. My only complaint is that the menu system on the phone makes you click four times before you can find someone in the address book, set an alarm, or perform a additional functions. Other phones I've owned have simpler menus and get you to important features easily. Overall, I'd recommend the phone if you're on a budget.

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Created: 02/15/09

Excellent phone with all of the conveniences.

It is a really great phone, especially if you like to text! It's got a qwerty keyboard and it also has all of the other conveniences of a cell phone. You can download ringtones, games, and etc and access the web. The camera works on it well also. If you want all of the conveniences, then you should get this phone. Also since you use it in conjunction with virgin mobile, you can control the amount spent on the phone since it is a prepaid type service. Great for a teenager or someone on a budget.

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Created: 08/12/09

Best Phone for Texting - Best Pre-Paid Service!

I had to search for this phone as it is out of stock most places. I found it at E-Bay and also found the best price here, as well! My soon-to-be 11 year old daughter absolutely loves this phone, and actually wanted this one back after I had bought her a much more expensive and much higher-tech touch screen with all the bells and whistles. I also want to comment on the fact that Virgin Mobile has simply the best pay-as-you-go plan available, and I have searched them all! It is easy to manage, they give special deals all the time including random acts of kindness where they give free airtime just because you are a customer! They use the Sprint network, as well! They have gained my loyalty and I hope they are in business for a long time and continue to prosper and provide the same excellent service that I've had so far. The only negative side to Virgin Mobile is that it is a little harder than it should be to get ahold of customer service, but don't let that stop you by any means! This phone rocks as far as my daughter is concerned and Virgin Mobile rocks as far as her dad (who's paying the bill!) is concerned! Be blessed!

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Created: 06/08/10

kyocera wildcard

i was in the market for another & i got the kyocera wildcard. Virgin mobile have a good text message rate & with the wildcard its better. The buttons are easy to easy to navigate with & the phone is not heavy at all it takes decent pictures but im of fan of texting & its the main reason i got the phone & it does not look bad either. As for what i dislike about it nothing, its a good phone. If somebody wanted me to refer a good texting/starter phone this would be it & with the other benefits of virgin mobile its sweet

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Created: 04/05/10

love this phone

this phone is super easy to use and is great for txting. i was buying this one to replace my previous phone of the same model (son dropped in the tub)other than that its VERY durable, can handle lots of drops and digs

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