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Konica Minolta MAXXUM 5D
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    Created: 06/01/07

    Exclnt Camera, Great Price

    I purchased the Minolta Maxxum 5D camera as an upgrade to my 35mm (**Minolta Maxxum 400si). I originally had planned to purchase a different brand. However, while researching the various models/brands, testing store displays, reading reviews, etc... I found that for the price, the 5D had the most features, including the built-in anti-shake system.

    It has received positive/superior reviews from various entities, including photographers from amateur to professional levels. In several cases, it rated higher than the Sony Alpha which replaced it when Sony took over Minolta's camera division. It is relatively easy to learn how to operate.

    A very important feature that was a deciding factor, is that all the lenses I currently **own will work on this camera. This alone saved me several hundred dollars. Since Minolta is no longer in the camera business, I was able to purchase this camera new for a few hundred dollars less than what it sold for before Sony took over.

    There is not an over abundance of dials and buttons on this unit as with many other brands/models. They are efficiently located and easy to use. Its compact size is also a plus. This unit has been a great pleasure to use.

    There are only two features this unit does not have which I believe would have made this the perfect semi-budget camera: 1) Ability to charge battery while in the camera. 2) Ability to see image on the LCD prior to taking the picture.

    Overall, this is a great camera. I would highly recommend this camera to a photographer of any skill level.

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    Created: 05/02/10

    This is my second 5D

    Six months ago I bought a new in box Maxxum 5D and loved it. I am an old 35mm guy and have a Maxxum 7000. All my lenses from the 7000 worked perfectly on the 5D with the added bonus of increased focal length. So my 75 to 300 zoom was about a 112 to 450. I actually like the older lenses better than the new ones. In March my camera bag was stolen out of our car. Insurance paid off and I couldn't believe I found another new in the box 5D. I am still looking for lenses but am back to taking pictures.

    The 5D is simple to use much like the Maxxum 7000 in the auto mode but also offers a lot of advanced features so you can be more creative as you learn more. The controls are laid out very well and with very little practice your can make adjustments to get just the right exposure. The nice thing is being digital you can just delete the shots that don't come out like you want.

    I wish when Sony bought Minolta they had continued the 5D line and pretty much kept it the same but increased the mega pixel count. But 6.1 is not bad for most applications unless you plan to enlarge your prints past about 8X10 or maybe 11X16.

    I love this camera and plan on using it for a long time. I also will never leave it in the car in front of my house or anywhere else. We had been on a trip and were leaving the next day for another and the camera just got left in the car overnight. Then it was gone.

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    Created: 12/07/08

    The long-awaited Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D 6.1 Megapixel

    This is my first digital SLR camera and I like it. This camera has a lots of features. It has a Built-in Anti-Shake performance. With this anti-shake it's possible to reduce blur caused by camera shake, even when taking photos in low light, night scene, in natural light using a telephoto lens and also in macro shots. It has Bright 2.5 inch LCD monitor. With this large LCD provides you for clear image viewing and also works as a navigation display of the camera. It has image adjustment and control. You can select your scene from portrait, sports, landscape, sunset and night view. This function makes it quick and easy to take beautiful shot without the need of complicated settings. Catching the a great smile, the winning shot in game, the beautiful landmarks, the sun and the night scene. It has a user friendly dials that you will quickly feel familiar with. Also what I like from this camera is the interchangeable lens. I can use any A-type bayonet lens with this camera. This camera is simple operation in stylish, compact design with a high-quality and lightweight.

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    Created: 06/23/06

    KM 5D Digital SLR

    I bought the Konica Minolta Digital 5D SLR in order to use my Maxxum lenses from my several Minolta 35mm SLR Cameras. I am extremely happy with the ease of use and the many professional functions available to me. All of my lenses from the 5 electrical contacts to the 8 contacts function beautifully. The built in flash is great and "on the money" even without ADI lenses. I was disappointed that the Older macro ring flash would not funtions as a TTL and was useable only with manual settings. I have since invested in the newer flash controller and my Macro shots are great with the adjustable power settings
    (instead of ND filters to cut down on the output of the older type N controller).

    Even though Sony bought Konica Minolta, the new Sony Alpha 1000 is an update with some new features of the 5d and is a 10 megapixel camera that will use all of my older Minolta maxxum lenses and accessories. My 5D has had an extension of life through Sony that I look forward to.

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    Created: 07/09/07

    Konica Minolta MAXXUM 5D 6.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

    I purchased this camera because of the good reviews on features and on low noise. I had been looking at the Sony A100 but was concerned about the review on high noise above ISO 400. The 5D has exceeded my expectations even though I'm still in the digital learning process. I believe this is a well built camera that will exceed all of my needs and I would buy it again. The 5D accepts the several Minolta autofocus lenses that I have which is another reason for my purchase. I believe the 5D takes you right up to the professional level yet is still fairly simple to operate. If a person wanted to get more technical the 7D would probably be Minolta's best shot. I believe Konica-Minolta built competitive cameras in the 7D & 5D and it is a shame they had to fold their tents and leave the business. I am pleased that Sony has followed on thereby leaving an open channel for accessories for these cameras. I have no dislikes as yet but really don't expect any. The histogram set up is excellent and a feature I really appreciate, especially when you can make immediate corrections with the digital camera. Another selling feature is the Anti-shake in the camera and not in the lense driving up the price. Plus all AF lenses are then anti-shake. I'm happy with this purchase.

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    Created: 07/02/06

    Great camera but they are out of business

    The Konica/Minolta 5d is a great camera just like everyone has said. The camera takes great photos, is relatively easy to use, and has the capability of taking both fully auto and manual photos.

    Here is the rub, in case you aren't aware, Konica/Minolta quit making cameras. They are still in business but not as a camera retailer. Lens companies have halted production of lenses that are compatible with Konica and I can imagine it is only going to get harder and harder to find parts for these cameras.

    I did hear that Sony purchased the rights to produce these cameras (no idea if this is true or not) but I also heard that they will be selling this same camera under the Sony name, and if that's true, there will probably be no trouble getting parts, I just don't know how long this will all take.

    I love the Konica/Minolta that we own but if I were to purchase a NEW camera I would probably go with a different brand name for now.

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    Created: 05/20/08

    Even a Amateur can produce Excellent photos with the 5D

    The minolta 5D is one of the finest digital slrs made by the legendary company Minolta. With this camera you have the options of shooting in full auto mode for beginners to the more advanced fully programmable modes for the professional. Minolta Digital SLRS excell over other Manufacturers Digital SLRS in the fact that Anti-Shake feature is built into the camera and is functional with most lens used on this camera. With the other Manufacturers cameras, with the exception of Sony, in order to get Anti-Shake Image Stabilization you have to purchase the lenses with the image stabilization built into the lenses. This usually makes for very expensive lenses that the normal photography enthusiast can't afford. Another great feature of the Minolta 5D is the georgeous colors that this camera produces. this charastic has made Minolta renowned for their quality photos that they produce. the legendary Minolta cameras will always set the standard in my opinion that other Manufacturers will try to reproduce, but will never overcome.

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    Created: 02/23/10

    Minolta 5D camera with broken LCD.

    Ive been a minolta user for 25+ years, starting with a XG-1. I have to admit I have been praised for quite a few of my pictures. But with a 5D an amature could take great pictures portrait to scenery to action.For the beginer on automatic to someone more advanced playing with the settings. When your playing with the settings, it takes trial and error, having the manual close by is handy.Takes good shots indoors without a flash. Has a large amount of SLR lenses to chose from. Long battery life with quick rechargeing, and the anti-shake feature for long range zoom lenses. The only thing i dont like is the small amount of off camera flashes that will work on auto mode. Even though they fit the hot shoe, you have to turn the ISO to 100. Now that SONY bought out Minolta, you get Minoltas great camera tech linked with SONYs electronic leadership. SONYs ALFHA series just must be killer!

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    Created: 12/06/07

    Best purchase I have ever made!

    I needed a new digital camera,and I wanted a SLR digital camera because I owned this wonderful Minolta 35mm SLR,and I thought I could use all of my lenses. So I went online to Ebay and found the PERFECT camera. I have been having so much fun with it. And my photos look so very professional,everyone asks me if I am a professional photographer. I laugh and say.........."yes,I wish I was." I am very happy with it and no complaints at all.

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    Created: 03/23/06

    excellent easy to use camera

    Wow, what a nice Camera. Even for someone who took horrible pictures with my dad's High dollar canon SLR, the pic's I take with this camera make me look like a pro. Put it on a scene mode, point and shoot, it's really that easy. Took some pic's at the race the other day in action mode. Cars going by at near 100 mph still looked clear. This is my 3rd Digital camera, it will be a long, long time b4 I upgrade this time. The macro shoots I've taken are clear even in low light. Very, Very pleased.

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