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Knocked Up (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Unrat...
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Created: 05/01/11

Knocked Down By Profanity

I am not that prudish, but I was really put off by so much use of the words s**t and f**k. I have never seen a movie with so much use of these words. Even Martin Scorsese's movies pale by comparson. In most movies a few characters use profanity, here all do. The story is not that great. Comedy about a decent middle class girl pregnant by a down and out guy. The jokes and set ups get boring after a while.

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Created: 05/24/09

Knocked Up

A slow moving story about a one night stand. good actors bad storyline. Few funny moments, I would pass on this.

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Created: 09/21/08

This is a Movie I will NOT watch again!!!!!!!!

When I purchased this movie, I was not wise to the fact that when a movie is NOT RATED, this could mean the content is very "Adult Themed"!!! I watched this movie only once & tossed it in the trash!!! I was appalled that every other word was the "F" word. The meaning of the movie didn't have to have all of the language in it to get the point across of what the movie was trying to say. I can tell you for sure that I will be very careful from now on not to purchase NOT RATED movies again.

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Created: 11/27/07

OMG what a let-down......

I had such high hopes from this movie......
I didnt laugh a single time & found the whole plot
really embarrassing & pathetic!
The actors were not beleivable at all & seemed uncomfortable.
The storyline was lame and the punch lines were vacant.
A total waste of time!
What a pity!

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Created: 12/10/09

thank you for the great service!

Thank you so much for being kind and offering to gift wrap the product!! Happy Holidays!!The movie is great and i think my girlfriend will injoy it very much.

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Created: 11/26/07


I would have rather watched The Golden Girls.... or paint dry, or my dog chase it's tail, or antique roadshow, or the CMA awards etc.

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