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Created: 03/04/10

Prepare to have a quite a fight on (and in) your hands.

Killzone Liberation is a action packed shooter with an overhead, isometric perspective.

There’s plenty of guns spread out across the game. You start with your standard ISA assault rifle. Along the way you’ll come across the enemy Helghast assault rifle, revolvers, shot-guns, missile launchers, chain-guns, & more. There are also secondary weapons available. These include grenades, smoke grenades, & mines. Finding C4 explosives will also be a requirement for some of the mission objectives. For as many weapons as there are, you’re only allowed to carry 1 primary and 1 secondary weapon at any given time. A couple of drivable vehicles will also make an appearance, and there’s even a jet pack!

Thankfully you won’t always have to face the missions alone. Some stages will have you paired up with a team mate to whom you can give orders. The control system makes giving those orders quick an easy. Even when you haven’t dished directions out, they can usually hold their own; however you will occasionally have to provide some medical support by injecting them with health syringes.

The single-player campaign is a decent length. There’s 4 missions each with 4 stages. Each stage can take you anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes to complete. On the first run some of the harder stages may take as long as an hour.
The potential length of each stage is one of the games set backs, as there are no mid-stage save points. There are check points which are decently spaced out, but if you have trouble getting through the final stretch of a stage and have to stop playing after 30 minutes, if you want to turn the game off you’ll be starting that stage all over again. I prefer my hand-held games to be able to provide short bursts of entertainment that can be frequently saved and continued on with. Half an hour was too long for me in between stages.

The length of the stages can be credited to the challenge of the game. Planning a strategy in tight place may take a few rounds before you get it right. After all, it’s not always easy trying to take down a target that’s off screen & has a missile launcher with enough range to target you & fire homing projectiles! But my point, is that the level designs are straight forward enough so you’ll rarely find yourself wondering where you should be going.

Finding bonus items aren’t always as easy. In each stage there are a set # of briefcases hiding about. Each briefcase holds money. Get enough money and you can start upgrading your weapons. But the upgrades definitely don’t come cheap.

Points will get you character upgrades. These are acquired by completing bonus missions. Bonus missions are unlocked as you complete each mission. There’s plenty of bonus missions to pick from but they do repeat in each set you unlock. There’s defend-the-base-missions, beat the clock races to the end of a course, missions where you have to shoot so many targets before time runs out, & more. The better you do, the better the medal you get (bronze,silver,or gold). The better the medal the more points you get. Upgrades include being able to hold more grenades, more syringes, more health, and plenty of other ones. The plethora of upgrades to earn, means the bonus missions will add a lot of replay for the completionist. But like the rest of the game gold medals won’t come easy.

Plenty of intense fire fights with a range of weapons to choose from and extra value added with each mission you complete and multi-player availability will keep you busy.

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Created: 10/08/08

A Very, Very Good PSP Game

Killzone: Liberation is an overhead, 3rd person shooter for the PSP. Not being an FPS, it may not fully appeal to fans of the original. The idea of making it an overhead shooter does work, though.

The only problem is that everything appears so small on the little screen. Despite this, the graphics are amazing for the PSP. From the overhead perspective, you get to see the enemy approach from all sides and the audio is great so that you hear their distinctive voices and the explosions and gunshots.

Playing the game can be a little difficult. It takes a while to figure out how to get your character to aim in just the direction you want him to. There is an autoaim that works somewhat well but you can't always count on it. In some parts, you get to have a 'teammate' who you can order around which works very well. You do need to watch the health of your buddy, though. You also get to control tanks and other vehicles which make for fun breaks from the regular action. The money and points system make the game more interesting by letting you purchase upgrades.

This game is supposed to be a sequel to the original Killzone for the PS2 and thus continues the great story, but not in FPS. Each map has so many dollars and you are timed so there is much replayability possible.

This game, by itself, is a very fun and challenging game. As I mentioned before, it may not fully appeal to fans of the original due to it not being an FPS.

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Created: 01/01/07

Not for the uncoordinated

I have never played the original Killzone but it's fairly easy to catch on to the story. The game itself has some fairly good duck and shoot mechanics. It takes a little while to figure out how to get from place to place without getting killed but you'll get it. I especially like the supply depot mechanic. The game designers seem to place these things exactly where you need them and nowhere else so that you can trade off guns and get health but don't get too complacent.

I do feel that I need to mention something about the difficulty. I'm playing this game on normal and I feel that I'm pretty good at video games but this game can be HARD. It's usually pretty challenging and you will find yourself restarting from checkpoints a lot, but some parts make you feel like the game designers have a personal vendetta against you. There's a spider tank that is just mercilessly difficult. Most people take dozens of tries to defeat it.

If you're patient and are looking for a nice challenge, pick up this game, as it's one of the better games in the PSP library.

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Created: 08/02/10

killzone liberation for psp

i like the game for the price,,
the game itself is not all that to my liking but i mainly got it because i want to begin collecting killzone games and stuff or mostly just games because i like the storylines and gameplay
the game works
the only thing that yu could complain about is the case,, the case doesnt close on the top part because a plastic nub thing is broken but its all good
i dont care much about that
anyway not an entirely bad game,, i just hoped that i would win a black lable at least not a greatest hits copy but oh well,,

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Created: 03/05/10

great action game

killzone liberation is a good action game for the psp.
good multi player experience.
good graphics
average story line
i recommended it to every psp owners.

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Created: 02/13/12


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great game! Good for beginners using PSP and those who like adventure games. This game has a lot of features.

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Created: 10/16/08

Killzone: Liberation

Awesome game, if you like third person viewpoint you will probably love this one. Although Killzone for the PS2 was not that good this one is fun to play, give it a chance. It does get annoying trying to aim at the enemies though other than that it is a good game.

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Created: 10/16/08

Great Game

I have played this game twice and it has been fantastic both times. Detailed layout, great weapons and awesome combination of action and stategy. Highly recommended

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Created: 02/16/11

A Great entry into the Killzone universe

Even though this is not a fps. the top down view works well on the psp . A good action packed game .

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Created: 07/22/08

Long awaited

The graphics are awesome in this game. The only thing that could have been better are the controls of it. It takes some getting used to, but after you master them the game is pretty good. I cant wait for the second one to be released on Playstation 3. If you can find a copy of this game for a good price its well worth buying.

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