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Created: 11/19/06

A Light Hearted and Sweet Film

Just My Luck
Rating: PG-13 for some brief sexual references
Release Date* May 12th, 2006

A cute and fluffy tale about a girl who has all of the luck in the world, but dosen't put it to good use. Lindsay Lohan is charming in this romantic comedy about luck, which (my opinion) isn't one of her best and funny movies (Mean Girls, I think). Chris Pine and her are a perfect couple as a good luck charm and a bad luck magnet.

Ashley Albright has a great job, great friends, and gets great guys. But, there is one thing... she takes her good luck for granted.

Jame Harden, the bad luck magnet, is on the way of failure, doing whatever he can to get good luck (hanging a horse shoe on his door for instance).

At a masquerade ball, everything changes once Ashley kisses Jake. All of her good luck goes down the drain and Jake gets it, switching his bad luck with her good luck.

Suddenly, Ashley is plauged with disaster after disaster, and Jake moving on up with fame and glory, and along with awesome and cool Mcfly, an awesome band.

Ashley, desperatley trying to find the Jake, finding out what happened, she discovers that her twist of fate was the luckiest thing that ever happened to her.

This movie is funny and heart warming and teaches us "all" a message, "Never take you good luck for granted." This movie is particulary for the pre tween, but adults will also enjoy this romantic comedy about luck.

Hope you enjoy! If you liked this, you make like;
The Devil Wears Prada~ Meryl Streep
Mean Girls~ Lindsay Lohan
The Perfect Man~ Hilary Duff

Overalll grade* B+

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Created: 11/15/06

Amusing Family Film

I was pleasantly surprised by this film! Considering it was rated pg-13, I was expecting some gross sexual inuendo. However, the inuendos were mild, and I probably missed some of them altogether. In actuality, it was a pretty clean movie!
The only thing I did not like about the movie was the fact that Lindsay Lohan was trying to portray a much older woman, and knowing her age and her previous work, it was to make that work in my mind. She does an admirable job however.
It's about a young girl who has been extremely blessed with good luck. Unfortunately, one fateful kiss turns everything around and she passes her luck on to the unsuspecting guy, who trades it with his own bad luck.
I laughed aloud several times at her misfortunes and some of the ironies between the characters' relationship.
A good movie to watch with teenage girls!

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Created: 09/10/10

Just My Luck

Review For: Just My Luck (DVD, 2006, Canadian; Dual Side)

Just My Luck has been one of my most treasured movies since I was younger, back when Lindsay Lohan was the next big thing. That is, until she ruined her fabulous career with the drugs, the DWI arrest, etc. So I'v ebeen searching for a cheaper copy of the original movie and when I had no such luck, I found ebay. Eventually, I came across a copy that I felt was within my price range so I bought it. And I was so super happy when I got it in the mail! The dvd plays perfectly, no scratches on the disc or any parts ruined on the case. It's just like new! Perfect condition of a hilarious movie that is worth paying $5 for.

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Created: 07/31/09

Just My Luck Review

I bought this movie for my sister who really likes Chris Pine after seeing him in Star Trek. I had no intention on watching or ever remotely enjoying this film, however the trading of places and funny unlucky moments got me interested. This movie is one of the few entertaining Lindsay Lohan movies, and I enjoyed it, and this is coming out of a 20 year old 240 lb guy.

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Created: 05/06/08

A movie for Lohan lovers

OK, so the plot isn't anything new and the movie didn't exactly receive the highest scores--but overall it's the sweetest romantic comedy about luck and karma I've seen in a while. It's one of Lohan's most charming works--before her partying crash. And the guy isn't bad either!

Personally, I liked it, but it's definitely not for everyone.

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Created: 11/01/06

Just My Luck

Review For: Just My Luck (DVD, 2006, Canadian; Dual Side)

Very Cute. Chick Flick mostly. I love it because there is nothing dirty in it, it's rated G, no sex, no cuss words, for a healthy young teenage audience. My 24 year old sister, with a Masters in English, loved the movie- She does not like much movies- she'd prefer to read a book- so I'd say it would be for an audience of all ages- but mostly for girls.

It's the kind of movie you watch for fun. When you don't really want to think, and you just want some entertainment, but you want to be lifted up in spirits a little.

It starts on a good note, and ends on an even better note. Very sweet. I love how the actors and actresses actually have personalities, values, morals, and how real they act. One of my favorite movies. Very sweet and loveable. Any one could relate to it- very real!!!! ^_^

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Created: 02/06/11

Cute Movie

Not a big Lindsey Lohan fan but I love Chris Pine. I decided to buy it because it was on tv and it kept my attention and I figure for the price i paid, it was great. Its a cute love story about a girl who has everything that suddenly loses it by kissing a guy who has the worst luck ever. they switch their luck and end up together.

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Created: 09/12/06

Just my luck, great movie

In this movie, lindsey lohan is great at her role like all her other movies. She plays a young woman who has all the luck in the world. She has a great job and two best friends. That is until she meets the boy of her dreams, which once she kisses her luck is all gone. He takes all her luck and finally gets the band he is managing a record deal. She searches everywere for this mystery man that stole her luck and she finally finds him and takes her luck back. Until she realizes that he needs it more then her so she gives it back and then they both decide they dont need it and give there luck to someone who really does. This is a great chick flick and if you like lindsey lohan you will like this movie. Buy it.

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Created: 11/09/09

Just my Lucky Bid

This movie is yet another Lindsay Lohan classic. She plays the perfect drama queen, and her tomboy stlye helps other teens relate. My daugher love's Lindsay Lohan, she's intelligent. Nicely priced, great movie for slumber parties or pick me up feel good movie when your not in the greatest mood to listen to anyone, good ol Lindsay brightens the day with her hardships. Tehe!

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Created: 11/12/08


Not her best movie but still entertaining. Good enough to add to a "Lindsay Lohan" film collection if you have one. I enjoyed it.

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