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Jet Grind Radio  (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)
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Jet Grin...Jet Grin...

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Created: 04/09/07

Good game

This game is very good. I bought this game because I owned it before and just recently found another Dreamcast. The graphics are awesome. The music is cool until you here the same songs fifty times over and over. The controls could be a little better but overall are pretty easy to navigate with. I really like this game because it has 2 things I really love, Inline skating & Graffiti. One of the coolest features is creating your own graffiti. Nothing is cooler than seeing your favorite character spraying your name all over his cartoon city. Overall this is a good game, it's just missing that little something to make it a great game. Thanks

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Created: 12/09/08

Jet Grind Radio: Easily one of the best Dreamcast games

Jet Grind Radio pushed the limits of the Dreamcast back when it was first released several years ago. Not only that but it opened up the concept of cell shading to a broad audience and is now used by several developers including Suda 51 and the Tales of team. Let's first discuss the graphics. Back when Jet Grind was released in 2000 the graphics it was showcasing were steller, and the immense amount of style Sega managed to put into the game would not be seen again until Suda 51 released Killer 7 back in 2005. At the time of this review the graphics are still fairly impressive but don't hold up as well as its sequel Jet Set Radio Future released for the xbox back in 2002. The gameplay in Jet Grind Radio is fairly basic. You grind on rails, and tag areas that rival gangs already tagged. It doesn't require much skill but it is simple fun. Jet Set Radio Future would top this in 2002 with faster gameplay and multiplayer. Now let's discuss the music. Cell shading and style may be important aspects of this game, but the music is where it truly shines. Its mix of hip hop and techno make this simple game one of the best on the Dreamcast. It is hard to describe this music because it really does have a unique feel to it, so even if you do not buy this game, do yourself a favor and download or buy the soundtrack. To end this review I would recommend this title to any Dreamcast owner or video game collector, but if you want a quality title I would recommend getting Jet Set Raido Future for the xbox over this.

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Created: 04/03/08

One of the titles that define the Dreamcast

Here we have a nifty little game for Sega's underrated little box that could, the Dreamcast. Cel shaded 3D graphics lend this platformer a great visual look, advanced for its time (2000).

The game itself feautures trendy characters that must tag various parts of a city (Tokyo-to) with their own grafiti. They do this while skating on a pair of jet powered rollerblades, and parts of this game controls very much like Tony Hawk.

Throw in a awesome soundtrack, plenty of unlockables, and some good challenge, and you have a quality Dreamcast game.

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Created: 06/05/06

Fun Game

This game is a very good game. The game play is good and once you get into it is fun. The tags look cool and the skating tricks are mostly just grinding rails. The animation looks great.

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Created: 05/09/09

Jet Grind Radio Review

The Jet set Radio Series will always hold a place in my heart. With that said, Jet Grind Radio is an excellent game that sort of paves the way for Jet Set Radio Future. I initially bought the game because I fell in love with Jet Set Radio Future and I wanted to learn about the events Leading up to the sequel, and this game does just that. Unfortunately, because of how old this game is, if you're use to the sequel and coming back to this, the controls will seem jerky which often times breaks the flow of the game.Not to mention the overwhelming Linearity you get when you're stripped away of Free Roaming and are required to complete the levels in a pre-set time limit. However, It's completely expected from the time the game was released.
Either way, it's a great and memorable game that any fan of the Jet Set Radio series would enjoy even with the flaws.

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Created: 06/26/10

classic game

pretty cool,old but good. a dreamcast classic,its different than most games out there. graffiti,futuristic rollerskating kind of game.

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Created: 03/09/07

Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)

jet grind radio is a great original game for the dreamcast has pretty good music jgr is more of a cult classic try it and be hooked

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Created: 02/02/10

jet grind radio sega dreamcast

Great game. i never beat it when i was younger so i figured I would relive my childhood. great graphics for the era, game play is unique. overall its a very interesting game, I would recommended it to anyone

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Created: 08/20/10

Brings back the old days for my wife.

Great game for it's time. Reminds my of the "Gorillas". Good game for the person who wants a gamers 90's flash back.=========================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​==============================​========

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