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Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)
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Into the...Into the...

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Created: 07/07/08


Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

Sean Penn's new movie Into the Wild arrives on the wave of a well-regarded novel about a college graduate who decides that the anger and violence in civilized society is too much to handle and commences a journey through nature in order to truly live life as it was meant to be. This film is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a kid, wise beyond his years, and the bonds that he creates with people along the way. A victim of excess in wealth and a shortage of love, Christopher McCandless hid inside his mind behind knowledge and philosophy, building up his intellectual strength, as well as the physical, in order to complete his trek, ultimately leading him to Alaska. Penn never falls into the trap of showing too much heartbreak on the side of McCandless's parents, because he doesn't want the audience to second-guess the decision he made. There is no debate to be had here, our protagonist has no alternative but to get out and live off the land. Only being completely self-sufficient can he grasp a meaning for his life and one day perhaps go back with that knowledge fully learned.

Emile Hirsch is absolutely brilliant with his good-natured attitude and affable charm. His character believes that human contact is not necessary for happiness and never seeks out relationships. However, his character is so likable that they find him and latch on, not to change his mind, but to experience his level of being and hopefully learn something from him and help enlarge his vocabulary on life. The people he meets help him to fully grasp the decision of life in the wild and be able to survive it. Never coming off condescendingly to those he crosses paths with, Hirsch always holds a smile on his face. One scene, where he meets up with a couple of people from Europe, proves how contagious a clear outlook on life without the troubles of societal restraints can be. These three kids have a blast, if only for a few minutes—with Hirsch being chased by the police for rafting with no license—and it makes one wonder if maybe we all should take a journey into nature and feel the freedom and full warmth of heart that a lack of stress to succeed in the business world can give.

All the supporting players are magnificent at helping show the side to McCandless that Penn needs on display to succeed. Hal Holbrook, Brian Dierker, and Catherine Keener are by far the best of these side characters with Vince Vaughn and Kirsten Stewart adding some charm too. Dierker, Keener, and Stewart play hippie, flower-child type roles and allow Hirsch to show off how modest and unselfish he is. This is the family he deserved to have from birth and he is the son they wished their lives had earned them. At their best, all four together give some of the most emotionally charged moments in the film. Holbrook, on-the-other-hand, helps give insight into the philosophy that Hirsch needs to live with in order to survive the loneliness, looking him in the face, to come in Alaska. It is truly fascinating to see how every person adds something to his overall experience and to the tools he needs.

Hirsch deserves a lot of credit because he truly outshines the film itself with his dedication and sacrifice to the role. The length of time needed to allow him the ability to lose the weight necessary for a main plot point in the movie is crazy. If the time wasn't that long and Hirsch did it all rapidly, I'm even more impressed. With all that, there are many instances free of dialogue that he needs to

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Created: 03/04/09

Into The Wild is the best movie I've seen ever!

Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

This movie, based on a true story, is a true lesson that all of us should watch! Sometimes we forget the meaning of life, why we are here and what purpose we have to serve. A lot of people take for granted the simple things in life and don't get out enough to enjoy what God really has to offer us...the beauty of life, the awesome majestic beauty of our earth and the ture meaning of life and it's purpose. God has a reason for each one of us here, a purpose, a path that is already written. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time...a heart warming movie that leaves you thinking about it for days. I don't purchase movies often, but this is a must have for my collection. I want to watch it over and over again. I've told so many people about it in hopes that it would touch their lives as well. Not to mention that Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam does the entire soundtrack, simply wonderful music! I've purchased the soundtrack as well! Get this movie, I promise, you won't be disappointed. I give this movie my own personal 5 stars plus! May God bless you and your family and may this movie give you some insight that the simple things in life are not to be taken for granted, but cherished. For each day is a gift. What's the saying? Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future and today is a gift, that's why they call it the present. Enjoy your life and love others as you would like to be loved. To unto others as you would have others to unto you. If we could all live by this moto, don't you think that there would be world peace? I do. Live you life and be grateful you have what you have. Although times are tight, have faith...God will provide. He doesn't let the birds and the animals starve, why would he let his children ( us ) go without? Believe, trust in Him and I promise, you will start to see His blessings rain upon you. Take care and thank you for reading this review. Be blessed! Much love and peace to all! =-)

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Created: 03/22/08

Great movie about an interesting person.

Great movie about the few years of Christopher Mccandless's where he found himself, and eventually lost himself, into the wild. Feeling betrayed by his parent's socially and romantically artificial relationship, after college he sets out on an adventure of a lifetime.
After driving his Datsun to the desert, he begins to walk across the west, visiting places like the Salton Sea, the Mojave Desert, and kayaks the Colorado river, settling in Bullhead city Arizona for a few months. All the while planning and saving to eventually leave society behind, and go to Alaska.
He meets wonderful people, and thats what really makes this movie a treat, the lives he touched and the lasting memories they would know of him.
It was a tragedy that he perished in the end, but in the wilderness, you must be sure you know absolutely what you are doing, and the environment that you are in. He took that risk and lost, which is a true shame, but not foolish in any aspect.

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Created: 03/20/09

"Children can be pretty harsh on their parents"

Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

This is the story of Christopher McCandless AKA Alexander Supertramp. After graduation from Emory University in Atlanta Chris begins his trek west. The movie has excellent footage of incredible scenery along the trail of the main character whom is leaving behind parents, friends and sister. He hopes to find the answer in Alaska which is his ultimate destination and later the place of his death. He touches the hearts of many in his adventure that at times seems to be born of pure selfishness. Emile Hirsch plays Christopher and William Hurt his father.

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Created: 04/23/08

Into the Wild - Chris McCandless

Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

Sean Penn directed an amazing movie here. To be honest, it is only a fraction of the story. The book adds a slightly more in-depth look and I would recommend reading the book first before seeing the movie. Certain parts of the movie will become more apparent in meaning. I don't discredit Sean though because to fit in so much life into a 2hour movie is impossible, but Sean really came close to capturing some essential points.

I highly recommend anyone to watch this. It will inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity of both North America and yourself. Books such as On The Road by Jack Kerouac would be similar in nature. Either way, you'll probably start planning a trip somewhere, anywhere, after seeing into Chris McCandless' own personal journey.

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Created: 11/04/10

Must See

Before you watch this movie,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the book of the same name written by John Krakauer. This is based on a true story & very touching. Story of a young man that graduates college, gives up all his personal belongings, donates all his life savings to charity and hits the road to live off the land. Thats all im revealing.
Also check out the soundtrack, entirely written & performed by Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).

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Created: 02/24/08

Into the Wild

Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

The fact that I am even taking the time to write this review says measures about what I feel about "Into The Wild." It was a truly unexpected sensation as I saw the film entirely on a whim at a small theater in the East Village. The film that I had initially wanted to see was no longer playing.

Knowing nothing about the story, I was quickly engrossed as I began to watch the story of this young boy, Christopher McCandless, as played by Emile Hirsch. A charismatic, intelligent yet troubled youth who gave up everything to live on nothing but the bare essentials. As the story unfolds, McCandless develops deeper and deeper relationships with several people as he makes his way to Alaska. While it is apparent that he is having a significant impact upon these people, it is also obvious that these individuals were having a deep repairative (sp) affect on him. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had he made it out alive - and had he not made a careless, but deadly mistake, he probably would have.

This film haunted me for days after watching it. I have full intention of purchasing as it becomes available. A wonderful piece of work by Penn - someone whom I have had a difficult time changing my opinions of over the years. Absolutely masterful. The soundtrack, by Eddie Vedder, is also very well done, and adds nice elements to the film.

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Created: 04/11/11

Into the Wild

Review For: Into the Wild (DVD, 2008)

This movie is a real-life story of a man struggling with being tied down by society. He gives everything up to live as a leather (Hiker). He meets many colorful characters along the way before dealing with tragedy in the end. The soundtrack was performed by Eddie Vedder, and it compliments the flow of this film very well. A+ to Sean Penn and Emile Hirsh!

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Created: 09/09/09

True story?

Shortly after Pearl Jam released Ten, a disillusioned twenty-something named Christopher McCandless dropped out of society, hitched cross-country and perished in the Alaskan wilderness. Now Eddie Vedder tells the young man's story on the soundtrack to Sean Penn's Into the Wild, tossing his weighty baritone onto earthy, folky tracks that temper the romance of absolute freedom with an eerie foreboding. Vedder strikes a cinematic tone on the jangly opener, “Setting Forth,” and ten more sketches that evoke days spent contemplating a vast skyline. Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker adds alluring harmonies to a rollicking cover of Indio's “Hard Sun,” and Vedder, free from the noise (and outrage) of his day job, disappears into the sublime beauty of the simple, banjo-plucked “No Ceiling.”
Eddie Vedder I´s the Best

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Created: 02/16/10


The story of Christopher McCandless' adventure on the road is both inspiring and uplifting as well as terrifying and tragic. This movie takes you through the gamut of emotions that one is likely to experience in a movie. As I've just finished watching it for the first time, I'm not sure if I have the words to properly express the experience. But this I know. I was impressed with everything about this film. The writing, the acting, the casting, the cinematography, the directing, the music, everything seamlessly creates an experience that draws you into the story and helps you to feel what the characters are feeling. This is quite possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen! If I tell you too much I'm afraid it might detract from your enjoyment, Just see it. It's awesome!

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