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Indigo Prophecy (Sony PlayStation 2, 200...
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Created: 02/12/10

A True cinematic game...

Indigo Prophecy is a third person action adventure game by Quantic Dream. It is a game that actually gives cinematic gameplay some context, as well as some real heartfelt meaning. More movie with an interactive progression than video game pretending to be a movie, Indigo Prophecy eschews practically any modern gameplay convention in favor of a significantly more subtle mechanical interface.

Game play consists of using the analog sticks and the R1 and L1 buttons for various challenges. In scenes, you'll have to push the analog stick correctly in the directions displayed on the screen, which will result in dodging the aforementioned flees, to learning what a cop is thinking about as they talk to you. The other button challenges follow this basic suit, so getting used to, bluntly put, "rhythm challenges" is an essential technique.

What's more, unlike in most games, you will be using the right analog stick to do everything except sprint outside of the scene challenges. In fact, I don't recall ever using the triangle, circle, or square buttons at all. The X button is used to sprint, and that's all. This game play style will take a minute or two to get used to, but when you are done, it will come almost naturally to you.

Script and voice acting wise, this is an incredibly impressive game. Every once and a while, the voice acting will feel weak, but otherwise, it will sound quite high in quality. The story is even better. It does have its holes, but it will actually have you thinking about it outside of playing the game. Last but not least, the characters are well thought out, and will actually grow on you. You won't notice it, but when something bad happens to the character, you will actually feel bad for them.

All in all, this game proves an impressive feat, and will provide a fun experience for anybody who enjoys great stories. Players also interested in the upcoming title Heavy Rain will receive a taste of the developer's first project which was an underrated classic.

Final Score: 8.8

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Created: 11/24/05


This game offers a new cinematic approach to it's gameplay. And I must say it deliveres a truly orignal gaming experience. As a very picky video game buyer, it's not too often I find a game that lives up to the hype, so when a sleeper title like this comes along it's always a joy. I hope that more titles like this come along, it would offer a welcome relief from the monotonous and repeatitive titles that we've been overwhelmed with. By no means am I saying this game is without flaw, but comparatively speaking it's worth the investment.

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Created: 02/19/06

Worth to check it out

Graphics could use a little work but that doesn't stop this graphic novel of being an enjoyable experience. Since watching the developing of the plot is the main focus for the creators, this game requires almost no skill with the controller.


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Created: 03/15/08

Tricky Tricky - ish :)

I owned Indigo Prophecy a long time ago and somehow it disappeared. :) So now I rebought it because I think the game is great. There are a an equal amount of easy segments and hard segments. Sometimes you think too hard when it comes to the easy ones and sometimes you under-estimate the hard ones. :) But that's where the fun is...trying to figure it out. WOO HOO!!!

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Created: 09/26/08

Free flowing game

Wow, this game is really weird. It is totally free flowing and player directed. If you start playing you better have several hours to invest because the game will continue as long as you keep following the trail and engaging all the subjects confront in the game play.

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