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The Incredibles (DVD, Widescreen)
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The Incr...

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Created: 06/22/06

Sit back and let the kids enjoy !!!!

Brilliant film to settle down and watch with the kids. The characters are multidimensional, fun and yet surprisingly human for superheroes. Both the adults and kids will be able to relate in different ways with them. Mum will especially sympathise with Helen, trying to bring up and control two kids, whilst saving the world. The villain is mildly scary, enough for kids, but the film never looses its comedy, and so the lasting emotion is definately one of laughter, rather than fear. Make 'family time' more enjoyable for all ages with the Incredibles. This is a great value piece of entertainment from Amazon, you'll want to watch this film again and again, buy it!

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Created: 06/18/09

Ultimately, the best grown-up's Cartoon Ever!

The Pixar magic has certainly blessed the film industry for families and adults alike. Even though I thought this movie was a bit too long and more mature than most children can appreciate, we find out that this 1 hour and 55 minute film allows the adults to watch something different, teenagers to stay with the family longer than usual, and small ones to be astounded by spectacular advances in cartoon magic.

The story is one of frustration when the incredible family duo get transferred out of the hero business.

Stay tuned until the very end. You will not be let down.

I'll give this a 4/5 since I really liked it but was a bit too long to hold my attention all the way through anytime soon.


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Created: 07/06/06

Good Flick

I'm a huge fan of Pixar and when I first saw this movie in the theater, I really wasn't too impressed; however, my son loves it and it grew on me over time after we bought it on DVD. This is another movie we've had to buy twice because the first DVD got worn out.
It starts out showing how super heroes were banned because they were causing so much damage each time they saved the city. It then cuts to 15 years down the road. It shows how the super hereos (Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl) are coping with civilian life. Mr. Incredible is going through a mid-life crisis and longing for his younger years, butn the end, he learns that his family is the most important thing to him.
--- It's not as funny as most of Pixar's other films, but it has its moments. Overall, it's a good film. You just might have to watch it a few times to catch everything.

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Created: 06/13/13

The Incredibles

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Incredibles is a funny and smartly written family movie. The Incredibles isn't just for kids its also a treat for adults to watch. Brad Bird scores again after making a great family film {The Iron Giant}, he makes another one that's better. The movie looks and sounds amazing as well. The cast is strong but they are not big draws except for Jackson. Craig T. Nelson plays Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter plays his wife and Samuel L. Jackson plays a fellow superhero called Frozone. The characters are very funny and enjoyable to watch as well. The Incredibles is also two hours long but you shouldn't get bored of it since its pretty exciting to watch.
Overall a very good family movie that everyone can enjoy.

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Created: 06/25/06

a good movie

this movie is so funny!!!!!! its about a world of super heros and mr increible being a favorite with a fan club and one overly anxious fan. the plot of this movie is people start suing superheros for saving their lives amongst other ridiculous things and so in a vote they decide to hide the superheros identidy and ask them never to help the world again..... mr incredible in a thank less dead end job upset that a job thats supposed to help people is really just causing greif. he cant deal with it, he tells his customers how to work the system so he can still have some sense of helping, but its not enough, mr incredible goes back into the superhero life ..... his children who were never allowed to be "super" get involved and so watch the movie to see how everyone saves the day. the movie is very well set up for a sequal so who knows, maybe there will be another one.....

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Created: 10/06/05

Incredible? Maybe

Remember the preview of him not being able to fit in his outfit? That scene is not even in the movie. But the special features definately make up for it.

Every one knows what the story line is about. Why give away the details, then you won't need to see it :-P

Its another Pixar Classic. Its great for older children, and absolutely Adults (Given they have a funny bone). If you have children, you would have to decide if they are mature enough. Its a superhero movie. There's fighting, blowing up, & very clean adult content.

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Created: 11/27/07

A great family movie or for the little ones!

Great animation & storyline! Bright colours & lots of excitement
for adults as well as children. Our kids have watched this movie many times
and likes it alot. Not excessive violence & a great sense of family "togetherness". A great movie to add to your family DVD-collection!

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Created: 01/09/07

Wow good movie

This is a good super hero movie for all ages yes even the older ones. The little lady she is so funny. She is like alot of woman ok I will do it.. Anyways It is a good movie for your little or big kids at home who like super hero

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Created: 08/02/10

Good Movie - kid's request

My four year old asked for this movie. We had it on DVR and we watched it that way a few times (to make sure he really wanted it - or would really watch it more than once). It is a cute movie that I think is really geared for older kids but my little one really enjoys it too. (waiting for the day he says, I get it now on a few parts though).

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Created: 02/20/08

The Incredibles

The Incredibles", while maybe not as hilarious as I had hoped (though it's still very funny), is nonetheless an extremely entertaining movie, that manages to charm you wit its combination of great characters, lots of style, tongue-in-cheek attitude and good message. Highly recommended

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