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Have Gun Will Travel - The Complete Thir...
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Created: 08/19/08

Have Gun Will Travel wouldn't we all

If you grew up in the late 50's early 60's you will remember "Have Gun Will Travel" as one of those adult TV shows. This was not Roy Rogers or Wild Bill Hickok action shoot em ups. But now as an adult you see the great writing and acting that went into great drama. If your tired of reality TV get yourself a set of "Have Gun Will Travel" for some real entertainment.

Richard Boone is great in this role as the smooth talking fancy dressing gentleman of San Francisco. But when you see him dressed in black with the 71/2" Single Action Army strapped to his leg with the knight on the holster you know he is not a man to mess with. He is the "knight in shining armour in a savage land" admit it you can hear the theme song in you head right now.

Not only are the shows great but you will have fun looking at credits at the end of each episodes to see if that was a real young James Colburn, Smother Martin, or was that really Miss Landers from "Leave It To Beaver". How about Gene Roddenberry of future Star Trek fame as one of the writers.

If you like dramas, solid acting, good writing, buy yourself this DVD Box set.

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Created: 08/06/06

Have gun will travel

i've seen all of season ONE...all of season TWO... the story lines
tended to get cheesier into the 2'nd season. I haven't seen any of
season 3 as of now. I'd still recommend this show,it's a classic.


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