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Created: 02/27/08

Not bad, but not great!

This is the first installment in the Harry Potter movies series to NOT be directed by Chris Columbus. And you can tell. The mood of the movie is definitely darker, and that is understood, as the characters are growing and evolving. Unfortunately, I do not think the new directory, Alfonso Cuarón, really had a solid grasp on the spirit of the series. Technically, this is a well made movie, but the feel isn't just right. This is the first of the Potter movies that I actually read the book first, so there was some disappointment in the missing parts, but I understand a movie can only be so long. Still, this is certainly not the best of the Harry Potter movies. Not bad, but not great

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Created: 08/19/08

Its OK ....

----- WARNING - SPOILER - WARNING ---------

The question is, should you read the book first or watch the movie first. Because if you read to book first like I did, you will keep on noticing things that got cut or moved around from the book, like in the book Harry gets the new broomstick on Christmas, but in the movie at the end.

Seemed to movie the movie was loaded with gimmicks; Aunt Marge took a loong time to blow up - couldn't that been cut so something else could be left in ? - and young wizards are supposed to be in rage when doing magic without a wand, not wistfully looking at it going on. The Shrieking Shack is one big gimmick. Not a gimmick, but in the book Dementors make everything go dark - you mean you couldn't figure out how to do that in film?

One last whine, there is not enough of Severus Snape, the best actor in the bunch in my opinion.

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Created: 10/05/09

Harry Potter Dvd

I bought the DVD because it was a great price and I liked that it had two disks. When I got the DVD it was in very good shape, but I didn't recall the add saying it was a pre-veiwed video from a movie store. But for the price, it was a great buy!

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Created: 08/30/11

Not my favoirate Harry Potter movie

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I would have rated this one higher but I found many parts of the plot hard to follow at times. I had to watch it a few times to understand and follow.

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