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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (DVD...
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Created: 06/06/06

Absolutely amazing movie

I made the mistake of not seeing this movie in theaters, but watching this DVD was absolutely amazing anyways. I felt that this movie was truest to the book than any of the previous movies, and the effects and acting were mind-bogglingly wonderful.

My only major issue with this movie is that a few scenes were missing from the book. I can only think of two off the top of my head, which don't really detract from the plot very much. I'm thinking about the Quidditch match itself (the events before and after are still there) and a few obstacles in the last challenge. While they would have been absolutely amazing to see on this DVD, I can't bring myself to count them against the overall movie. If these scenes were still there, it would have to get a 6/5.

My only *minor* issue is that they're getting cheaper on the packaging. It doesn't come in the nice cardboard box that the very first movie came in, and the only thing inside the case was the DVD itself. No chapter listing, no bonus feature disk (like the first movie had), nothing. Again, can't count this against the movie itself.

Without a doubt, this is an amazing DVD. I encourage everyone to buy it if they've ever liked anything Harry Potter.

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Created: 12/13/06

Harry Potter the hero again

I have read all the HP books and must admit that this movie was the first one where one og the good guys die..sad as it may be the dark lord arrises from his half death and once again uses the imperius curse to have others do his bidding. The death eaters including, malfoys dad, are enough to make you wanna scream at the movie but honestly, this review is for people who have not only read this book but the next two chapters in Harrys life, as I have. This movie leads into the next and judging from the book it is going to be good having Dumbledores Army fighting mean old Umbridge. JK Rowling is an excellent writer and these movies helps the books come to life.


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Created: 06/01/07

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I am a Harry Potter freak. I purchased this one for my nephew. He asks to borrow my copy all of the time. All of the movies have been very enjoyable. If they put eveything in from the books they would be better but we would be watching movie for weeks instead of hours. I love this series because Harry gets to do all of the things I thought about doing when I was a Kid, be invisible, fly, breath underwater, etc. There is a dark side with suspense that makes it all worth while when the good guys win. It is also fun watching these kids grow up on the screen.

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Created: 04/07/10

Harry Does It Again!

In the tradition of the 3 preceding Harry Potter movies, The Goblet of Fire is another excellent flick for all ages. My children have enjoyed watching it several times and I've watched it twice myself! It sticks to the novel sufficiently enough not to turn off bookworms and is packed with action and seamless special effects. A++!

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Created: 11/06/06

The Best so far..

I am a fan of both the Harry Potter books and films. Generally I find that most films do not live up to the book on which they were based. I was concerned about this movie as the book has so many pages. I think they did a good job. The film makers pulled out the most important parts of the story without loosing the feelings and appeal of the characters. This is by far the darkest of tha Harry Potter films. I would say there are a few parts that maybe are not appropriate for young kids. I really enjoyed and liked the movie and would recommend. You do not have to read the books to appreciate the film.

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Created: 07/19/10

Excellent movie - A good way to spend an evening.

I love this movie. It has suspense, action, and even an underlying love story. If you haven't read the book prior to watching the book, this movie will keep you guessing who is setting Harry up to be killed or handed over to Lord Voldemort. I decided to purchase the movie to watch with my son. He and I are both fans of the books and enjoy watching the movies together - it gives us some mother/son time.

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Created: 08/04/07

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I bought this DVD because i have been keeping up with the movie series and it was needed for my collection. This one was definitely my favorite of the movies so far, the action and magic is constantly happening and it has an interesting twist to it. I haven't read any of the books so I can't give you any help on how much it relates, but if you've been at all interested in the Harry Potter things so far I'm sure you'll enjoy this installment.

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Created: 04/06/06

Well worth buying

I have seen the film in the cinema and found it awesome and for a 60 year old thats some comment LOL. Well worth purchasing.
The person who fell asleep must have been awake for a week:) The comment he made did not do justice to the film or to the people who are making these DVD's available to everyone here on EBAY.
Keep up the good work

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Created: 04/03/06

Hogwarts goes to the Adults

The Goblet of Fire is the fourth in the series of Harry Potter. This movie is a more dark and treacherous movie. Defaintly not for the weak of heart. It appeals to the child inside every adult and the adult inside every child. A must see for all.

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Created: 01/20/10

One of my favorite Harry Potters. A must have for fans

This is the fourth installment of Harry Potter. Just as you would expect they just keep getting better. This is the second time I've bought this dvd because my old broke and I just had to replace it. I love it!!!! This movie is a must have for all Harry Potter Fans

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