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Created: 08/06/11


No, I would not recommend this product.

I have been a big Halo fan since Halo: Combat Evolved and have loved Halo 1, 2, 3, and ODST. But I hate Reach. It is the worst in the series by far. With every other halo, there was something new and amazing about it, but not only has Reach not introduced anything good at all, it has taken away the things that were fun about Halo in the first place. I always enjoyed the competitive nature of halo with the ranking system. But with Reach, the ranking system is pointless. It is not based on skill, but rather how much you play. So a terrible player can be a higher rank than the best player in the world, simply because he spends more time playing. This completely destroys the point of a ranking system. I don't want to spend every spare minute playing in order to have an impressive rank, I want my rank to reflect my skills.

New to Reach is the absolute worst thing to happen to halo...loadouts. Instead of picking up armor abilities on the map and having the challenge of controlling these powerups, they are automatically given to everyone and the only way to change them is to die. Reach has completely destroyed the competitive nature of halo that made it fun so that they could sell more copies by appealing to the new players who do not have the skill to compete with the veteran players. They sold out and abandoned the fans who made Halo successful in the first place.

The assassinations I thought were cool at first but soon realized that they are game breaking as well. They are animations that leave you defenseless and vulnerable for others to steal your kill or kill you and disable you to fight while assassinating.

The campaign is pretty good and you can pick up armor abilities, which is how it should have been in multiplayer. However, the campaign is pretty easy and legendary difficulty is reduced greatly from previous halos.

The multiplayer maps are horrible. They are taken directly out of the campaign which is something that Halo has never done before. It is complete laziness by Bungie. Then they want you to buy new maps that should have been included in the original game. The main core left to form 343i and Reach was just a way for Bungie to make as much money as they could off of their final halo and I feel ripped off that I bought it and contributed to their profits from this game.

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Created: 03/01/12


No, I would not recommend this product.

When comparing this Halo to the rest of them,this one if awful.Everything about this game didn't follow any of the things that made the 1st 3 Halos great.The whole "abilities" thing for the multiplayer was really stupid,the fact that they added bloom was probably the worst thing they could have done,the story did not follow the book WHATSOEVER (only the ending very slightly) and was very short and extremely boring and lame;and besides,in the book the Master Chief was the MAIN character and all of a sudden he's not in it AT ALL? It's fine to let you play as Spartans here and there but to completely take out the Chief is not something you can do to a Halo game when most of the story is about him.Legendary difficulty was not hard at all,the whole "being able to be a girl" in the multiplayer was highly lame.I'm no sexist,I just think WOMEN ARE NOT BADASS.What happened to the awesome guy with a huge ass cigar in his mouth with a huge machine gun blasting away at enemies? They're trying to make women seem like they're then new males,except they have vaginas and boobs,it's stupid.Anyways,the multiplayer maps were really dull and looked like they weren't thought out at all,there were 2 or 3 I liked.All they did was take part of a campaign mission and threw it on there and called it a map.So in the end when it's all said and done you can't call this game a true Halo game,other than the fact that there's Captain Keyes and the Pillar of Autumn at the end and that there's covenant.If you took those out(which,they might as well have!),this game isn't Halo.They should've just called it 'A Few Spartans on Reach.' I was so excited for this game and they just completely ruined it.

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Created: 02/07/11


Terrible game, some things should just be left untouched instead of trying to add horrible new crap to it. COD topped this game, unless you live in a fantasy enjoying space crap with a million things to do all at once. The original Halo's were better than Reach.

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Created: 02/04/13

Disappointed with product!

No, I would not recommend this product.

I purchased the Halo: Reach (2010) for my son. Unfortunately, my son got to play the game only twice, even though he enjoyed the game itself. When he went to play the third time, the game wouldn't even come on, therefore, my son was unable to play it and has not played it since. We messed with NEW Xbox 360 component to no avail. We know that since he has been able to play other games, that the problem is not with the component itself. We researched the Halo games on the internet and discovered that we were not the only ones w/that problem and that the issue with some of the Halo games was common. This problem has left me a bit leery of future Halo purchases. As far as the Halo game itself, even though my son liked it and enjoyed the two times of play and would like to own and play them, as a parent, I find them a bit violent and have not purchased any others.

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Created: 10/27/10

Halo Reach

This game is not the original copiy itself and it doesn't work at all. Make sure nobody buys it. I tried puting the disk in for a couple of times and it just says play DVD. It won't work it is a scam.

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Created: 11/02/10

xbox 360 older consoles

Have big problems with HALO REACH in older xbox 360 it will start and then freeze up unless you get an update from microsoft, i know it cost me the cost of a new game.

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Created: 04/04/11

please reply!!!

I did not like the item (halo reach)that I bought. In the middle there was places where it had been cracked and it also had a ring around the outside. I am not even able to play campaign, forge, or matchmaking. I understand that you dont like to communicate but I wish you would reply at

I would very much appreciate it.
sincerely, Brad

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Created: 02/18/11


the game does not work
contact me imediatly to fix this issue
i have tried everthing
it looks like there is a scratch on the disc
also its says that it is as new but it has been opened and the offer pages used

please contact me to fix these issues

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Created: 12/08/10

not a good buy unless your a halo HALOaholic

unless your a HALOaholic dont wast your money, its no better then halo ODST, in fact its just as bad they just needed money so they made a new halo!

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Created: 11/06/10

New halo reach

HALO REACH NEVER CAME!!! I did not like it. i don't know what was going on with that but i didn't get it!!!!

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